Sic Bo


Sic Bo is a simple dice game with a number of betting possibilities. The term Sic Bo initially supposed “2 bricks,” but it was later changed to “dice pair.” Presently, though, it is performed with 3 dice, adding to the game’s appeal.

There are two versions of the game: a US edition named Chuck-a-luck and an English edition named Grand Hazard. Casinos in Asia and Macau provide the classic Sic Bo game because of its popularity. However, thanks to the internet’s capabilities, you can now play it from anywhere in the world.

The game entails placing or wagering on one or more sets of options on the Sic Bo table, then waiting for the dealer to roll 3 dice and reveal the outcome to you. You will win if it equals any of your bet selections; otherwise, you lose. When playing this very basic game online, all you require to understand is that the software is in charge of the dealer’s work.

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Why should you play online Sic-Bo in India?

  • In India, the freedom of being able to enjoy the game when and where you choose is a whole new experience for everyone.
  • Indian players are known for playing things safe. Whenever you play online Sic Bo at any online casino, you may have the opportunity to practise the game for free too.
  • Have a limited amount of storage on your device? No worries, some Sic Bo plays require no downloads.
  • Sic Bo is not as widely available as other casino games in offline casinos. So online casinos give players the chance to play.

Where can you play Sic-Bo for real money?

There are a number of things to consider while playing for real money on online Sic Bo sites, including:

  • Integrity
  • Legitimacy
  • Licenses
  • Playing in a fair manner
  • Player safety is paramount.
  • Payment gateways are integrated.
  • Payments are processed quickly, and winnings are distributed quickly.
  • Excellent games and fantastic material

It may appear to be a lot, but please be assured that we have done our research and reviewed a number of online casinos that cater to Indian gamers. We have compiled a list of some of the most reliable and trustworthy online casino sites where you can play Sic Bo.

CasinoHighlight features
10 CricWithdrawals are made quickly via a Net Banking transfer. Several casino games are available, including Andar Bahar and Teen Patti.Bet on live cricket matches.
Pure CasinoA minimum investment of 250 rupees is required!Deposit and withdrawal with PayTM and G Pay.Fairness is ensured.
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Royal PandaLive Casino Studio with a customised brandA Rs 10,000 welcome bonusThe mobile app is lightning quick.

How to play Sic Bo?


You don’t have to remember everything to learn how to play Sic Bo, which makes it one of the simplest games to learn. Everything that you require to know is printed on the table – the possible payoff for each sort of wager is stated below it. Still, you should constantly remember that various types of bets have min and max wagering amounts. We have compiled a list of the most essential guidelines that you should follow:

  • Add money to your account.
  • Bet on payouts that you are comfortable with.
  • Make sure to examine the betting rewards thoroughly.
  • Put your wager within the allotted time by the dealer.

As you may see there are some very simple principles to follow, yet, there are a few details that must be handled. Sic Bo, like every casino game, has its charm that must be grasped, and the right approach to do so is to go through the various betting possibilities.


What you should know about online Sic Bo bets?

When 3 dice are used instead of 2, the game options increase much more, therefore we have included the betting descriptions below to help you out.  If you’re new to betting, we provide everything from the easiest betting possibilities to the more complex wagering alternatives to help you out. 

Type of betWhat it means
Single Number You get to pick how so many times a digit between 1 and 6 appears in the combination. The payouts range from 1:1 to 1:2 to 1:3.
Specific DoubleYou have the choice of selecting a particular combo of 2 similar numerals with this wager. The payout ratio is 1:10.
Specific TripleThe particular double is the same, but there are three numbers. Combination pays out at a ratio of 1:80.
Any TripleIrrespective of the triple combo that may appear, you gain with this wager. The payout time is 1:30.
BigAn overall combo of 11 to 17 succeeds. Once again, the payout is 1:1.
SmallAn aggregate combo of 4 to 10 succeeds.  The payback ratio is 1:1.
TotalYou must estimate the overall number of the 3 dice in this game. The payout ratios range from 1:6 to 1:60.
CombinationYou get to select which 2 digits will be a component of the winning combo. There are 17 choices that pay out at a ratio of 1:6.

