Are you new to the exciting world of online casinos and looking for a safe and reliable way to make casino payments online? Then Truecaller Pay might be what you’re looking for in India!


Truecaller is a popular payment method that facilitates fast deposits and easy withdrawals, and all you need is your UPI ID to get started. On this page, we cover everything you need to know about using Truecaller as a casino payment option.

About Truecaller Pay

Based on Unified Payment Interface (UPI), Truecaller Pay is an online payment platform that allows users to create a Virtual Payments Address (VPA) from within the app. The VPA can then be used to send and receive money to any UPI ID (online casinos in our case). The feature is powered by ICICI Bank and works for all UPI supported banks.

Setting up your Truecaller Pay account

Setting up your Truecaller Pay account is easy-peasy. Below is the step-by-step procedure for the same:

  1. Install the Truecaller app from the Android Play Store or iOS store.
  2. Open the Truecaller app and click on the ‘Payments’ option (on iOS) or ‘Banking’ tab (on Android).
  3. Click on ‘Get Started’ to start registration.
  4. Select the mobile number linked to your bank account.
  5. Truecaller will then send an SMS to verify your mobile number.
  6. Once your account gets verified, select the bank account linked to your mobile number.
  7. Your bank will then verify your account and link it to Truecaller.
  8. Next, you’ll need to set up a UPI PIN to make payments.
  9. To set up your UPI PIN, first, enter your debit card details to verify your account, and then verify the OTP received by SMS.

Now you’re all set to make your first online casino payment with Truecaller.

How to make casino deposits with Truecaller?

  1. Sign in to your online casino account with your login credentials.
  2. Navigate to the cashier section of the casino.
  3. Here you’ll find a variety of payment options like Google Pay, Skrill, Neteller, UPI and more. Select UPI as your preferred payment option and enter your UPI ID.
  4. You’ll then receive a notification of your Truecaller app.
  5. Enter the UPI PIN to confirm your transaction.
  6. Post-authorization of your transaction, the funds will appear into your casino account.

How to make casino withdrawals with Truecaller?

Just like casino deposits, withdrawing money from your online casino account with Truecaller is simple and straightforward. Just follow these simple steps withdraw money with Truecaller:

  1. Log into your online casino account.
  2. Go to the cashier section and select UPI as your preferred withdrawal option.
  3. Next, enter your UPI ID and the amount you wish to withdraw.
  4. Select the proceed option, and your money will get transferred to your bank account.

Note that the time required for Truecaller withdrawals varies from casino to casino, and it can take anything between 1 to 5 business days for the money to appear in your bank account.

Advantages of using Truecaller as an online casino payment option

There are various advantages of using Truecaller for making online casino deposits and withdrawals. Here are some of them:

  • Your online casino deposits with Truecaller will be processed almost instantly.
  • Unlike credit and debit cards, you don’t need to remember your card number, CVV and expiry dates. The only thing you need to remember is your UPI ID.
  • Almost all the major banks in India are affiliated with using Truecaller UPI as a payment option.
  • The deposit fees charged per transaction is just 50 paise.
  • A good number of online casinos support Truecaller UPI.

Safety and security of Truecaller payments

Truecaller is a completely safe and secure platform for online casino payments. Every transaction through Truecaller requires you to enter the UPI PIN (or Pockets PIN in case of ICICI account holders. In addition, Truecaller has a passcode for payments which deters unauthorized access.

Fees charged by Truecaller

One of the best things about Truecaller is that it doesn’t charge any user for transactions made through it. But note that transactions on Truecaller Pay are processed by your bank through UPI, and each bank has a separate policy on charges for these transactions.

Truecaller Pay – FAQs

What is Truecaller Pay?

Truecaller Pay is an online payment platform that allows users to send or receive money using any Unified Payments Interface (UPI) supported bank.

What is a UPI PIN?

UPI PIN (UPI Personal Identification Number) is a 4 or 6 digit secret code used to authenticate UPI transactions.

Which currencies are supported with Truecaller Pay?

As transactions on Truecaller Pay are processed by your bank through UPI, the base currency is Rupees. However, if you want to make transactions with a casino that’s using a different currency it can be converted but for a fee.

How long does it take to send or receive money with Truecaller?

Once you’ve made an online casino transaction with Truecaller, it usually takes about 30 minutes to get confirmed. As for the casino withdrawals, the process can take a little longer as the casino needs to verify your withdrawal request first.

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