The technology behind the gambling industry

21 April 2020
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Technology in gambling industry

Technological advancement has influenced many different industries in the last few years. Technology has played a very important role in the development of the gambling industry. The rapid growth of the Internet and wide accessibility of portable devices such as smartphones and laptops has made casino games more accessible to the players across the globe which is way more convenient and provides a seamless gaming experience. The gambling industry has very well established its digital presence and is very adaptive to the integration of innovations as well as ready to fulfill the demands of new and existing gamblers. We can say that it will completely change the entire gambling scenario in the coming few years.

Players now have a secure platform to play their favorite casino games and have several benefits such as no need to download any software, free slots, no registration, discounts, offers, bonus on money deposits, etc. Online gambling nowadays features a wide variety of games and offers a realistic experience very similar to the traditional land-based casinos. Since its launch in 1994, the online gambling platform has grown significantly along with technological evolution. Now lets us check out some of the effects of the new technology on the gambling and casino industry and what we can expect from it in the coming future.

Online gambling

Online gambling

One of the major enhancements to the gambling industry we have seen is its shift toward online platforms. Online casinos have improved a lot over the years with technological innovations. The rapid rise and adoption of the Internet have forced the gambling industry to adapt to the current trends drastically. Now they have better graphics and audio which provides a 3D engaging gaming atmosphere. Fundamentally, gambling involves making simple calculations and the implementation of chance on a random basis. With this mind, computers have been utilized to create these conditions easily and effectively. Almost everybody today owns a smartphone or a personal computer and has a decent internet connection. This has helped the gambling and casino industries to reach more users across the globe. People can access and play online casino games right from their smartphones whenever and wherever they want. Moreover, in any online gambling platform, only a small amount of information needs to be exchanged between the server and the player. As a result, internet-based gambling was easy to perform even in the earliest days of the internet.

Gambling on smartphones

gambling on smartphones

Technology has led to the emergence of smartphones which in turn has made gambling fully portable. In the present age, players can whip out their smartphones and gamble from anywhere in the world. The gambling service is delivered to players through web browsers and dedicated applications. It is possible to download an app for a specific casino game. You can also access websites that contain virtual casinos. Online casino websites are currently being adapted to have versions that are compatible with mobile devices. These versions are automatically delivered to smartphone gamblers upon request.

Virtual Reality (VR)

The latest technology to hit commercial consumption is Virtual Reality (VR). It allows the user to be immersed in a digital, 3D environment. Here, players can interact with digitally created elements as though they are real. Online casinos have entered this arena by creating digital representations of their physical casinos. This way, players can access these locations and place wagers just as they would in any land-based establishment. VR is an exciting new landscape in which casinos and online gambling companies are exploring in-depth.

Augmented Reality (AR)

This technology operates very much like VR. It enables people to overlay digital elements in the real world. Using this concept, casinos can create digital hybrid environments where gamblers can find digital bets, slots, poker seats and much more in the environment around them. By using their smartphones as AR screens, they can be exploring their cities while gambling at the same time.

Artificial Intelligence(AI)

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is another new addition to technology which is growing at a fast pace in the past few years. It also has great potential in the gambling industry. You might have heard about chatbots that are nowadays available in most of the consumer service portals and help assist the users with some of the common queries which can be easily solved without the need of an actual customer care representative. These chatbots can also help the user to guide through processes like payments, navigation, etc. Apart from this, AI can also help to create matches like ‘Player Vs Machine’ for practice.

Forms of payments

Gone are the days when there were only a few options for payment in online gambling platforms. The enhancement in technology has enabled the payment gateways to add a wide range of payment options. Today, it is possible to deposit your wager into an online gambling account in various ways. Examples of these are cryptocurrencies, VISA cards, bank wire transfers, direct deposits and many more. They allow flexible depositing and withdrawal as well.

Defensive security

Along with technological advancement, casinos have also adjusted their approach to identifying cheats. Today, there are cameras that have an AI system embedded in them which can identify if a player’s behavior is suspicious or not. With the feedback, the floor manager and security officer can pull a player off the tables if they seem prone to cheating. Casinos have also incorporated security features such as facial recognition. This is a facility that allows them to view and screen every customer who walks into a physical casino establishment. They also use Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) chips which help to track cards, chips and other elements within the casino. Monitoring the gaming floor is also a very important element in modern casino games. Many casinos utilize facial recognition chips to spot VIP guests. In this way, these guests can receive guidance towards games and services which boost their bets. They also use monitoring technology to identify card counters. By using a combination of high-tech cameras and RFID chips, modern casinos can see how much money is currently on tables and also discover the overall flow of all bets.

