Indian Rummy game (also known as Paplu) is one of the most popular games in India. The obsession of the game is rooted in the simplicity of the game which can be enjoyed by people from diverse Indian communities. Indian Rummy games have been a part and parcel of Indian family traditions long before the British ages.

Although the exact history of Indian Rummy is still surrounded with mysteries, the game has received unimaginable success like never before, thanks to the advancement in technology.

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Indian Rummy is one of the most popular card games enjoyed by all Indian players. Rummy is an exciting card game that involves easy rules without any complications. The objective of Rummy is to arrange all 13 cards in valid sequences and/or sets. To win at a Rummy game, you need to form a minimum of two sequences, out of which one must be a pure sequence and the rest can be any valid sequence or sets. Remember that it’s not possible to make a valid Rummy declaration without a Rummy sequence. This is one of the most important rules in the game of Rummy.

Did you know? 


In Rummy, a sequence consists of three or more cards of the same suit. There are two types of sequences that are formed in Rummy – a pure sequence and an impure sequence. To win at the game of Rummy, you must have at least one pure sequence in your hand.

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Card ranking of the Indian Rummy game

In an Indian Rummy game, the cards in every suit are ranked from low to high: The  Ace(low), 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, Jack, Queen and King(high). 10 points are attributed to  Ace, Jack, Queen and King. The rest of the cards have their face values.

The elements of a Rummy game

Rummy Elements

The game of Rummy consists of very small but important elements to become the most loved card game of India. These elements are either involved in the gameplay or are the basic instruments that are used in the game. Without these, a Rummy game can never be what it is. Hence, it is really important for you to be aware of these terms before we get deep into the game.

  • Joker – The one card that always brings something interesting in a card game is the Joker card. Now, since the Rummy game is played with two decks of cards, the game has two jokers. The use of a joker in a Rummy game is to replace any other card and help the player in completing his sequence/set.
  • Chips – You will not find a chip when you play Rummy at your home. However, chips simplify the gaming process at an online casino. Chips are virtual coins that are of a preset value. The more chips you bet in a Rummy game, the more your real-money will be used up. However, there are free chips too. The free chips can be used to play a Rummy game for free. It is the best way to get some real experience of Rummy gaming.
  • Draw – After the cards are dealt with each of the players on the table, the next step is to draw a card. Drawing a card means that you take one card from the leftover cards on the table. It can be either down-facing or discarded.
  • Discard – The card that you leave off in replacement for your drawn over card is called a discarded card. The pile in which all the discarded up-face cards are kept is called a Discard.
  • Meld/Show – One of the specialities of Rummy is that you can win the game in steps. If you have formed a sequence/set, you can instantly drop those cards by choosing to meld off and showing your card for validation.
  • Card Sorting – Card sorting is a simple option that you would find on your screen while playing online Rummy. This arranges the card in an organized order so that you can have a clear idea of the sequences/cards you can form from your cards.
  • Drop – Just like the game of Teen Patti, you can take a break from a Rummy game as well. All you need to do is click on the ‘Drop’ button before the first card of the new round is dealt with.

Aim of the Indian Rummy game

The main aim of the online Rummy game is to arrange the cards in proper sequences (runs) and sets. All you have to do is put the cards in two combination types – runs and sets. Runs are referred to 3 or more cards in suits which are arranged consecutively in a sequential manner. Sets (books) are referred to 3 or 4 cards of similar ranks.

You need to make at least one pure sequence and any other valid sequences to win the game. Keep in mind that you are not allowed to make a Rummy declaration if you do not have a pure sequence.

Sequences in Indian Rummy game

Rummy Sequences

If you have 3 or more consecutive cards of a similar suit, then, you have a sequence in an Indian Rummy game. Now in Indian Rummy games or 13-card Rummy games, there are two types of sequences.

Pure sequence – A group of 3 or more cards of a similar suit that are placed in consecutive order. A wild card or Joker cannot be used to make a pure sequence. For example, 2♠ 3♠ 4♠ 5♠ is a 4 card pure sequence.
Impure sequence – If one or more Joker card is added to make a set of three or more cards, it is referred to as an impure sequence. For example, 5♦ 6♦ Q♠ 8♦  is an impure sequence where Q♠ replaces 7♦.

How to use Joker

You probably can see how important the Joker is in a game of Rummy. It makes the game even more exciting and intriguing. Hence, you now might be wanting to know how a Joker can be used in the game. Let’s see how to use the Jokers of the game.

  • Printed Joker – This is the Joker that you will find associated with every deck of cards.
  • Wild card Joker – The Rummy game has the perk of having two Jokers at once. This is done by choosing a card from the leftover cards after dealing the cards. The chosen card carries all the properties of a Joker and therefore, makes the game exciting.

The Joker can be used under certain conditions that must be known to a player to have a smooth gaming experience.

  • Both the wild cards can be treated the same way in a Rummy game. There are no special conditions applied to use a printed joker or a wild card Joker.
  • A Joker can be picked from the closed deck at any time of the game if it is the player’s turn.
  • Although the Joker may help you complete a sequence/set, it doesn’t contribute to the calculation of points in your hand.
  • A player can use the Joker to complete any kind of sequence/set except the pure sequence.

