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3 July 2020
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Casinos in Goa

Goa is one of the few states in India where gambling is legal. Casinos in Goa can be found on boats anchored in the Mandovi River, and onshore in some upmarket hotels. Most of the action with live tables takes place on the floating casinos which are entertainment destinations within themselves. By law, onshore casinos can only have electronic games. The offshore casino market is dominated by the Pride Group and the Deltin Group. As one of the top land-based gambling brands in India, Casino Pride is a group that focuses on bringing the best offshore casino establishments in the country. Their most popular one is called the Casino Goa, which is located on a yacht in the Mandovi River. The Pride Group, with lower entry fees, caters more to the masses and the Indian market. The Pride Group also operates two small onshore casinos namely:

  1. Casino Palms (at the La Calypso hotel in Baga)
  2. Casino Paradise (at the Hotel Neo Majestic in Porvorim). 

However, these casinos are more suited to habitual gamblers than tourists.

If you are an avid gambler or looking for a great place to take a family vacation that can include gambling for you, then the casinos that the Pride group offers are the perfect place for you. Carry on with us while we give you all the details that you will need to plan your next trip.

Casino Pride Goa locations

Here, we would like to cover all establishments that are currently owned by the Pride Group along with their details. At the moment there are three casinos located in the Goa state. Below, you will find a list of Pride casino brands in Goa along with their locations.

  • Casino Pride 2 (Most Popular Casino Located on a Yacht)
  • Casino Pride 1 (Floating Casino on The Jetty)
  • Casino Paradise (Part of The Neo Majestic Casino Resort in Goa)

Two of the casinos are located right next to each other. The Pride 1 and 2 casinos are located next to each other, where one is berthed on the jetty and the second one is on a yacht that is anchored nearby. Both of them are considered to be some of the most popular and top-quality gambling locations in the Goa jurisdiction. The third one, Casino Paradise, is located in the Neo Majestic hotel as part of the casino resort that is run by the Pride Group.

Casino Pride 2, Goa

Live Casino Games

Casino Pride 2 is one of the best gambling places you can visit when you are in Goa, India. It was earlier known as Casino Carnival and was later purchased by the Pride Group in 2014. It is located off the shore of Panjim, Goa, on a 110 million Rupee yacht. It is one of the few places where gamblers can participate in live casino games with dealers, rather than just playing on electronic tables. Being the youngest offshore casino in Goa, Casino Pride 2 brings in the freshness of gaming to a new level and still retains the experience which Casino Pride Group of casinos & hotels has to offer. With the range of International and Indian games like Roulette, Blackjack, Mini Flush, Paplu, Andar Bahar, Baccarat, with a unique progressive Jackpot Slot Machines, this clubbed with an endless spread of delicious food and drinks being served to give you a complete, joyful experience. Every evening is celebrated with a Dance troupe performing on people’s favourite dance numbers. It is a wonderful venue, where even children in the dedicated arcade section can find entertainment. If you are looking for a family-oriented place to plan your gambling trip, then what you want is Casino Pride 2.

Casino Pride 1, Panjim, Goa

While not as recent, Casino Pride 1 is a floating casino located at the Panjim jetty. The themed riverboat vessel is a three-story goliath that overlooks the entire city. This casino can host almost 500 guests and is popular for its weather deck of 10,000 square feet to enjoy a barbecue on. The total size of all three levels is more than 30,000 square feet which are not only impressive but also mesmerizing. It has 27 gaming tables spread over two floors and a smaller crowd. There’s a VIP room for high-rollers, and live entertainment on the main gaming floor and the open-air deck every night. Panjim, Goa Casino Pride features slot machines, more than 40 international table games and famous Indian games. Also, Casino Pride 1 is family-friendly, so you can plan your next trip there. It’s possible to go between Casino Pride 1 and Casino Pride 2 at no additional cost.

Casino Paradise

It is the only Pride group-owned land-based casino located in Goa, India. This is a part of the Neo Majestic Casino Resort along with the 5-star Neo Majestic hotel. It is located close to the capital city of Goa, Panaji, and across the prominent Mandovi river. If you are looking for a great place to schedule your holidays for both leisure and gambling, then this is your place. Titled as one of Goa ‘s biggest and most luxurious onshore casinos, Casino Paradise is a 5,000 square foot facility featuring state-of-the-art facilities and technology for gambling. With lavish interiors to sweep you off your feet, this truly is a ‘Majestic’ feeling.

With a large variety of games played at this casino, this is without a doubt a gaming paradise. Player’s favourite Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, Horse Racing, Mini Flush, Tai Sai, Wheel Of Fortune, Robotic Arm Baccarat and Slot Machines make it a complete Casino Experience. And if the gaming needs to pause for a bite, you can satiate your taste buds at their multi-cuisine restaurant. You can also enjoy & pamper in their spa or choose to revitalize and refresh in their sauna and steam. Or after a long day of gambling, you can go straight to the beach and relax as much as you would like.

Pride Group information

The Pride Group is the owner of Casino Pride. It is a private organisation with the primary focus on operating offshore casino establishments in India. Over the years, it has purchased two sea vessels in Goa serving as casinos, a casino resort in Panjim City and another casino establishment in Nepal as well. Casino Pride Nepal is one of the most comfortable locations, too. While it is a fairly young company with a land-based casino in the gambling market, making its first acquisition in 2007, it is gradually expanding into an elite casino operator not only in India but worldwide.

Final thoughts

Casino Pride Goa

The Pride Group operates two offshore riverboat casinos in the city of Panjim, which are a great sight to see and visit. Additionally, they are the proud owner of a 5-star casino resort that has the Neo Majestic Hotel and Casino Paradise. You will find a family-friendly atmosphere at all of their locations with numerous slots, and casino table games waiting for you to enjoy. All of the Casino Pride Goa establishments are great places to visit. If you are interested in this excellent opportunity to enjoy your favourite casino games while on vacation in Goa or just want to experience the land-based casino scenario, then, it is a great place to check out!

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