Most Popular Game Shows available in India

11 August 2021
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The online casino business is fiercely demanding, with potential concepts being developed on a regular basis by suppliers and developers. If we talk about live casinos, they have progressed from a minimal number of table games to the vast array of titles available today.

Those searching for a fun gaming experience that requires no special abilities can choose from a variety of live casino game shows. Game shows are now a separate sub-genre at numerous live casinos. Not only will they keep you engaged for a lengthy period, but they also have the potential to pay out some huge rewards. It’s all about chance when it comes to playing live casino game shows. You don’t need to learn any methods; all you need to worry about is your budget. Managing your bankroll and changing your stake should be your top priorities so that you can compete in as many rounds as feasible.

If you have ever imagined what it is to be a contestant on a game show you have seen on TV, now is your chance to find out. They are made to appeal to a wide range of gamers, so you will have no trouble finding something to your taste. Continue reading to discover more about live casino game shows and to peruse our in-depth evaluations of the industry’s most recognised titles.

Popular live casino titles based on game shows available in India

There are various live casino game shows currently available in the industry. Every title has its own unique feature and is distinct from the others. Join in and pick a game that appeals to you. Here are a few popular titles detailed for you:

  • Live Lightning Roulette

Live-Lightning-RouletteLive Lightning Roulette is powered by Evolution Gaming and has won several accolades for its uniqueness. The fundamental European roulette rules are used in this game, but they also have an interesting twist. Here you will discover a combination of RNG-multiplier functions and live roulette. Additionally, each gaming round can create 5 different wheel numbers with varying multipliers.

This enhanced Live Roulette game comes with increased payouts and an enthralling user interface, showcasing the developer’s (Evolution) dedication to innovation, which has helped them achieve and maintain the number one live casino producer position.

  • Live Dream Catcher

Live-Dream-CatcherLive Dream Catcher is a live dealer money wheel game. It plays solely on the Evolution platform. The game is entertaining and simple to play. You will be able to watch the action unfold in high definition. You may also see it from a variety of angles.

The live dealer spins the wheel in the studio where the game is conducted. The wheel is made up of 54 colourful segments, 52 of which have numbers on them. The last two parts are multipliers. Those multiplier segments provide you with the opportunity to multiply your investment and win large sums of money.


MONOPOLYMonopoly Live is unquestionably an entertaining, recreational activity for family and friends in India. Monopoly Live is yet another Evolution game show centred on the money wheel, created in collaboration with Hasbro. The game’s main aim is the same as it was in Dream Catcher. The suspense that grows while you play increases the game’s thrill, and you have a good possibility of earning a few additional rupees. There are also other parts on the wheel, such as 2 Rolls and Chance, where you may win prize money, multipliers, or entry to a 3D bonus round. The bonus game allows you to join Mr Monopoly in his AR-3D environment and travel over the board to earn extra prizes and multipliers. This is Monopoly Live’s most popular feature.

This game’s creators have been fine-tuning its brand to make it superior to the bulk of other live games available on the market. They have done it before, and they have done it again with this game and the player’s financial advantage in mind.

  • Deal or No Deal Live

Deal-or-No-Deal-LiveEvolution Gaming takes it a step further by infusing the Deal or No Deal live game with the original show’s excitement. This one is a live rendition of the famous television show that premiered in the United States in 2005. This thrilling game has now spread around the world, even in India, where it is known as Deal Ya No Deal. This version claims that it will make you an immediate game show player, and you can have the chance to gain a variety of prizes. This game advertises itself as the world’s first 24-hour online game show. What began as a television show has grown into a global phenomenon, with this live casino game inspired by the well-known brand.

Deal or No Deal live is unique among live dealer games in a number of ways. To begin, you must be eligible for the main game prior to entering. When you do qualify, you will receive a prize, but it may be rather modest. Additionally, the game contains no cards or tables and is the only live game in which you will never hear or see the mystery banker. This live game is a perfect blend of luck and skill. Because there is no way to know which boxes contain valuable rewards, selecting a valuable box is entirely dependent on chance. However, your skilled response to the banker’s offer will significantly impact the game’s result and the value of your reward.

  • Live Mega Ball

Live-Mega-BallLive Mega Ball is another excellent Evolution casino game. It is perfect for lottery or keno fans! 51 numbered balls whirl about, and the winning number series is revealed by selecting 20 of them. There’s a lot of money to be won here, with the top prize being a whopping 10,00,000 times your bet. It is simple to play and provides a lot of entertainment.


  • Crazy Time

Crazy-TimeCrazy Time is Evolution’s Dream Catcher’s third variant. When you engage in Crazy Time, you can trigger one of four distinct bonus games, each of which offers the possibility of large multipliers and massive winnings. Evolution Gaming has produced a really enjoyable and enjoyable game. You may easily spend hours playing this game due to the abundance of action.

This extremely engaging and entertaining game is rapidly gaining popularity among Indian casino players. This is mostly due to its massive victory potential, which Evolution Gaming has enhanced. The biggest feature of Crazy Town is its sophisticated random number generator gaming and live performances, which make the entire experience enjoyable and exciting. You may play Crazy Time Casino at any live casino that allows players from India.

The guidelines for live game shows

Evolution Gaming is without a doubt one of the most well-known live casino game providers in the gaming business. Since the company’s inception in 2017, it has been committed to delivering its consumers with action-packed and entertaining games. Before you start playing, you should familiarise yourself with the laws and regulations of each game since they may vary. However, there is no need to be alarmed because the rules are simple to comprehend, and there is also a game show host who will follow you throughout your playtime.

Each day, live casino games gain in popularity across the world. Due to its growing popularity, there has been a rise in new releases that have garnered praise in casino rooms worldwide. These latest colourful games place you in the pilot’s seat, where there’s plenty of action, just like on live television where game hosts invite you to play their unique games, in turn racing your pulses. If you are a fan of television game shows, there’s no way you won’t have a good time trying your luck at the above-mentioned live casino games.

How are these live game shows conducted?

Every game does have its unique style, layout, and regulations, along with at least a single game show presenter, much like the game shows on tv. They only accept bets commencing from €0.10, which is ideal for gamblers on a tight budget. High rollers will not be disappointed because these games offer bets close to €5,000.

These live casino game shows are hosted by live hosts and take place in luxury designed live studios. They will have you engaged while properly running the game. The game takes place in real-time and is transmitted from numerous viewpoints through HD cameras. Whether you take part in a live casino game show via computer or smartphone, you are sure to get high-quality graphics and crystal-clear audio.

The nicest part about live casino game shows is that they frequently include huge prize pools. When participating in a game show, your major focus should be how much you will wager every round, as opposed to skill-based games where your abilities and movements matter. It all boils down to chance when it comes to winning these games. However, you should familiarise yourself with these games prior to investing your funds in them. However, these games are not available to play for free.

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