Mukesh Ambani sees huge potential for online gaming in India

5 March 2020
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Mukesh Ambani

Asia’s richest man, Mukesh Ambani, chairman of Reliance Industries Ltd. said while conversing with Microsoft Corp. Chief Executive Officer Satya Nadella in Mumbai, “There is a huge potential for gaming to grow in India. Gaming will be bigger than music, movies and television shows put together.”

There is no denying the fact that India is already witnessing a great upsurge in fantasy sports leagues, quizzing and various card games like Poker. This is certainly going to pave the way in bringing a tremendous collection of online games best in quality and entertainment over the coming years.

With Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality taking the front seat, it is certain that online games will provide the players with real-time gaming experience promising genuinity and candor. This would enable the players to enjoy a realistic gaming experience from the comforts of their home without any clogs, instantly.

The future seems to be glowing for online gaming in India given its comfort, convenience, and flexibility. Although online gaming is all new and just growing in India, it is sure to take a big place in the market in the coming years. As per the KPMG report, it is also expected that the revenue generated from online gaming will rise from 43.8 billion rupees ($610 million) to 118.8 billion rupees by fiscal 2023.

Gaming on go is the new vogue!

mobile industryOnline gaming has been immensely successful in enticing millions of players all over the globe because of its limitless possibilities. The players today can access all their favorite games on multiple platforms including PC, smartphone, tablet, iPhone and iPad, instantly, anywhere, anytime.

Owing to this rapid advancement in the gaming sector, the mobile industry is also to witness a huge opportunity to expand its user base and services especially, with respect to high-speed broadband connectivity. That being said, Ambani did not disclose any information to the press whether Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd will be working towards entering the gaming segment after attracting a massive audience with its 4G technology quite recently.

Closing thoughts

Online gaming in IndiaOnline gaming in India is no doubt a new fad and this is only going to increase with the time given its reach and popularity today. The statistics and surveys made by the market experts reveal that online gaming in India will definitely climb the ladder to success very soon.

In Ambani’s words, “We in India have the opportunity to become the premier digital society… The next generation will see a very different India than what you (Nadella) and I have grown up in,” he told Nadella during the conversation. “I can easily say that the mobile networks in India now are better or at par with anywhere else in the world,” He further said, “The opportunity that we have for India, really, is the opportunity to become the premier digital society in the world.”

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