Real Money Casino Games In India | How To Use Jeetwin Casino Games?

24 March 2020
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India is one of the many places where casino gambling is still considered as a taboo. Despite the revenue, this industry is known to generate, the gambling laws that exist in the country strictly prohibit land-based casino gambling except for states like Goa and Sikkim. However, in recent times, casinos have finally started making their mark in India. Obviously not on the land but on the internet.

I first started playing at an online casino in the year 2016. They were still new to this gambling restricted place. Even then, when I used to play casino games, I would find hundreds of Indian players trying to win something out of it. This made me wonder how significant are casinos in the real world. The online casinos came as an opportunity for the Indian and the Indians started grabbing this opportunity with both hands. Today, there are several online casinos that provide their services in India. And I tell you, none of them is running low. Any casino that has a variety of casino games and hassle-free payment options is populated with Indian players. This shows how popular are online casinos among the people of India.

Real money casino games in India

real money casino games

The biggest reason why online casinos became popular in India is not that the bonuses are irresistible or they feel very real. The main reason is the ability to play real money casino games in the comfort of your homes. Casino games have great real-money prizes aligned for their players and so, have gained a lot of popularity in the Indian boundaries.

Initially, when I started my casino gambling journey, I started with free demo games. Demo games are a great opportunity to learn the game and then get into real-money gaming. This is exactly what I did. I tried all types of casino games that were available for free and then started choosing which are the ones that I would like to continue for real-money. Following are the real money casino games that I think are worth playing.

  • Blackjack – Blackjack is one of the most popular table games in the world. It has been an integral part of all the casinos that have existed to date. Did you know? Blackjack is also called the favorite game of casino veterans.  The reason it is called so is that Blackjack requires a certain amount of skill to know when to stop hitting and when to double down. You cannot make a guess and leave it to fate for winning the game. The control that a player possesses in this game is the reason why I love this game.
  • Rummy – Rummy is an Indian origin game and can be played with 4 players at once. Each of the players is given thirteen cards and they have to arrange those cards in certain patterns. Apart from the emotional attachment that first developed when I saw my grandparents playing the game, I love this game because it requires you to constantly engage your brain in the game. You never know when you would find a certain sequence or a set.
  • Teen Patti – Who doesn’t love Teen Patti? Teen Patti is India’s very own version of Poker. And the popularity this game holds in the hearts of Indians is unmatched. Everything about this game is exciting – the simple rules, the gameplay, the bluffing skills and the huge pot a player can win. If an online casino gives the opportunity to play this rewarding real money game in the comfort of our homes, why miss it?
  • Roulette – The world’s most thrilling casino game also makes it to the list of my favorite real-money casino games in India. Not being able to play this thrilling game in real life is something that I have missed ever since I started gambling. But thanks to the live casinos that now provide their services in India, I can play the game in a close to real form. That too for real money.
  • Slots – We have all dreamt of winning jackpots, haven’t we? Well, if you want to win some real money without much effort, jackpot slots are the best option for you. Tap on the ‘Spin’ button on a jackpot slot and you are giving yourself a chance to take home a large amount of real money.

The joy of winning doubles when an online casino offers real-money casino games in India’s own currency – Rupees(₹). The modern-day has seen the establishment of various high-quality India-based online casinos that accept Indian Rupees as their preferred currency.  One of the best-loved India-based online casinos that offer real money casino games in Indian Rupees is the JeetWin Casino. Here is a guide to how you can find some of really exciting and fun real money casino games in JeetWin. Read on!

How to play JeetWin real money casino games?

JeetWin Casino has an exclusive collection of the best casino games for the casino lovers of India. All the games in this casino are playable in real money and the currency accepted here is Indian Rupees. Here is how you can play real money casino games at JeetWin.

  1. Sign up with the casino by providing the necessary details like name, address and bank details.
  2. As soon as you are done with filling up the form, recheck the information you have provided in the form. The casino may verify your details for security reasons. Hence, it is important to maintain accuracy.
  3. Click on ‘Submit’ once you have rechecked the form.
  4. Fill in your user Id and password to log in to your casino account.
  5. Now you are at the home screen of the online casino.
  6. Make your first deposit at the casino by choosing Indian Rupees as your preferred currency.
  7. Making a deposit may or may not offer a bonus for you. It depends upon the offer that exists at the time of signing up.
  8. Claim the bonus before you head to the games section. Casino bonuses are a great chance of getting started with real-money casino gaming.
  9. Look at the top of the site to find categories such as Live Casino, Table Games, and Slots.
  10. Dive into any one of them to find a casino game of your choice.
  11. Click on your favorite game and see if it has a demo play option. A demo play is a great way to learn the game.
  12. If you are already well-versed of the game, click on ‘Play’ and enjoy casino gaming for real money.

This may seem like a hectic task to you reading a 12-step process. But once you actually join the casino, its clean animation and website layout make it a no-effort task for you! Check it out!

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