Point calculation in Rummy

Rummy points

Anyone who has ever played an online Rummy game knows that the game is played and the final winner is decided with the help of points. Each card that is used in the game carries a certain number of points that are added up to calculate the total point in the round. The points are distributed as followed:

The face cards – A, K, Q, J – each carry 10 points.
Cards 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 carry points equal to the face value respectively. For example, a 9 of Spades carries 9 points and so does a 9 of Clubs.
The Joker doesn’t carry any point.

In every Rummy game, the value of a point is prefixed. The total points that the winning player gets in all the rounds are used to calculate the total winning amount. The total point of the winner is calculated by adding up the card value of the loser at the time of the declaration by the winner. For example, if the losing player has 2 Q’s left in his hand when the other player has successfully declared a win, the winner is rewarded 20 points.

The winning amount calculation from here is rather simple and requires two more factors to be calculated. The simple formula to calculate the winning amount of a winner is:

The reward amount of the winner = Total points of the losing players x value of each point – Rake.

The rake is the commission that a casino takes from the winning amount being given to the winner. For example, if the value of each point is predetermined as ₹100 and the rake percentage is 2.5%, the winner will get:

20 x ₹100 –  2.5% of the total winning = ₹1950

We hope that this example might have cleared the calculation of how much can you win in the game. So now let us get into the Rummy table.

The layout of an online Rummy table

The layout of an online Rummy table depends upon the number of players involved in the game. However, the basic options present on the screen are the same in all variants of Rummy. As you open the game, you will find a virtual table on your screen with players’ id on the side of it. Here, you will get to see your cards at the bottom of the table. These cards are in random order since they are dealt from a shuffled set of cards. You can arrange the cards according to their card value and suit by clicking on the ‘Sort’ button on your screen. The table will depict multiple necessary details like the time left for you to make your move, the point value of each point, and your total points. The center of the table is filled with down-facing and discarded cards. You can click/touch on the card to pick the card from the center and then click on your card to discard the one that doesn’t suit your hand.

The Rummy table doesn’t have a lot of clickable options like a Blackjack game or a Teen Patti game, which is why it is often said that Rummy is one of the best games that can be played online.

Placing bets in online Rummy

Placing a bet in online Indian Rummy is largely easier than placing a bet in any other online casino game. Here is why.

  1. All you need to do is make a deposit in your betting account.
  2. You can do it from the various banking options provided by the casino you are playing the game in.
  3. Now that you have made the deposit, you can simply head to the Indian Rummy game.
  4. Here you will be asked to buy chips to play the game. The chips have a determined cost at each casino. Buy chips according to the bankroll.
  5. From now, the chips you have bought are your money. All the losses or wins will be covered in the form of the chips.
  6. After you have finished gaming, you can now convert your chips back into real-money and celebrate your win.

Hence, you don’t need to place a bet with your real money every time you play a round of Rummy. Convert your real money into chips and then, place bets through those chips to play the game. A minimum submission of chips is mandatory to begin the game.

The gameplay of Indian Rummy game

Now, that you are well-acquainted with the aim and sequences, let’s dive into the basic rules of the game. An Indian Rummy game is played between 2-6 players with 2 standard decks of cards.

  • The deal

Starting with the player on the left, the dealer starts dealing one card face down to every player. Each player gets 10 cards when there are 2 players in the game. If there are 3 or more players, every player receives 7 cards and if there are 5-6 players, then, every player is dealt 6 cards.

The other cards are placed on the table face down. This becomes the stock. Now, the top card of the stock is turned face up. This becomes the upcard. The upcard is placed next to the stock to initiate the discarded pile. If there are two players playing the game, the winner of each hand deals the next.

  • The play

Players take an alternate turn starting with the non-dealer if there are two persons present in the game. If there are more, then, starting with the player sitting left to the dealer, the turn moves in a clockwise direction.

First comes the draw phase. The players begin by taking one card from the top of the stockpile or discarded pile and add that card to their hand. As the discard pile is placed face-up, you can see what you are dealing with. Contrary to that, the stock is face down so you have to take that risk if you do not want to show the other players what card you are adding to your hand.

Once you get a valid sequence in your hands, you can lay the combination down on the table in front of your face up. This is called melding and is an optional move. In a single turn, you cannot meld more than one hand. You can also lay off your cards.

Once a player manages to make 2 sequences (at least 1 pure sequence) by arranging the 13  cards, he can make a declaration and win the game.

How and when to declare

The speciality of Indian Rummy is the ability to declare without completing all the sets and sequences. The conditions under which you can declare are:

Pure sequence Impure sequence Sets 1 & 2 Can you declare?
Yes Yes No Yes
Yes No Yes Yes
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Yes No No No
No Yes No No
No No Yes No
No Yes Yes No
No No No No

By reading the table, it is conclusive that you cannot declare until you have formed a pure sequence and a supporting hand.

