How to deposit into Bet365 from India? (Step by Step)

16 March 2020
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India has recently been a major attraction of the online casinos. I remember a time when I used to travel to Goa to play a game of casino. Sadly, a game of my choice was not guaranteed after putting in so much effort in reaching the place. Goa was not just my go-to place for gambling. It was the only place that allowed gambling in India and people from all over the country and abroad visited the place. Then came a time when online casinos were finding an audience on the internet. Finding an audience in those times was not that easy as not many casinos knew about the option of betting online. Times have now changed. Both for the online casinos as well as the Indian players. There are innumerable casinos standing in a queue to set their base in India because of the huge population and the abundance of opportunity.

One such casino that had already set its roots strong in the world was Bet365. Thankfully, Bet365 also serves in India. It provides several games to try and accepts payments in Indian Rupees. To the ones who don’t understand the importance of being able to gamble in INR, let me enlighten you with it. I have been playing at online casinos for 3-4 years now. Every time I would want to play a game, I will have to first convert my Indian Rupees into dollars or pounds for the casino to accept my payment. The conversion charge has always been an extra charge on my net wins and losses at the casino. Now that Indian Rupees casino like Bet365 is here in India, the extra money is saved.

Yes, so Bet365 accepts payments in Indian Rupees and you can make your transactions via several convenient payment options. The casino knows how to win the hearts of its players and therefore, provides a plethora of hassle-free payment methods for the Indian casino enthusiasts. Being an experienced casino player at Bet365, I am here to guide you with a step by step process of how you can make a deposit via various payment options at Bet365 in India.

Prepaid cards

prepaid cards

Before we get into the steps, let us first see what is a prepaid card. We are all familiar with the concept of payments by cards. We have been using debit cards for quite some time now. Prepaid cards are a little different from what we see in debit/credit cards. Prepaid card is a company generated card which needs to be recharged from your bank via any transfer method.

Now as you have recharged your card, you can make a payment to any receiver without revealing your bank details. This makes Prepaid cards a safer and faster mode of transaction. You can use this card just like any other debit card but you have to keep it recharged for having a hassle-free payment experience.

Bet365 basically supports two types of Prepaid cards – AstroPay Card and Paysafecard. Both card options are available in the drop-down menu of payment options on the site.

No matter which prepaid card we select for, we are given the same options to fill in.

  1. The first option is to enter your card number. The card number is usually inscribed on your card’s front face.
  2. It will now ask for further card details like the Expiry date and CVV number. Just like debit cards, these two numbers are written on the back of the card.
  3. The next option is where you can enter the amount you want to deposit. The minimum deposit amount is set by the casino at ₹600.
  4. The last two options are where the casino shows its responsibility. The casino provides a mandatory field where you have to choose the deposit limit time frame and the deposit limit.
    The deposit limit time frame is the duration for which your deposit limit will be valid. Suppose if you choose a time frame of 7 days, the deposit limit you will further choose will be valid for the next 7 days. If you have selected a deposit limit of ₹5,000 you will not be able to deposit more than ₹5,000 in a total of 7 days.
  5. After making all these important choices and providing the necessary details, you can now click on ‘Deposit’ to make the payment.



E-wallets are the new mode of payment all over India. This mode of payment is being promoted even by the Government of India under the Digital India Campaign. Therefore, the availability of such a payment option in the casino is nothing less than a boon for Indian gamblers.

Electronic wallets, or as they are commonly called E-wallets, are usually mobile apps that work as a wallet. You take money from the bank and keep it in your wallet. However, the difference being that the money you are taking out of your bank account is not in the form of cash. It is in the form of digital money and therefore, is easier to transfer. Moreover, since we do not reveal the bank details and no verification is needed from the bank’s end, the process is instant and safe. Depositing with an E-wallet at Bet365 is kept free of extra charges is usually done in seconds.

The E-wallets accepted by Bet365 are Neteller, Skrill and Skrill 1-Tap. Neteller and Skrill are the two most used E-wallets in the world and Skrill 1-tap is another branch of Skrill. The payment process of all these options is similar. So let us get into it right away.

