Indian Poker


Indian Poker is one of the most renowned classic Poker variants and is also known as Blind Man’s Bluff globally. As there is no limit to the number of players who can play this game, the enjoyment is virtually limitless. There is no doubt why so many Indian players are looking forward to learning this game out. Are you one of those players? Well, then, you’re in luck! Learn everything you need to know from our team of casino experts.

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Play Poker online for real money today!

Poker is one of the most preferred casino game enjoyed by avid gamers who enjoy engaging in skill and strategy-based games. Well, if you are someone who is looking out for authentic and thrilling online skill games, then, online Poker is definitely a must explore without the slightest doubt! We, at Casino Bonus India, bring to you an exceptional list of online casinos that offer the best online Poker variants seamlessly.

Do bear in mind that while playing Poker online, you need to focus on which initial cards to choose for holding and which ones to discard. As soon as you make your selection, you will instantly see the computer discarding the cards you have chosen to do away with and these will be replaced by a new set of cards. Besides the traditional online Poker games, you can also try your hands on a variety of multi-card Poker games online. A majority of the online casinos today do have various games that offer lower limits that can be enjoyed by high-rollers as well. Also, remember that every Poker game requires a different strategy and skillset, so watch out!

Did you know? 

Poker is more than 1000 years old. Although it is mostly famous for being a game with beginnings in the American Old West, Poker actually started hundreds of years before that and outside the United States. Historians believe that Poker first originated in 10th century China or from a Persian game called as ‘nas’ in the 16th century.

So get set to explore the game of online Poker from the comforts of your home today! Hurry! Sign up now and remember to read the game rules thoroughly before you decide to play with real money.

History and evolution of Poker

Poker is not a new game that certainly popped up on online sites. The world has been playing and knowing about card games for centuries now. However, the modern Poker game that you now see in casinos and online sites were established in the early 19th century. It all began when the French colonials carried their national card game ‘Klaberjass’ to Canada. People loved the challenges this game brought with itself. This helped Klaberjass gain rapid popularity within the whole state and then outside of it. It was this game that came to be known as the modern-day Poker.

The early 19th century was a time that no or very less source of entertainment. It was like the modern world where you are surrounded by a multi-media device no matter where you go. The game caught the attention of people who had no source of entertainment due to its challenging gameplay and ease of playing. It didn’t require much book-learning or tools to play. A group of three people could enjoy the game just by having a deck of cards in their hands and knowing a few simple rules. The game holds a special vibe of attracting any player who tries his hand`s on it for once.

Elements of the game

Indian Poker uses the same standard deck of 52 cards just like the other renowned Poker games online played all over the world. It requires at least 3 players but 6-10 players are preferred to enhance the fun factor.

Rules to play Poker in India

A game of Poker online is similar to playing the game in-hand. However, the only difference here is that you can play the game at your own convenience. You may play it while on your way to the office. You may pay it while taking rest on an off-day. You can also play it exclude yourself from a boring party that you never wanted to go. Online Poker can turn your boring day into a productive one.

However, playing a Poker game requires you to follow certain rules. Do not worry, these rules like the gambling rules that exist in India. These are very simple rules that are not difficult to follow. Following these rules allows you to have a smooth gaming experience at any poker gaming site. Let us get started.

  • A Poker game is played between the players on the table. There is no involvement of the casino. Therefore, the result(wins or losses) has no relation to the platform you are playing at.
  • In India, the legal age to gamble even in Goan casinos is set to 18+. The same rule applies to Poker online games.
  • A deck of 52 cards is used to conduct any Poker game.
  • All online casinos have a maximum and minimum bet determined for the game. This minimum/maximum bet can vary on the variant of Poker you are playing.
  • Any Poker game is played turn-by-turn. The turns rotate in a clockwise direction i.e. the person sitting to the left of the dealer is the first person to place his bet.

  • The Poker site usually takes a small percentage of your winnings which is called the Rake.

  • If the player wants to leave a game in between, he/she will be charged the betting amount of that round to continue.

  • The first round of Poker is not initiated until all the players on the table have placed their ante.
  • The player with the higher ranking hand at the end of the game wins the game.

Card ranks

The card ranking of Indian Poker is ranked in ascending order: A(high), K, Q, J, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2(low). The player who has the highest-ranking cards in his hand is declared as the winner in a game of Indian Poker.

Essential Poker terminologies

Although there are several variants of the standard Poker game. There is one thing in common between them all. All have more or less the same terms used in them. Thus, it doesn’t matter if you are playing Indian Poker or Casino Hold’em, these Poker terminologies will certainly helpful to you.

Terms Usage
Action A major change in the game. For example – A new player’s chance to bet, increasing the bet.
Ante The default bet amount that every player on the board needs to place.
Blind A bet which is played without seeing the cards.
Call The minimum bet a player must place to continue in the game.
Dealer The player who deals the cards to the players on the table.
Draw When a player calls or raise the bet amount to see if he can form a strong hand
Flush A hand with 5 cards of the same suit.
Limit A poker game where the maximum betting amount and the minimum betting amount are capped.
No-limit A poker game where the player can bet as much as he wants.
Pot Limit A game where the bet amount cannot be further raised since the pot amount has reached to the pre-fixed maximum limit.
Raise To increase the bet amount from the previously set betting amount.
Top Pair A pair with the highest card on the board.
Under the Gun The person who sits left to the dealer or, the person who has the responsibility to take the first action in the game.