Tips to play Rummy online

Rummy is certainly one of the best games you can play online. The online Rummy is very similar to how you would feel playing Rummy at home. In fact, it is even better as you can play the game in the comfort of your convenience. You can play it while going to your office, or you can play it on a solo-trip. You can play it when you are back from a tiresome day. However, that is not all that makes Rummy a great online game. There are other factors as well, like the amazing winning amount you can win at an online casino. Therefore, we bring to you some efficient tips to aim for the win. Keep them in mind to make the most of this evergreen game.

  • Tip 1: Pure sequence is the most important sequence of the game. The game allows the player to declare win if he has formed a pure sequence. Hence, try to form a pure sequence well before any other sequence/set.
  • Tip 2: Discard cards are very helpful but the problem with picking a discarded hand is that the other player can guess what hand you are trying to form. If the other player is skilled enough to understand your hand, he/she might stop discarding your desired card. However, this same tip brings us to the third tip.
  • Tip 3: Keep an eye on the discarded cards pile. If you observe keenly, you can understand the sequence the other player is trying to form.
  • Tip 4: Never lose the Joker by discarding it for a mistake. A joker can be the difference between your loss and the opponent’s win.
  • Tip 5: Never discard a card that can help you complete two sequences. For example, if you have 5, 7, 8, 10 of the same suit, giving up 7 or 8 will increase the gap between 5 – 8 or 7 – 10. The middle cards are the most important cards to keep the chances of a pure sequence alive.
  • Tip 6: The face cards are very attractive. But did you know that these attractive looking cards can be deceiving in a Rummy game? We, as a player, have a habit of sticking to the high-value cards like A, K, Q, and J. These are the most beneficial cards in many other card games like Teen Patti and Poker. Therefore, when we see these cards in Rummy, our brain tells us to hold on to them. But remember, Rummy is not about having a high-value hand. It is about discarding the cards and winning the game. If you are left with two A’s at the last and lose the game, the other person will get 20 points at once. Whereas, if you were to have two 3’s, he would only win 6 points. Hence, every Rummy player must make sure that he discards the high-value cards as early as possible.
  • Tip 7: The Indian Rummy game allows you to declare once a pure sequence and some other sequence/set are formed. However, most of the newbies often see a wrong set in their cards and hit the ‘Declare’ button in the excitement to win the game. Now, when the validation runs on the hands, the hand will be declared invalid. Hence, it is important to see each and every card and sequence before hitting the ‘Declare’ button on your screen.

The Rummy bonus

Rummy bonus

Did you know that you could win a bonus amount if you win in a certain way? Yes, a bonus over your winnings. If you choose not to declare after having a pure sequence and another set/sequence, you can win extra points for completing all the sets and declaring at once. This means that you declare only after forming a pure sequence, an impure sequence, and two other sets; all at once. However, this method is risky to attempt to but definitely pays off much more than the normal winning amount.

Fun facts about online Rummy

The whole motive behind any casino game should be fun, and not making money. Hence, here are a few fun facts about your favorite card game to keep you entertained.

  1. The history – One of the many interesting facts about Rummy is its history. The origin of this evergreen game is still unknown after much research and digging into history. The farthest we could get about the game was in the 17th century when it was played in China. However, there are claims that the game originated in India itself.
  2. The story behind the cards – Each card/deck has a story of its own. According to the Chinese, all suits depict the different elements that form a country. For example, the Club suit depicts the agriculture industry and the Spade suit depicts the Army.
  3. The origin of the name – It is famously considered that the name Rummy has derived from Rum Poker. ‘Rum’ here means ‘odd’, converging to be called Odd Poker.
  4. Brain booster Rummy – This game requires continuous attention on the cards a player has. Therefore, it helps in improving the hand-eye coordination of the player and boosting the logical thinking of the player.
  5. Diversity of the game – This eternal game is said to have existed in at least 30 variants.
  6. A full-time earning source – Unlike other casino games like Slots or Roulette, Rummy is known to be a permanent earning source of many avid players. The reason behind this trust of people on the game is the excess amount of skill that is required to play Rummy. While most other casino games are solely or largely dependent on luck, this unique game can be won only if the player is skilled enough to count on the luck.
Is Rummy online allowed to play in India?

Rummy is one of the most popular games that is played by a majority of people in India. It is not considered illegal. Many trusted and licensed online casinos in India offer players the chance to play this game online securely.

How do I win in Rummy?

The online Rummy is very similar to that of Rummy played offline. To make the most in the game, the player must pay good attention to the cards placed by his fellow players.

Can I play Rummy live?

Why not! You can enjoy playing Rummy live with proficient live dealers instantly in real-time with just a click of a button. 

Where can I enjoy the best Rummy game experience?

We, at Casino Bonus India, bring to you a list of all the premier online casino sites that offer players with splendid Rummy games online. So don’t miss it! Check out the list today and get started instantly!

Can I earn money from Rummy?

Definitely! Rummy can be played online for real money. It also offers the players with amazing real money rewards and prizes that can be claimed by the player if luck favors him. Good luck!