  1. After you have chosen Neteller or Skrill/Skrill 1-Tap as your payment options, the page will ask you for a few personal details. By providing the Account ID/Email to the casino, you can link your wallet with the casino account. This will enable you to deposit even faster when you are here the next time.
  2. The second field asks for your account authentication code that you receive at the time of creating your wallet.
  3. Enter the money you want to deposit in Indian Rupees and set limits to finally proceed with the ‘Deposit’ button.
  4. The money will now automatically be debited from your wallet and added to your Bet365 account. This whole transaction should usually not take more than a few methods.

Credit/Debit cards

credit and debit cards

Credit/Debit cards are the most used payment modes of the world. It has stayed this way for a long time now. I myself have been using cards for payments ever since I opened my first bank account. Cards are easy to carry and don’t require long details of your bank account. Just swipe at the counter, enter your pin and the payment is done.

Except for a few casino-specific options, paying via a credit/debit card at an online casino is just like paying at any other online shopping site. Here are the steps.

  1. Enter the first few digits of your card and Bet365 will detect what type of card are you using for the payment. Whether it is a VISA or MasterCard or Maestro Card.
  2. The next option asks for the name of the cardholder that should be given exactly as on the card. Online casinos may someday want to verify if you are using an authentic account. So it is better to be precise from our own end.
  3. If you are using a credit card, you will be asked for the Start and the Expiry date. In case of a debit card, feed in the expiry date to continue with the form.
  4. Now you are left with just a few other details before you can make a deposit from your card. The deposit form further asks for your issue number that you get at the time of issuing your card and your card security number that you find at the end of your signature strip. Please note that unless you provide these details, no deposit can be made.
  5. Enter your deposit amount, set the limits and your deposit should be processed within a day.

Credit/debit cards are also a great option for casino transactions because although the money you are transferring here is directly deducted from your bank account, there are other parties involved. The other party is a payment gateway that asks the bank for the payment and then transfers it to the receiver. Therefore, neither the bank nor the casino gets to contact each other directly.



The fourth and the last mode of payment available for Indian Bet365 players is via Cheque. I know that cheques have become out of trend and no one likes to use them anymore. The fact that they are a verified way of transaction makes them one of the most secure modes of transaction. Bet365 accepts payments in all types of cheques – cashier cheques, bank drafts, money orders, and even personal cheques.

All you need to do to make a payment via cheque is to send your order to the following address:

Reference: Bet365 Official Site
C/O Hillside (Shared Services) Limited T/A bet365

Internal Adult Department,

Bet365 House,

Media Way,

Stoke on Trent,

ST1 5SZ, United Kingdom

The user is asked to mandatorily send the cheque with their name, user ID and address written at the back of it.

However, this is not a mode of payment most people would like to choose now. I used this option only once in my whole casino journey and it took almost a week for the money to be deposited. Even that is quick as most personal cheques take a time of 28 days to reflect in your casino account.

The final step

After you have chosen your preferred deposit method at Bet365 you don’t have to fill up any form ever again. The casino stores your preferences and keeps them ready for you to use it in no time. To make deposits the next time, follow these simple steps:

  1. Log-in to your casino account from your mobile/computer devices.
  2. Look for the deposit option that you will find near your account name.
  3. Clicking on ‘deposit’ will take you to a page showcasing several payment options that you have used. The same page will also have payment options that you haven’t used yet. If you want to make a deposit via a new deposit, you will have to enter the details as explained above.
  4. If you click on your previously used method, you will be directed to the page where you get the option to fill the deposit amount.
  5. Fill the amount and without any hassle, the amount will be deposited to your casino account. You can now use the deposit to place bets at your favorite live casino games at Bet365.


Bet365 hosts some of the finest online casino games developed by the top-notch casino gaming providers that I could find on the internet. So, gear up, fill in the form and follow the simple process to make your deposits and kick start your iGaming adventure right away!

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