Aim of the game

The main aim of the game is to have the highest card at the table and outrun every other player. Having the highest ranking hand at the end of the game rewards you with all the money in the betting pot. The betting pot consists of bets placed by all the players on the table in all rounds of the game. The higher-ranking hand is decided by looking at the combination of cards from the below table. A Royal Flush is the highest-ranking, whereas a high-card is the lowest ranking hand.

Thus, if you manage to fight your way till the final round of the game and hold the highest-ranking hand, you win the game. However, there is an exceptional situation where you can win without having the highest-ranking hand. It is a situation when the other player decides to pack his cards, instead of placing another bet to show his cards. The opponent may do so if he feels that his cards will not be strong enough to win over other player’s cards. He may also do so if he doesn’t want to spend double the bet amount to show his cards and lose. If this happens with you, feel lucky.

Poker hand rankings

Poker hand rankings

A Poker game cannot be won without knowing the rankings of each hand. A player may be holding a winning hand but not realize its worth if he doesn’t know the ranking.

The ranking of all hands is done on the basis of their rarity. For example, the combination of 5 consecutive numbers in a total of 52 cards(4 different suits and 13 different face values) is much less probable in comparison to two consecutive cards. Hence, the player with the 5 consecutive number deserves to win. Here are the details of each hand in the form of a table. We are also giving you an example side by side so that you get a practical idea of each hand.

Rank Hands Cards Example
1 Royal Flush A, K, Q, J and 10: same suit A♠, K♠, Q♠, J♠, 10♠
2 Straight Flush Any five cards in a sequence; same suit J♥, 10♥, 9♥, 8♥, 7♥
3 Four of a kind Four cards of the same rank A♥, A♠, A♦, A♣, 4♣
4 Full house Three of the same rank and a pair K♣, K♥, K♦, 9♦, 9♠
5 Flush Five cards of the same suit K♦, J♦, 9♦, 8♦, 6♦
6 Straight Five cards in a sequence; varied suits K♦, Q♥, J♣, 10♦, 9♥
7 Three of a kind Three cards of the same rank A♣, A♦, A♥, K♠, 4♥
8 Two pair Two pairs; both of different card values K♠, K♥, J♦, J♠, 5♣
9 One pair Two cards of the same rank 7♣, 7♦, 4♥, K♣, 9♦
10 High card The highest card in the hand Q♥, 7♦, 5♠, 2♣, 10♠


  • The dealing round

Players place an ante and a card is dealt face-down to each and every player present in the game which they can’t look at. After dealing the cards, the players have to bring the cards face-out to their foreheads. They need to be careful to keep the face of the card away from their eyes. Each and every player can see each other’s cards but not their own. After this single round of betting, the betting round follows. Each and every player has to place their bets based on assumption and relative confidence by assessing whose cards are strong or weak.

  • The betting round

Poker betting round

In a game of Poker, the player has three options when it is his time to bet:

Call – If a player bets the same amount wagered by a previous player, it is referred to as a call.

Raise – If player bets on the current wager amount and bets more subsequently, it is referred to as raise. With a raise, you will be able to increase the bet amount which the other players have to match to stay in the game.

Fold – If a player stops betting and lays down his cards, it is referred to as folding. The player has to forfeit any hope of winning the pot money but will get the opportunity to not put any money in the pot. This continues as long as all players have either called, folded or raised. If all the players have raised and when there is no other raise, the betting round eventually stops.

  • The showdown round

If you have the highest-ranking card, you get to keep the entire pot money. But if you tie, you have to split the pot money. Players can also choose to place bets on their lowest card instead of the highest card and play accordingly. Or, they might even agree to split the pot money for the highest and lowest ranking cards.

How to start playing Poker?

Now that you know the gameplay of Poker, you can straight away find a Poker site and start playing the game. Playing Poker online is a great opportunity to enjoy the game, entertain yourself and make some money alongside. To find the right place to play Poker, you will have to follow the below process.

1. Find an online Poker site that looks trustable and has a smooth user-interface. Security and usability are the two most important factors that define the quality of any gambling site. If the casino is licensed by some of the top gaming authorities of the world and supports encryption for your data, it can be trusted. The user-interface of the site should also be a priority for you. Many sites look stylish at first but a smooth site will keep your eyes and brain calm.

2. After finding the right platform to play Poker, signup with it. Signing up with any top casino asks you for similar details like Name, Address, and Payment method details. These details are important for the authenticity of the players and a smoother experience while gaming. Make sure you provide the exact details as in your identity proof.

3. Many casinos reward their new players for signing up by giving some kind of bonus. These bonuses can be in any form – real-money, free spins, bonus cash or even cashback. Make sure you check the terms and conditions before claiming any. Many bonuses have wagering requirements so high that they are impossible to be met.

