Teen Patti

Teen Patti

India is a land that has a prominent presence of card games in its history and mythology. Everybody knows about the game of Chaucer that was played between the Kauravas and Pandavas. It was the game that led to the epic we now know as Mahabharata. One more card game that has a prolonged history of being played locally in India is Teen Patti. It is one of those rare games that has been passed on from generation to generation. No other indoor games have had the luxury of being passed on to the modern-day like the Teen Patti. The game got a new place to flourish when online casinos began to make its place in India. They knew that Indian Teen Patti is one of the most renowned Poker games among the Indians and is also very popular in South Asia. Such immense popularity proved to be the reason why online casinos straight away included this table game in their gaming list. A list that consisted of other globally famous casino games like Blackjack, Roulette, and Poker.

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Teen Patti is an Indian version of Poker, best-loved by millions of avid gamers across the globe. Well-known for its simple rules and the easy betting process, any beginner can quickly get a hang of this game.

Well, if you are a newbie to the world of online gaming and Teen Patti online captures your attention, then, you can instantly start playing for real money without any apprehensions provided you are thorough with the game rules.

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Did you know? 


Indian Teen Patti is a simple and fun game known by many other variations like Flash, Flush, and Indian Poker.

If you are excited about knowing the legacy of this evergreen game, you are just at the right place! We appreciate that you are looking forward to learning the Teen Patti game and trying it out online for real money. But before you start looking for the game in an online casino, it is highly important to learn the basics properly from our team of professional casino experts and try the game for free to get a grip of it.

Playing the game in the free version will help you understand the moves and learn the game rules thoroughly. Thus, it is important that you look out for online casinos that offer free Teen Patti games in order to get started.

The last thing you will want in betting is betting on a game you do not understand well. So let us start from being a beginner to mastering the game.

Beginner’s guide on how to play Indian Teen Patti online

Teen Patti

Just like any other Poker game, Teen Patti online also starts by the player placing his bets. Placing a bet in an online casino is as easy as placing a bet offline. All you need to do is select the payment method that suits your convenience and then select the amount you want to deposit at the casino. If you have already made the deposit at the casino, you don’t need to go through the aforementioned process. Enter the game and select the amount you want to be debited from your casino account and it will be placed as the main bet. The main bet is the basic bet you need to place before the game can start. However, playing a game without knowing the rules and rankings of the game is nothing more than a waste of your hard-earned money. But don’t worry, learning this simple game won’t take much time. It is wise to try the game for free to get a hang of the game rules and then play for real money. So, let’s get started!

teenpatti comprehensive guide

Hand ranking

There is just one way to win a game of Teen Patti real cash, and that is to defeat the last player on board with the cards that you have. How do you do that?

Players are dealt with three cards at a time. These three cards are called a hand and a hand can be of various ranks. Here, the hand card categories are ranked from high to low. The main aim is to have the three best card hands and maximize the pot before the final showdown.

Hand category Description
Trio (three of a kind/trail) When you get three cards that belong to the same rank. Here, three number 2 cards are deemed as lowest and three Ace cards are ranked as highest.
Straight run (pure sequence ) When you get a hand that has three consecutive cards of a similar suit
Normal run (straight/sequence) When you get a hand which has three consecutive cards which do not belong to the same suit
Color (flush) When you get a hand that has any three cards of the same suit which are not in sequential order. A-K-J is the highest flush while 5-3-2 is the lowest flush.
Pair (Two of a kind) When you get a hand that has two cards of similar rank. The one with the highest value between the two pairs wins. 2-2-3 is the lowest pair while A-A-K ios the highest.
High card When you get a hand where the three cards are not in the same rank, neither in the same suit nor in the same sequence. If the players share a common high card, then the next card highest in rank determines the winner. The worst high card hand is 5-3-2 and the best high card hand is an A-K-J of mixed suits.

The rules you should know before you start playing Teen Patti

  • A standard game of Teen Patti is a single-deck game and has the involvement of all the 52 cards in the game.
  • The value of each card is just as it should be — A-K-Q-J-10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2.
  • Now, since only three cards are dealt with a player, any number of players can play this card game.
  • However, it is better to keep the maximum number of players playing at one board below 8. If the player count is more than that, it affects the gameplay and messes up the game conduction.
  • A player can choose to see and pack up with his cards at any time of the game by paying the minimum stake.
  • The minimum stake must be decided well before starting the game.
  • The cards are dealt one card each until all the players on the board have three-cards each.
  • A blind player is someone who has not seen his dealt cards and is taking a chance on his luck.
  • A seen player is someone who has seen his cards and still wants to continue with placing bets in the game.

The Teen Patti Terminologies

There are several terms that are used specifically in all Teen Patti real cash variations. If you are not aware of these terms, it is likely that you will be going to the Teen Patti like a noobie. Here is a list of terms that are a must-know for any interested Teen Patti player.

  • Chaal (Call) – A bet placed by a seen player is called Chaal.
  • Ante (Boot)- The total amount that the winner takes home at the end of each game is called the Ante.
  • Pack (Fold) – If a player chooses to opt-out of the game willingly, it is called a pack. A player may choose to do so if he feels that his cards are not good enough to fight against the odds.
  • Show – Show is called when the last two players have to reveal their cards to each other.
    • Sideshow – When a seen player asks his adjacent player to show his cards to him by paying double the stake, it is called a sideshow.
  • Pot – Pot is the board on which you place your bets.
  • Pot limit – A player may want to increase the minimum stake of the game according to his cards. The limit up to which he can increase the stake is called the Pot limit. This means that a person cannot place a bet larger than the total size of the pot.
  • Post – Post is a break from the game that lets you leave the game for some time and then join it back from where you left. However, the minimum stake for you will now raise to the minimum stake of the current round.
  • Blind – If you are placing bets without seeing the cards, it is called blind.
  • Seen – If you know what your cards are and then decide to place bets, it is called a seen game.

