Coronavirus Outbreak: Safer Gambling More Important Than Ever

3 May 2021
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CoronavirusThe Coronavirus Disease of 2019 (COVID-19) is the worst pandemic that the humankind has to suffer in our 20 years of history. For governments around the world, it is becoming difficult to contain the spread of the virus. As the cases continue to increase, the wrath of COVID-19 doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon. This uncertain phase has brought a series of difficulties for numerous people around the world.

Unemployment is at its peak and financial crisis has consumed even those who were financially stable before the pandemic. This clubbed with panic and fear of the disease, has made stress a prominent part of everyone’s life. Under these circumstances, the concerns for people associating with addictive behaviors have increased. Since many of us are stuck at home for the past 5 months, it has developed irritability and more dependence on the online world. And with online gambling being a thing, gamblers have their paradise right at their disposal.

Before the spread of the COVID-19, the focus was more on casinos and gambling events where they can visit to gamble. Even sports betting was a thing with a majority of people illegally taking part in such activities. However, the nationwide lockdown has forced the gamblers to sit at their home and focus on finding online ways which are much worse. With online gambling, you don’t actually see your money going. This makes the transaction seem less impactful to your bank account. This keeps going till a point where you realize that you have lost everything.

Online Casinos in IndiaA simple Google search for online casinos in India will give you a clear picture of how many options are being made available to gamblers. Casinos and various other gambling companies have realized that online gambling is the way forward. In these trying times when people aren’t allowed to leave, online gambling would do the job for them and maintain a constant flow of funds. The problem is, although there are certain restrictions to these companies, they aren’t strictly bounded by the authorities. However, despite this, there has been a significant drop in online gambling.

So what’s the problem?

More susceptible gamblers who are on the verge of developing an addiction or are currently in recovery can be more prone to online gambling. They can spend more time and money on such activities under such circumstances. The reason why it becomes the joint responsibility of both gamblers and the companies to follow a sensible path. For the companies, they should promote and must advertise responsibly. They too have social responsibilities and must work towards promoting safer gambling, especially during times when they know that the users are not managing their behavior responsibly.

Online GamblingOnline gambling companies should also keep safer gambling tools handy so that these are accessible, visible, and easy to use for their users. The companies should also monitor their customer’s gambling behavior and, if possible, intervene to those who are at risk of gambling addiction. Reducing the deposit limit or advertisement restrictions do more harm than good. This will shift the customer from a licensed, authentic online gambling portal to an unlicensed one making them more prone to fraudulent activities. Regulations should always be what works well for the customer, and what looks good.

For the users as well, it is important to invest responsibly in gambling. We live in a time where everything is uncertain. Thousands of people have lost their jobs in a matter of a few months. Many are on the verge of being terminated from their jobs. These are difficult times for everyone and financial planning has become important than ever. Wasting your money on something as trivial as gambling is not the wisest decision. Instead, focus on investing your money somewhere. Still, if you do want to try gambling, it is advisable to always be smart and responsible.

When choosing the website for your online gambling venture, take your time and check around if the company is authentic and licensed. Remember, all that glitters is not gold. Fishy and fraudulent websites are designed in the best way possible and have lucrative offers to attract more customers. Do your research and choose wisely.

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