Are slot games popular in India?

27 April 2020
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Since time immemorial, gambling has been one of the most popular passions of people around the globe. The face of gambling might have changed or evolved but the concept and popularity remain the same. Most countries around the world participate in gambling of some sort, and India is no exception. Gambling is an integral part of the cultural and social life in India just as much as it is in Europe and America. The different forms of gambling, as well as the different games available, are becoming more and more popular with the advent and evolution of technology in India as well. Playing casino online has seen a huge increase in the past decade and we know for sure that it is only going upwards from here. However some games seem to have an upper hand in popularity among the Indian players, slots being one of them. Online slots have a perennial appeal because they tick all the positive casino game boxes while avoiding many of the downsides. There is a huge abundance of choice at all online casino sites, providing a stimulating, but a chilled experience for players. Added to that, the convenience, ease of play, and huge variety make for a game that continues to compel and engage casino players all over the world.

The reasons behind the popularity of slots are not very difficult to fathom. Some of them are as under:

Quality of games

Thanks to the high competition in the online space, developers are working hard to upgrade the quality of their games continuously. The role of technology is contributing significantly to this up-gradation process. And the type of upgraded slots available is lucrative to the Indian diaspora of players.

Race against time

The slot machines became an instant hit with players. In recent years with hundreds of slot developers, there are countless slots to choose from. Slot providers create games almost daily, so the global slot club contains perhaps millions of titles. Today, the slots category is considered one of the most played ones.

The convenience of online slots

Another one of the chief reasons for the immense popularity of slots among the Indian players is the convenience that the online slots offer. Classic slots and video slots can be enjoyed from the comfort of the player’s living room. The players can lie back in their armchair and have a spin on their favourite device. Speaking of which, nowadays most online slots are developed on the advanced HTML5 cross-platform. That means that the players can access them on their smartphone and tablet equally smoothly as on their PC. Back in the day, there were only desktop versions of online slots. This transition to portable devices shifted the way Indian gamblers looked at these slot games.

Diversity of games

diversity of games

Indians are the greatest example of diversity. They love variety and diversity in everything. And among the games available on online casinos, slots are the most creative kind in the world. Compared to others, for instance, slots boast unrivalled graphics and unique characters. When making slots, creators are given plenty of room to experiment. Therefore, with each release, you can see something ever seen before. Indians generally like aesthetically appealing objects and slots are usually stunning. A world of dozens of themes and vivid colours are always just a click away. When entering an online casino, players do not have to walk around searching for the perfect slot. From fantasy to history and even branded releases, slots are incredibly diverse. There are hundreds of themes to pick from, and it is the player who calls the shots. And if the player is not sure where to start, they can consult casino expert sites. In essence, slots come in just several different gameplay types. They indeed vary in the number of reels and lines but are intrinsically similar. It is in the fascinating graphics and themes that some online slots stand out.

Play for free

The power of online casinos is so great that it can afford to offer slots for free. If someone is aiming to master playing slots, they can practise in free-play mode. And many players in India always want to test the games first before waging the money, this is a great option. Demo slots are risk-free and a harmless way to exercise the slot skills.

Slot-specific bonuses

slot specific bonuses

Slots, as the most numerous class, are featured in a large number of special casino offers. These exclusive promotions motivate the Indian players to keep playing, as they can easily gain extra credit by playing what they like most. When you take a look at the average casino welcome bonus offer, you may find that it is pretty likely to include some free spins on one or more of the most popular slot games in the library. This popular introductory offer means that many players have their first casino experience on the slot games. Even a slot newbie cannot fail to be drawn in by the bright lights, cool soundtrack and impressive graphics. This is psychologically very appealing, as demonstrated by the unerring desire of players to buy lottery tickets. Progressive jackpot games offer an engaging alternative to buying a lottery ticket, combining the possibility of gaining something along with the fun and engagement of playing a game.

Ease of play

The principle behind every slot machine either physical or virtual, is very simple. In short, there is no manual that the player needs to study before playing online slots. You have to simply find the one what works for you and click on the spin button. Those are the only guidelines you will need for playing online slots. Unlike poker, which often requires years of study and dedication, slots have no complicated rules to learn or skills to acquire. Most Indian players who join online casinos are looking for some fun, without too much brain tax. Slots fit the bill perfectly, and players can even multitask while spinning the reels. People in India love to multitask as they are busy these days, and slots present an ideal opportunity to relax, have a fun game, without having to give undivided attention to the screen. Slot games even fit into a busy working day, taking the boredom out of long commutes.

Affordability of playing

Poker tournament

It is out of the majority’s price range to find buy-ins to big poker tournaments, even if you assume you can play with the big shots. Slots are the most democratic of online casino games, both in terms of skill and bankroll. To prolong the fun without risking too much, almost every online slot will allow very small minimum wagers for each spin. Hence this becomes lucrative for the average Indian’s pocket who looks not to invest more at first.

Different types of slots to play online

online slot

Online slot games come with numerous variations and they are easy to understand and play for real money. Since there are plenty of online slot games to choose from, it depends on the choice of the player in which he wants to try his luck. 5 popular slots variants are:

3-reel slots – 3-reel slots are smaller slot machines with a classic design. These slots are often less sophisticated than their 5-reel counterparts and simpler to play without many bonus features. Fruit machine slots often only have 3 reels with as low as 1 payline for the simplest games.

5-reel slots – The 5-reel variety is a popular and more sophisticated slot variety and you can find the simplest of online casino games or the most advanced video slots with 5 reels. The 5-reel slots allow for more pay lines and along with that, more prize-winning opportunities.

Video slots – Video slots are attractive slots online that feature animation and video footage as part of the game. These slots are sometimes based on themes from movies or TV series and have fantastic graphics and realistic imagery. They are also sophisticated in terms of bonus features, offering tiered bonus rounds, wilds, scatters and other features.

Progressive slots – Progressive slots feature a progressive jackpot, which increases slowly over time, as more players bet across the network of linked slots. Some progressive jackpots are triggered at random, while others require a certain combination of symbols or a bonus feature to trigger the prize.

Multi-payline slots – Multi-payline slots have many paylines, from 3 or 5 to hundreds or even thousands. The paylines can run horizontally, diagonally or even zig-zag across the screen. These online slot machines give many more ways to win and offer more opportunities for exciting combinations.

Some of the popular slots among Indian players

Temple Tumble Megaways – This slot is produced by Relax Gaming, a reputable and leading game provider which not only means the highest quality but also that you will find their games in almost every online casino you choose to play in.

Book of Dead – One of the most popular slot games for the last few years from top provider Play’N Go.

Fire Joker – Another great game from Play’N Go, with visuals reminding of classic slot games in a land-based casino.

Caribbean Anne – Coming from Kalamba Games, this is a fairly new game which has gained popularity quickly across the world but especially in India. This a game for real gamers, with its several special features and 4 different progressive jackpots.

Starburst – We saved the best for last with this all-time classic from NetEnt. This game is extremely popular in India and the top 3 performing games on every casino out there and it is not for no reason. This slot is perfectly designed to keep you entertained with its many features, yet the game is as simple to understand as can be.

To conclude

The slot machines represent a great incentive for the Indian gamblers, their popularity, their music, the graphics interface, and simplicity, makes it the first choice among gambling fans in India, since it does not require great experience to play them, anyone can have fun and earn money without even knowing the rules or without having skills. The great prizes and the variants of Video Poker and progressive jackpots are an incentive that has guaranteed the support of hundreds of fans around the country.

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