Shaurya Mittal

Shaurya Mittal is an Ex Professional Poker Player who spent a valuable number of years playing online Poker thus becoming a pro in the game. He is well-known for his Poker skills and the zeal to excel in whatever he undertakes. 

His moves and mathematical ability are truly noteworthy. Shaurya believes that it is only practice, focus and determination that marks the success of any casino gambler. Having pursued his Masters specialising in mathematics, Shaurya is indeed a remarkable Poker player who constantly strives hard in sharpening his skills and abilities to the maximum extent possible. 

Apart from playing online Poker, Shaurya is also a passionate writer and reader. He enjoys writing about Poker techniques and loves to research deeply about them.

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Most Popular Diwali Games

Popular Diwali Games

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Online Lottery in India

Online Lottery

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Casino Card Games

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Best Free Teen Patti Apps 2020

Best Free Teen Patti Apps 2020

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How can online casino players benefit from new casinos?

How can online casino players benefit from new casinos

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What is wagering requirement in online casinos?

What is a wagering requirement in online Casino

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What online casinos have the best support for players from India?

What online casinos have the best support for players from India

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gambling addiction and how to seek help in India

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How to deposit money in Net Banking from India

How to deposit money in netbanking from India

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India Gambling 2020

India gambling 2020

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Why Online Poker, Rummy, and Teen Patti are legal in India?

Why Online Poker, Rummy and teen patti are legal in India

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Online Poker sites in India

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What does a casino dealer make in India?

casino dealers

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The difference between gambling and betting

gambling and betting

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What popular payment methods are available for gamblers in India?

What popular payment methods are available for gamblersin India

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Top 5 Most Popular Card Games in India Revealed

Top 5 Most Popular Card Games in India Revealed

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Who Are The Most Popular Indian Poker Players


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