Safeguarded online gambling

The online gambling market is also huge and because of that, there are certain rules and regulations imposed on them to benefit the consumer. All of these have been possible with the help of ever-improving technology. These regulations include consumer protection, generating tax revenue, keeping it tax-free, and retaining sports integrity. Minors cannot enter the website or place their bet. All of these were possible by establishing an effective regulatory regime. They include:

Operator licensing model – This encourages customer choice and offers a full product range. There is also a limit to the total money one can keep in their wallet on such gambling sites.

Anti-money laundering – Protecting the consumer from any kind of fraud such as fake phishing websites that steals money or credit card details and fake offers.

Responsible gambling tools – Security tools such as gamble aware, budgeting, cash limit protect players from overspending, store account history and much more.

Variety of online casino games

Moving on, technology has also made it possible to have several game options to be present on a single platform. A large number of casino games are available for people to play on their smartphone or laptop such as Roulette, Slots, Blackjack, Poker, etc. Over time, digital versions of other casino games were created. In addition to that, digital versions of scratch cards were developed as well.

Predictive analytics and data modeling

One of the main technologies which have made its way into the gambling industry is data modeling and predictive analytics. This technology goes well beyond having gamers download casino applications in their smartphones for virtual gaming. Instead, it enables the casinos to learn more about the preferences of their customers. Furthermore, analytics help the casinos to keep track of the history of their players. With this information, the casino operators can adapt and tweak their games as per the requirements of their players and provide their customers with high-quality playing experience.

Graphics on web-based games

graphics on web-based games

Many players nowadays head to online casinos for their gambling activity. Hence, the developers of online gambling games have made them as realistic as possible. They have integrated technologies such as 4k resolution, surround sound and live chat option as well. They have organized these online gaming platforms such that there are specific digital rooms that can be used for games such as poker, baccarat, Texas Hold’em and many more. Thanks to technology, online slots also have a huge variety of themes. In this way, players can pick the slots on the theme that they like. They combine graphics and sound as well to deliver a highly realistic experience.

Wearable technology for gambling

The advent of wearable technology is now here with us. Hence, casinos have quickly adapted to provide resources that enable gambling through wearable technology. Many casinos are investing in tremendous research and development to discover ways through which gambling can be brought to wearable technology.

Blockchain technology

The latest technological landscape known as the Blockchain is a digital universe that is governed by a resource which is known as the Distributed ledger. It allows anonymous interaction, eliminates the possibility of fraud and provides a global reach. This exceptional digital resource also creates an opportunity for the development of digital coins. Casinos have delved into the Blockchain and created apps that allow customers to interact with custom-made digital coins. Customers can buy these coins and gamble with them. It is a new arena in the field of computerized gambling.

Neural networks

The advanced technology of neural networks is boosting the capability of online casinos. As online casinos provide their services globally, they need immense computing power to facilitate the randomization of algorithms. As such, they rely on neural networks to execute the algorithms. In this way, they can process billions of requests made by gamblers from all over the world. The networks allow for distributed computing. They enable the gamblers to place wagers and bets without experiencing delays in performance.


Online gamblers no longer have to reveal their identities. Technology has also made this demand of players possible. Players can now use elements known as avatars. They are digital representations of the gamblers. By using these digital resources, they can place bets in any online casino and interact with each other without compromising their identities.

Gambling pools

Thanks to networking technology, gamblers from all over the world have created groups where they pool resources and place large bets. These are known as gambling pools. By using these resources, they can access high-level online gambling opportunities. By relying on these cooperative gambling arrangements, players can not only improve their odds but also increase the amounts of gain which they can get.

To conclude

So these were some of the spheres where the technological advancements have influenced the gambling and casino industry. This will continue to evolve for the next few years as software developers will try to find new ideas to keep the players engaged in this addictive gaming platform. Investors will also continue to invest more and more money to try to keep it active for the upcoming years.

The future of online gambling is very bright and it is for sure to see a ton of innovations and a lot of new players joining in to try out their luck on this. The gambling industry is always adopting innovative technological solutions that are making gambling possibilities in the future limitless!

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