Are Online casino searches at ‘all-time high’ during a lockdown?

9 June 2020
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coronavirus and casino

The year 2020 has come up with a new obstacle where many industries, including land-based casinos, are facing a sheer drop in their profits due to a new enemy ‘Coronavirus.’ COVID-19 has become one of the biggest threats to people across the globe. As it is spreading at vast speed and killing many people every day, the government of many nations has declared the lockdowns. This deadly virus has impacted many industries, and land-based casinos are no exception. The virus has led to the closure of all land-based casinos across the globe, which also result in economic damage. Search interest in online casinos has hit an all-time high all over the world since the lockdown. Though there is an overall drop in land-based casino gambling, across the online casino industry there has been an increase in players searching alternative options in online casinos and playing online slots, Poker, casino gaming, and virtual sports. Gamblers who cannot go to a casino to play Roulette, cards or slot machines are moving to online casinos as the coronavirus shuts down everything that involves large gatherings. There are many reasons for this surge in online casino activity. Let us dive deeper.

Quarantine life is causing a spike in online activity

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As the virus is keeping hundreds of millions at home, players worldwide have found a new and advanced option to keep themselves busy as well as entertained. As so many are currently under a lockdown or quarantined or under self-isolation to stop the fast-spreading coronavirus, they need some way to relieve the boredom. Other online gambling providers say they are seeing a significant spike in volume and revenue in recent days as well.

Sports betting cancellations, suspensions, and postponed events

People are looking for entertainment, action, and escapism. And, the virus is a serious issue that is causing the cancellation of events worth billions of dollars all around the world. To limit large gatherings of people to stop the spread of the virus, baseball, basketball, hockey, pro soccer, college basketball, and more have all been suspended. This is disrupting people’s lives in so many ways and leaving millions of sports bettors worldwide very disappointed. Hence people are turning to online casino games, like slots, Roulette, cards, and Poker instead. Many online casinos are saying that their games and Poker operations have doubled the rate at which they are adding new customers since the lockdown began.

The shutdown of land-based casinos

Macau, one of the largest gambling cities in the world, has shut all its land-based casinos for a predetermined “self-quarantine” on February 5. In Oregon, the Wildhorse Resort and Casino was closed on March 3 when an employee was found positive for the virus. As more and more people are becoming alert with where they should spend their time, several public places are taking hits, and land-based casinos are being high on that list. Coronavirus has also shut down Sin City, creating a potentially devastating situation for Las Vegas. Furthermore, the huge crowds of both tourists and regulars who come to the luxurious hotels, eager to play for hours in the casinos, and make some money cannot do it anymore. This could also be part of the reason for increased customer activity in online casino and poker products. As they might go online to compensate for physical casino disruption in this upcoming period.

Due to plain right boredom

It is pretty obvious that the more we stay at home, the more time we spend online, looking for something to do. That is also why many thrill-seekers, looking for excitement, are turning to online gaming, simply to get some action, from home. Others do it to escape the monotony of routine, perhaps from the family, or for some nice alone time. Whatever the reason may be for you to play, do note that it is important to do so reasonably and responsibly, at all times regardless of the chaos happening outdoors. Some limitations to betting sizes, wagering amounts, and hours spent online should be put in place.

Online Casino thriving during the pandemic

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For casino lovers, one of the safest alternatives in today’s situation is playing it online. Due to the spread of Coronavirus, the online gambling industry has become more appealing to casino enthusiasts. This is because regardless of which country or place you reside, you can enjoy sports betting, online lotteries, and online casino gaming without any hassle. The online casinos stand to attract millions of people to sit in their homes during the lockdown and enjoy gambling. You can find hundreds of online casino sites that offer instant play gaming platforms where you do not need to download any software to play casino. One of the significant benefits of online casinos is that you will get the RTP’s and payout percentages that are much higher on games like video poker and slot machines at online casinos as compared to land-based casinos. Therefore, to get the maximum winning opportunities and play-time, playing at casino sites offer a great blend of games with higher than average paybacks. Online casinos also have lots of other advantages. For example, you can access it 24/7 from your smartphone, tablet, or PC.

Safety from the threat

In today’s corona crisis, this is a major plus for casino enthusiasts. According to an issued advisory by WHO, Novel coronavirus COVID-19 spreads quickly at public places when people gather in large numbers. Therefore, people are completely avoiding visiting land-based casinos to prevent falling victim to this epidemic. You do not have to worry about catching the virus by going out in the public or large gatherings as you can play from the safety and security of your room. Even some online gambling providers stated that they are seeking a significant increase in the volume of players and their revenue these days. With online casinos, people are enjoying their favorite casino games on different online platforms.

Wrapping up

The increasing use of smartphones and digitization has made it possible and easy for casino enthusiasts to enjoy playing casinos online at their homes. With many countries reeling under the deadly spread of Covid19, the use of virtual technology in online casinos has made playing casino games easy for people in different corners around the world. This deadly virus has left the global economy in a state of distress, and this is the reason land-based casinos are introducing their services online that can be enjoyed by many people daily. There is no need to panic or miss out on your favorite activities, you have to stay calm, wash your hands frequently, maintain social distancing, avoid touching your face and play casino online from the comfort of your home!

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