Teen Patti vs Poker: What is the difference?

5 October 2020
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People across the world have loved card games for decades now. It is speculated that playing cards first appeared in the rural provinces of China in the 9th century AD. Those primordial cards, however, did not have suits and were not graded as we do today. The Indians and Persians began to use the King card, paving the way for the modern-day deck of cards as we know it, according to a popular belief. Centuries have elapsed, and to achieve where it is now, the playing deck has undergone many improvements.

Asia, and especially India, has witnessed the rise of Teen Patti, a game similar to Poker, while Poker has carved a name for itself in the card game world. Teen Patti is also known by many as Indian Poker. Its popularity is not limited to only meetings and groups, but for many festivals, especially Diwali, it has become a ritual. But what matters are the differences between them. Here’s how the games all measure up.

Teen Patti

Teen Patti
  • Teen Patti is a game with many names, coming from the Indian subcontinent, it is known as Indian Poker, Flash and even Flush in different parts of South Asia. While the game still eludes the attention of most Westerners, its way into the global online card gaming scene is increasingly creeping. It could be a matter of time before the game, just like Poker, becomes a global phenomenon.
  • The game is ideal for 4-7 players, equivalent to Poker and British 3 Card Brag, who are dealt three cards each from an international 52 card deck after wagering the minimum stake in the pool. The goal of the game is to bet with the highest-ranking cards on the best hand, with players having the option to keep betting or folding if they think the hand is not worth it. When all but two players have folded, the display occurs and the player with the best hand wins.
  • The hierarchy of the winning hand in Teen Patti is ‘Three of a kind, Straight Flush, Straight, Colour, Pair and High Card’.


  • Poker is thought to be as ancient as playing cards, one of the earliest games played in modern times. Although some historians deliberate that the game started in Persia in the 16th century, and then entered France in the 17th century. Poker is the biggest name in card games, both offline and online, being a game of skill, strategy and a bit of luck. There are over 100 million daily poker players around the world, mostly from online poker, studies say.
  • Rules encourage players to bet on their hand against that of their competitors, and the dealer in some poker variations. Before the betting round ends, players will check, call, raise or fold the bet. The player with the biggest hand wins. Like many players say it to be, the game of talent and not chance involves a pragmatic approach to betting on one’s hand, while also evaluating the bets of the opponent.
  • The dealer initially deals a strong five-card hand to each player in the most common poker type, Texas hold’em, to kick-start the game.
  • The game has three stages of betting: Flop, Turn and River, in which the dealer offers himself three, one and one card, respectively. 
  • If the River bet process is over, players are allowed to reveal their cards, with the pot being taken by the best hand. 
  • Royal Flush, Straight Flush, Four of a Kind, Full House, Flush, Straight, Three of a Kind, Two Pair, Pair and High Card is the hierarchy of the winning hand in Texas hold’em.

A comparison of Teen Patti vs Poker

  • Poker, to be reasonable, is what Teen Patti wants to one day be. Although the former is a global rage, the latter maintains a tight grip on South Asia’s players. Poker players enjoy a substantially greater group, with millions and millions changing hands every day via poker winnings, especially online. But Teen Patti is not far behind as well with players all across South Asia.
  • Online Poker sites have also used state-of-the-art technologies to have the best environment for matches, and the cards are now picked by completely random number generators. In the battle for the number of structured tournaments, Poker also takes the pot away from this one.

Which is more entertaining?

Well, there is no straight answer to this question. Fun is a subjective thing, which means that some people would love playing free poker games more than a Teen Patti online game, and vice versa. The best recommendation is to play both these online games for yourself and decide which you prefer.

Today, these card games are available online, allowing you to play them any time and from anywhere in the world. Online platforms like Comeon casino or 10Cric provide some of the variations of the game for enthusiastic players to try. All you need is internet access and a supporting device. You might also need a certain amount of money if you would like to invest in the game for a return. 


There is no correct or wrong answer to the question of which is the better game. It is a question that is subjective, and the answer can differ from player to player. In their playing style, both games have a pinch of similarities, but when it comes to skill, they are poles apart. So, this festival season, don’t just limit yourself to one game, delve into the world of both Poker and Teen Patti. May the Aces favour you!

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