How to open an account on bet365 from India (Step by Step)

9 March 2020
Reading Time: 6 minutes

What do you imagine when you think of a great online casino? Bonuses, the best games, 24/7 customer support, high-payout, security of your data and easy transactions. All these things are the elements that make a great online casino. bet365 is one such online casino that ticks all those boxes with full accuracy. From providing sign-up and weekly bonuses to supporting Indian-specific payment options, the casino has it all. It is one of the few online firms that has successfully transitioned from a fully functional sports betting site to an online casino. It offers betting options on a super-wide range of sports and also now allows you to gamble on your favorite casino games, all in the best version available – Live. The live streaming and live betting option adds up to the uniqueness of this gambling platform and makes it a must-try for the casino lovers.

If you too are an avid casino lover, you might be intrigued by the features and services you just read about the casino. So, if you haven’t already been there, here is a step-by-step guide on how to open your account at bet365. This will enable you to unlock all the amazing amenities provided by this efficient online casino.

  1. Open the casino site on your browser

Obviously, the first step to joining any casino is to type the URL of the casino on your browser. Make sure you have a working internet connection before typing the URL. The casino’s URL is, which takes you to the homepage of the casino. Here you can find an unlimited number of options to look at like sports betting options, betting odds of all the games, In-Play games and their bets, live streaming, and the casino section. However, to get full access to any of the options you will have to create an account with the betting site.

You can also open the site on your mobile by typing the same URL on your mobile browser. The casino makes 100% of all its amenities available to the mobile casino as well.

  1. Find the option to join
Join now

Among the immeasurable options present on the screen, lies the key to accessing all its features. In the top right corner of the site, under the ‘Username’ box (if you have opened it on a computer), is the ‘Join Now’ option that directs you to the sign-up page of the site.


  1. Fill in the necessary details
necessary details

Clicking on ‘Join Now’ should open a new window of the browser you are using on your computer device. Now is the major part of signing up with the casino/sports betting site. The window that opens on your device, has a number of important fields that must be filled with utmost care since the details are verified later. Moreover, the details might later be asked again if you choose to close your account or take a break from gambling. Therefore, we provide an in-depth description of all the fields so that you are crystal clear about the information you are providing the casino.

  • Country of residence – Here you need to select the country you are trying to create an account from. If your country name is not present in the provided list, it means that the site access is not legal, discontinued or banned in that country. Thankfully, Indian players will be able to find the country name on that list.
  • Personal Information – Here you will be asked for your official name, as in your ID proof. Make sure you enter your first name and surname in the right order as they might be asked for verification along with your id-proof. Trying to keep a fancy name at the game will not be a good choice if you really take casino gambling seriously.

You will also be asked to feed in your Date of Birth. This is needed by the casino to confirm that you are above the legal age of gambling in your country. If the casino enrolls an under-age player, it can create problems both for the casino as well as the player. Therefore, fill the exact DOB to avoid any inconvenience.

  • Contact Information – Next comes the contact information. The casino might need and want to contact you through various mediums like the Email Address and Contact Number. These contact details are taken to contact you for any direct interaction with the casino/sportsbook. You can choose to receive notifications on your contact mediums about the new and exciting offers. You can also choose if you want to receive the offer details on your phone as a text message, an email or just a notification.

Being updated with the offers can help you grab a great opportunity of playing games for a discount or win a bonus, which you otherwise would have missed.

  • Address details – The casino is regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), which is one of the biggest gambling authorities in the world. These regulations make it mandatory for bet365 to ask for your address details, just as on your legal address proofs.
  • Login credentials – It is no more required now to provide your details to the casino. You can create a username and set the password for your account. Your username could be anything but should be unique. Whereas the password can be anything but it depends on the player of how secure he wants to keep his account. A strong, complicated, specific password is hard to crack and adds a level of security to your login credentials and keeps it safe.
  • Security number – This is a number you are required to fill in and remember for later use. The security number is asked every time you contact the customer support for the casino to know that it is you, the real owner of the account, who is trying to contact them. This number might also be needed when you decide to close your account or take a break from the gambling site. Therefore, it is highly important to keep a unique security number and remember till you are associated with the account.
  • Preferences – bet365 apart from being a casino, is also a sports betting site, and hence, provides odds for the sports you want to bet. You can choose to see the odds in a format that suits you – decimal, fractional, American. You will also find an option to enter a bonus code (if you have one). The bonus code might activate some kind of bonus or offer for you according to the offer at the current time.
  1. Read the terms and conditions
Terms and Conditions

Casinos have several rules and regulations to follow, privacy policies, terms and conditions before providing their services. Therefore, it is important to go through all the terms and conditions before you click on the ‘Join’ button. This will keep you informed about the functionality of how your information will be kept and used for a smooth gaming experience.

  1. Join now!
Join last

Once you have completed with all the steps, you don’t have to wait anymore. Tick on the box next to “I am at least 18 years of age….” and click on Join bet365. Your account is created!

Bet365 also has a dedicated mobile app that can be downloaded in both Android and iOS devices from their respective app stores. You can also create your account from the app with the same process. However, the layout is different as it is a mobile app, not the casino site. If you are unable to find the app on your app store, you can find the app link from the browser site as well.

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