Most Popular Live casino games in India 2021

28 July 2021
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Most Popular Live casino games in India 2021

With an increasing number of live casino games available, it’s a wilderness for players who have never visited an online casino before while exploring the various live casino games. Live casino table games have increased in popularity over the years in India, as people’s smartphones have improved their internet access and incorporated more data.

Not long ago, it was impossible to have a live casino game for Indian players with a feed to watch, due to poor internet connections or the lack of smartphones. However, this has undergone a dramatic transformation, and live casino games are now more prominent than before, with an increasing number of games featuring a live dealer.

A live casino integrates the advantages of a traditional casino with the convenience of internet gaming. As a result, virtual live casinos are quickly emerging as one of the top popular options for Indian gamers. While an RNG is used in a traditional online casino, a real dealer is present in a live casino online.

You can enjoy games like blackjack or roulette or traditional Indian games like Teen Patti at an online live casino, where a real dealer will be in a studio spinning the wheel or dealing cards to the players. Players may now have a realistic gameplay experience without ever needing to leave their residences.

Furthermore, while you engage at a live casino in India, you will not miss any action because all of the actions will take place right in front of your eyes. A live casino, like a real casino, performs all of the appropriate processes. The dealers have no knowledge what cards you’ll be dealing with, and also the participants have no clue what cards they will be given. A live casino is comparable to a real casino in that it allows you to play whenever and wherever you choose.

You may want to discover what live games are perhaps the most popular in India if you are a new player. People who have previously played at online casinos in India know what they enjoy and what they are looking for while browsing at any casino. However, for novice casino players in India, below is a list of the five most popular live casino games:

  • Blackjack


Since the earliest live table games were added to internet casinos, roulette and blackjack have been the most prominent ones. If an online casino offers live games, then you can bet that these games will be among them.

The goal of Blackjack is to gather cards that have a value of 21 or near to it. Going beyond 21, on the other hand, signifies you are busted and are out of the game. Simultaneously, beating the dealer, which means earning more points than the dealer, is more essential. In addition, the dealer is attempting to gather cards with a worth of 21 or near to it. When none of you earns a blackjack, the one who gets closest to 21 while keeping below that figure wins.

  • Roulette

Roulette ranks quite high among the popular live casino games among Indian players because of its thrill and excitement. The players do not have to do anything except place their bets and watch as the dealer spins the wheel and pray to the heavens to roll the white ball into the pit which can win them money!

In many respects, roulette resembles an immediate lottery. You have a set of numbers, you pick which ones to bet (if you wish to use numbers), and the small white ball settles on one of them. You will know whether you have won or lost immediately.

  • Teen Patti

Teen PattiTeen Patti is a famous Indian card game that has grown in terms of popularity recently. Teen Patti has long been a popular card game in India, and as more online casinos add it to their live games collection, the popularity of this Indian card game will only rise.

If you have never played Teen Patti online, it is recommended giving this Indian take on the Three Card Brag a try. Teen Patti literally translates to “three cards,” and this is a three-card poker variant.

  • Andar Bahar
Andar Bahar

Andar Bahar is always competing with Teen Patti for the title of India’s most popular card game. Andar Bahar has been introduced to the live games catalogue of an increasing number of online casinos. So, if you join a live casino that accommodates Indian clients, you can be sure to discover a live game of Andar Bahar.

This is a very basic card game in which you wager on whether Andar or left or Bahar or right would obtain the centre card first. Till one of them reaches the middle, the dealer gives out cards for Andar as well as Bahar. This is the simplest basic card game available at any live or online casino in that case, and each round can include an infinite number of participants.

  • Baccarat

baccaratIt is not as well-known as Blackjack or Roulette. However, it is still regarded as a casino favourite. Traditional Baccarat, also known as Punto Banco, is a fascinating and simple to learn game that is gaining in popularity and becoming recognised worldwide! It is critical to forecast whether the hand nearest to 9 will be delivered to the player or the banker in each round.

Among the various versions of Baccarat, Speed Baccarat live is the fastest option. Although a game of Baccarat live normally lasts about a min, the Speed Baccarat live version significantly extends the laps! Each round of play takes about 30 seconds, and every second is packed with tension!

What is the best way to start playing live casino games in India?

To begin playing live casino in India, just undertake these simple steps:

  • Choose your casino.
  • Join one of the reliable and trustworthy online live casinos out there.
  • Register at the casino.
  • Make a deposit and check out the welcome bonus.
  • Go to the section where you may play live casino games.
  • Go to the live area and pick your favourite game.
  • Choose your preferred game and start playing following the instructions.

The main reasons for live casinos’ popularity In India are as follows:

  • Convenience

The opportunity to play games without disrupting predefined schedules is provided by the live gaming platform, which is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You may play live games at any moment of day or evening, saving time and money by not having to drive to a land-based casino. With live online games, you’ll have instant access to matching and table options.

  • Table Limits: Low And High

It is usually advised to play real money games rationally and wisely after determining whether or not you can handle the stake level. Almost all live games are offered with various staking options and limitations at live casinos.

  • A wide range of games

All Indian players at live casinos have a lot of options. Conventional games as well as the most recent releases in the gaming business are available. The casino lobby is continually upgraded with newer games on a monthly or weekly basis.

  • Real-time dealers and other players interaction

If this is your first time visiting live casinos, don’t worry; skilled and knowledgeable live dealers are on hand to help you. They will assist you in obtaining answers to all of your concerns, such as how to wager money, where to begin, and so on, to guarantee that you do not overlook anything. One other advantage is that you may engage with other gamers from all around the world to exchange the finest gaming ideas.

  • Enticing promotions

Depending on the game you choose to play as well as the quantity of your bets, you can be offered a beautiful array of hefty promotions. Online casinos are well-known for providing a wide variety of bonuses and incentives to both new and existing customers.

  • Atmosphere that is engrossing

This is the best and foremost advantage of live dealer casino games. Owing to the technological advances, you may now enjoy the fantastic atmosphere of land-based casinos on your mobile device’s smaller screen. Actual dealers, multi-angle cameras, direct streaming of high quality games, engaging visuals, live chat, appealing animations, and interesting themes allow gamers to feel the offline casino environment without ever leaving their homes.

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