You have a lot of alternatives to select from, and also the payoffs are phenomenal! Whether you are a novice or a seasoned Sic Bo player, these are the greatest methods to experience the game!

Payouts and odds


Let’s assume you have put a bet on a certain pairing and it’s paid off! Then how can you tell how much you’ll be compensated at the end of the day? That’s where chances and payoffs come into effect – one for the percent of chance, and another for the sum you may receive if you win your wager. Nonetheless, such elements exist in each and every casino game, and you need to be conscious of them at all times. Additionally, they come with the basic principle that the greater your odds, the lower your possible wins. The following table clearly illustrates this relationship:

Any Triple4.0024:1
Two Dice Combo16.675:1
TotalBetween 1.96 -14.29Between 50:1 and 6:1
Single Number50.0033.3325.001:1 for one match; 2:1 for two matches; 3:1 for all three dice match

One point worth noting is that the house always has the chances on its side. Even though house edge is present in all casino games, it does help you feel good in those rare times when you put a successful wager and outscore the casino! But, it does require further explanation.

Note: that there are several variations of this game, so the rewards may vary somewhat depending on the one you play.

Strategies for playing Sic Bo

Owing to the manner casino games are constructed, having a plan in any game does not guarantee results. Even if you have used a method that has assisted you in the past, it does not guarantee that it will succeed in the future.  However, there are certain methods and strategies that may be useful in the majority of instances when playing this fascinating game:

  • If you are a newbie, stick to a low-risk approach of placing Big and Small bets.
  • Steer clear of putting triple bets since the casino has the greatest advantage.
  • To increase your odds of succeeding, combine your bets.
  • Combination wagers have a low house edge, making them a good wagering choice.

Although these essential principles might be an important element of your gaming strategy, keep in mind that they may not always work, although they do rely largely on facts and statistical probability. Whether you’re playing Sic Bo or any other casino game, try to have fun and only risk any funds you can afford to lose!

Our top tips for beginners


It’s usually a good idea to have your own methods for assessing a game and tackling it methodically, particularly if you are in the learning basics stage. Nonetheless, the tips mentioned below won’t enhance your Sic Bo chances or payouts, but they will certainly equip you with what to anticipate from the game. Without any more delay, here are the things that will assist you in your Sic Bo experience:

  • Find out how to play Sic Bo.
  • Look over the major guidelines.
  • Play free online Sic Bo to improve your abilities.
  • Select the best Sic Bo game for you.
  • Pick your Sic Bo wagers carefully.
  • Think about the odds and payouts.
  • Select the most suitable Sic Bo casino.

If we are being honest, games that are mostly dependent on chance can’t be influenced in any manner, but players may always employ some sort of technique in the hopes of boosting their performance.

Sic Bo with a live dealer – Everything you need to know

For the most part, live dealer games remain the favoured style of playing table games. This is why we may see several variants of these games throughout most casinos. But, because there are frequent and more skilled players, wagering restrictions have been adjusted to allow more players to enjoy Sic Bo at a live dealer casino. It doesn’t matter how good a Sic Bo rendition is if it can’t be played on mobile devices. As a result, the game’s availability on phones and tablets is a means of providing gamers with a convenient and entertaining experience.

Which Sic Bo strategy is the best?

Selecting the perfect Sic Bo strategy is purely a personal choice. It will actually rely on your playing abilities and level.

Should I always have a strategy when playing Sic Bo?

No, you are not obligated to use a plan when playing. Even so, a Sic Bo strategy could be useful. The final conclusion, however, is not assured, and no plan can influence the game's result.  Keep in mind that adopting a method comes with risks and may not always be advantageous to you.

Is it possible to remove the house edge with a Sic Bo system?

Sorry, a Sic Bo strategy will never totally erase the house advantage. In reality, because Sic Bo is a game of luck, a method would have little impact on the eventual result.