Teen Patti

Teen Patti


Indian Teen Patti is one of the most renowned Poker games among the Indian gambling community and is very popular in South Asia. Also known as Flash or Flush, Indian Teen Patti is a very simple and fun game to play.

If you are looking forward to learning the Teen Patti game and trying it out online for real money in India, learn the basics properly from our team of professional casino experts. The last thing you want is betting on variations you do not understand.

Beginner’s guide on how to play Indian Teen Patti online

Just like any other Poker games, Teen Patti online starts by making a number of bets. If you are new to the Indian iGaming scenario, then we would suggest that you learn the basic guidelines from the industry experts.

Card ranking

Here, the hand card categories are ranked from high to low. The main aim is to have the three best card hand and maximise the pot before the final showdown.

Hand category Description
Trio (three of a kind/trail) When you get three cards which belong to the same rank. Here, three number 2 cards are deemed as lowest and three Ace cards are ranked as highest.
Straight run (pure sequence ) When you get a hand that has three consecutive cards of a similar suit
Normal run (straight/sequence) When you get a hand which has three consecutive cards which do not belong to the same suit
Colour (flush) When you get a hand that has any three cards of the same suit which are not in a sequential order. A-K-J is the highest flush while 5-3-2 is the lowest flush.
Pair (Two of a kind) When you get a hand that has two cards of similar rank. The one with the highest value between the two pairs wins. 2-2-3 is the lowest pair while A-A-K ios the highest.
High card When you get a hand where the three cards are not in the same rank, neither in the same suit nor in the same sequence. If the players share a common high card, then the next card highest in rank determines the winner. The worst high card hand is 5-3-2 and the best high card hand is an A-K-J of mixed suits.

The betting process

An Indian Teen Patti game initiates by making a pot which is a common stake from each and every player in the game. This is used to determine the minimum bet that is required in the following rounds. Then, a random dealer is chosen who deals three cards to every player in a counter-clockwise manner. The players are not allowed to look at the cards as the are dealt face down. When the dealer has dealt the cards to the players, the player sitting at the left to the dealer places the first bet. If a player is unwilling to place a bet, he can fold and immediately lose all the money that is reserved in the pot. After setting the amount, the first player plays his turn followed by the other players.

Note: If you are a blind player, you are allowed to place a minimum bet of the current stake and a maximum bet that is no more than the double the current stake. For seen players, the minimum bet is double the current stake and the maximum bet is set at four times the current stake.

Further, the game proceeds either forcing players to fold their cards or show them. For the showdown to happen, only two players need to be left in the game Players can have a slideshow with a different player when they have checked their cards or leave the game by folding their hands. With slideshow, a player can ask his previous player to show his hand and he is forced to fold if he has a lower hand card. The player who is asked for the slideshow has the right to refuse the action three times after which he has to show his hand. The game continues until and unless there is one player remaining in the game.

Tips for beginners

Keep in mind that this game is entirely based on bluffing. You have to show the other players that you have a strong card even when your hand is weak. Always start with low bets and then increase it gradually. Study the playing patterns, behaviours and expressions of other players and keep on practising!

Explore Teen Patti today!

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Name: Teen Patti
Author: Soyimyala Amlari
Published Date: 11/06/2019
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