4. Find the Indian Poker variant in its gaming section. You may find the game categories on the top of the online sites.

5. Learn about the game from the details we have provided above and start playing.

Free Poker – Do you know which is the best way to learn to play Poker? It is by being free Poker/demo Poker. Such games let you play the game with free coins so that you can learn the game well through practical experience. Here you cannot win or lose any of your real money.

Now play Poker on your mobiles

Poker on mobile

The advancement in technology has created wonders for mankind. One such wonder created by the help of technology and innovation is the modern-day mobiles. Mobiles have become a significant part of all our lives. We can’t even imagine a place where we would like to go without our handy devices. This device has come a long way from being a communication device to a multimedia device to a multipurpose device.

The internet has played a vital role in making mobile phones what they are now. With this same medium of internet, online Poker sites also made their way into mobile phones. Anyone who wants to play a Poker game doesn’t need to reach out to a casino or even to his desktop. Playing Poker on a PC restricts the availability of the game to the homes and offices. Whereas if the game is available on mobile phones, the player can play this exciting game in any part of the world.

Moreover, mobile phones are much more easy to use have very few requirements to function properly. A computer asks for several things – a screen, keyboard, mouse, internet connection and power source. The mobile, on the other hand, can stand on its own. All the above features are built-in the device. Just toggle-on the internet connection on your mobile and open the casino site on your mobile to play a Poker game anywhere, anytime. If that is enough, you can simply download the app of the site and access Poker games right from your home screen.

Points to remember

Indian Poker requires a lot of guesswork as you have to guess the opponents’ card by their body language and moves. You’ll have the opportunity to assess how strong your card is by seeing their actions throughout the game. Having a keen look at other players in the game tells you if the player has a good hand. A good hand always brings a confident look on the face. Now, since you already know that his cards are way too stronger than yours, you can save your money by quitting at the point, if you feel like doing so. Similarly, the cards the player is picking up also can give you an idea of what hand is he trying to form. You can learn these readings better when you play the game in reality.

Another important point is to be aggressive at your game. The calmer you are the more vulnerable you are to lose. Why? If you lie calmly in a Poker game, other players might use the first point in their favor. An aggressive approach helps you hide your true expressions and never allow other players to understand your behavior.

However, being over-aggressive can also be harmful to your game. The trick here is to be aggressive but patiently. Get your cards, analyze them well and then make aggressive decisions. One should never lose concentration from the cards he has and the hands he wants to make.

This is a point that most players often mistake for a useless one. Well, it is not. Poker game is a game played in rounds and can accommodate 6-8 players at once. This means that the competition for each pot is among six players. The probability of you winning the game in the first go is ⅛. Hence, this game requires you to be patient and play for long durations in order to fruitful winning. Playing a long game will help you understand the game style of fellow players and thus, play accordingly.

It’s a great game to practice reading people and like all Poker variants, the winning pot amount is incredibly rewarding.

Payment methods for playing Poker in India

Payment methods in playing poker

Indian Poker is one of the most played online card games in India. Such attention from India has compelled online casinos to bring their best payment services for the people of India. Today, Indians can play Poker by depositing money from these safe and secure payment methods:

Bank Transfer
Mobile Payment

All these are some of the most used payment methods throughout the world. Nevertheless, the latest update in the field of payment methods at online casinos in India is the acceptance of Indian Rupees. More and more Poker sites have now started accepting methods in Indian Rupees. This means that Indians don’t need to exchange their local currency into dollars to play their favorite Indian Poker card game.

The ultimate Poker experience

Want to try your hand on amazing Poker games in India? We, Casino Bonus India, bring to you a comprehensive list of all the renowned casinos that offer the players with safe and secure Poker games from renowned gaming providers with 100% audited bonuses and promotions! Now, that you know all about Indian Poker, try your hand in one of the premier online casinos listed by us. Hurry!

Is Poker allowed to play in India?

Poker is not illegal to play online in India. Many trusted and licensed online casinos in India offer players the chance to play this game fairly and securely.

Can I earn a good sum by playing online Poker?

Of course, you can. Yes, the game of online Poker can be played for real money at all top-notch online casinos and they offer great rewards and wins. So, watch out!

Is Live Poker available in India?

Of course! You can engage in playing exciting Live Poker variants with proficient live dealers and exclusive live chat feature instantly. We, at Casino Bonus India, bring to you the list of some of the premier online casinos that offer top-notch Live Poker games accompanied by gripping bonuses.

How to win at Poker?

A game of Poker cannot be won without understanding the rankings of each hand. Hence, it is important for the player to acquaint himself with the terminologies, rankings of the cards and rules of the game thoroughly before he decides to play for real money.

Which is the best online casino site to explore online Poker?

We, at Casino Bonus India, strive extremely hard to provide you with a detailed list of all the renowned online casino sites that offer the top-class online Poker games promising exuberant bonuses, simplified gameplay features and lots of fun! So, don’t miss it!