How to play Teen Patti

Teen Patti

An Indian Teen Patti game initiates by making a pot which is a common stake from each and every player in the game. This is used to determine the minimum bet that is required in the following rounds. Every player should place this bet before the game could begin. Then, a random dealer is chosen who deals three cards to every player in a counter-clockwise manner. The players are not allowed to look at the cards as they are dealt face down. However, a player may see his cards by placing double the minimum bet amount. If a player is unwilling to place a bet, he can fold and immediately lose all the money that is reserved in the pot. When the dealer has dealt the cards to the players, the player sitting at the left to the dealer places the first bet. It is only after the first player’s turn when the other players can start placing their bets.

Note : If you are a blind player, you are allowed to place a minimum bet of the current stake and a maximum bet that is no more than double the current stake. For seen players, the minimum bet is double the current stake and the maximum bet is set at four times the current stake.

The game continues in a similar way until some players start to fold their cards or make other players do a sideshow. A sideshow is a move where one player asks his other seen player to reveal his cards to him only. The one with the higher ranking card stays in the game and the loser has to leave the game forcibly. However, the side player may also want to sideshow his cards according to his wish. Players, in this way, keep folding their hands and the game reaches the final stage.

The showdown

For the showdown to happen, only two players need to be left in the game. Now that there are just two players on board, the two may place bets for as long as they want until one of them decides to pay double the stake and ask the other player to show his cards. Here again, the winner is decided by looking at the higher-ranking hand according to the hand rankings table. If both the players fall under the same category, the winner is decided by looking at the one with higher value cards. There can be two different situations at the end of the game.

  • First – When one player is seen and the other is still playing blind.
  • Second – When both the players have seen their cards.

The second situation has no clauses and the winner is determined by card comparison. However, in the first situation, the seen player can force the blind player by placing a bet four times the original stake. Which means that if you were the seen player in the game and were placing a bet of ₹100 per board. You can now force the other blind player to show his cards by placing a bet of ₹400. In this way, the other person is forced to disclose his cards and the winner is determined by card comparison.

The winner of the game gets all the money in the pot that consists of the bet amount placed by all the players that started the game initially. Although the game might have a small minimum stake, the continuous deposition of bets and double bets contributes to a huge final pot. Hence, a Teen Patti game becomes more beneficial than it initially appears to be.

Strategies to play Teen Patti

Teen Patti

The endless possibilities of all Teen Patti variations are what makes a player search for strategies and tricks to win the game. However, just like any other Poker game, Teen Patti also has a huge winning prize, excitement, twist, and turns, but no strategies. The only thing to keep in mind while playing Teen Patti is to control the thought process when you are dealt with the cards. It is easy to lose control when you see a great set of cards in hand. But Teen Patti is a game where an expression/body language can help other players understand if you are holding a good ranking hand or not. Hence, trying to control your reaction is the key to success here. If you have seen your cards and you know that you have a good set of cards, you must maintain a Poker face and play the game in a way that you stay till the end of the game. This gives you high chances of winning a bigger pot.

Fun Fact : You may come across games where a player with better cards might already be sitting out of the game. Whereas, you may still be playing with a mediocre rank of cards. There is nothing wrong with playing the game with a lower rank card, the trick here is to bluff other players on the board and make them feel that they have no chance in winning.

Tips for beginners

Teen Patti

Any new player should understand the rules and the moves he can make while in the game. A beforehand knowledge of the game variations helps in playing the game more seamlessly. In a card game like Teen Patti, being smooth in your gameplay is very important as it lets you concentrate on hiding your expressions and catching others. Keep in mind that this game is entirely based on bluffing. You have to show the other players that you have a strong card even when your hand is weak. Please do start with low bets and then increase it gradually. Study the playing patterns, behaviours, and expressions of other players and keep on practising! To learn Teen Patti, you need to play Teen Patti daily and only then can you experience why bluffing and maintaining a Poker face is important.

Try Teen Patti today!

Well, that was easy, wasn’t it? If you still have some doubts regarding the gameplay, we would like you to try out the real game from our 100% audited and reliable online casinos. What’s more, we regularly update you with new and daily bonuses and promotions offered by top-notch online casinos on Teen Patti variations so you would not miss any deals! Please do check out our online casino list that features top-class games from secure gaming developers and start your gaming adventure today for real money!

Play Free Teen Patti

Free Teen Patti
What is Teen Patti online?

Teen Patti is a popular card game similar to that of Poker. Players are dealt with three cards at a time. These three cards are called a hand and a hand is classified into various ranks.

How can I win in Teen Patti?

Well, there are numerous strategies a player can apply in order to win in a Teen Patti game. But before you apply any strategy, make sure you acquaint yourself with the basic rules of the game before you play for real money.

Can I play Teen Patti live?

Of course! You can enjoy playing Teen Patti live with live dealers instantly from the comforts of your home without tedious journeying.

What are the different variations of Teen Patti?

Just like other card games, Teen Patti comprise of numerous variations. Hence, it is important to read the game rules thoroughly before you decide to explore the game.

Where can I play the best Teen Patti games?

We, at Casino Bonus India, have handpicked the best online casino sites that offer players with authentic, fair, and super fun Teen Patti variations that are worth exploring. So, watch out!