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30 October 2020
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Teen Patti is an insanely popular card game among casino players across the globe, and especially in India. This is because Teen Patti is a rather simple design Poker variant, where players with the best 3-card hand win the money.

As the formation of the hand is one of the key aspects in Teen Patti, it’s important for players to know the correct order of Teen Patti hands. Knowing the various hand rankings makes it easier for players to make good decisions at the table. This, in turn, allows them to improve their overall chances of winning.

So, here is an article that takes a look at the various Teen Patti hands and the best sequence in the game. Also, it covers the major Teen Patti terminologies you need to know and gives an insight into the betting process of the game. Read on!

Teen Patti sequence rules

Trail or Set

A trail or set is a combination of three cards of the same rank. The highest is a 3 of Aces followed by a 3 of Kings and then a 3 of Queens and so on. The lowest trail in Teen Patti is a 3 of 2’s. A trail is a highest-ranked combination in a Teen Patti game.

Pure Sequence

Also known as a straight flush or straight run, a pure sequence has three consecutive cards of the same suit (clubs, diamonds, hearts and spades). The highest pure sequence in Teen Patti is A-K-Q, followed by A-2-3, K-Q-J, etc. The lowest pure sequence is 4-3-2.

Straight Sequence

A Straight Sequence is made of three consecutive cards, but not of the same suit. Again, A-K-Q is the highest rank, followed by A-2-3, K-Q-J and so on.

Flush or Color

A flush is when the combination of cards is from the same suit regardless of if they are in sequence or not. The highest in a flush is A-K-J followed by A-Q-J. The lowest flush is 5-3-2. It two players happen to have flush combination at once, then the one with the highest value card is the winner.


A pair is made of two cards of the same rank. Double A’s has the highest value while the two 2’s has the lowest value among Teen Patti pairs. If two have the same ranking pair, the odd card determines the winning hand.

High Card

A high card in Teen Patti is a combination of three cards that do not fit in any of the above categories. The highest-raking high card hand is A-K-J of mixed suits and the lowest-ranking hand is 5-3-2 of mixed suits.

How do you know which sequence wins if you have the same?

When playing Teen Patti, it’s possible that two players can have the same Teen Patti sequence. In such cases, what you have to take into account is how the sequence is ordered in value.

Aces are the highest value card in Teen Patti, and then the sequence goes down as usual.

If two players have the same sequence, it comes down to who has the highest value sequence. Let’s take a look at some examples to make it clear:

A-A-5 vs A-A-K: Both players have a pair of Aces but the player with a King wins since he has a higher third card.

9-8-7 vs 8-7-6: Both players have a sequence here but the player with the sequence starting with 9 has a higher value and wins.

Teen Patti terminologies you need to know

Here is a list of terms that are commonly used in the game of online Teen Patti:

Chaal (call)

At the beginning of the Teen Patti game, each player has to put in an agreed-upon ante or minimum bet to enter the game. For the first round, the ante is the “current stake” or chaal in Hindi. A chaal is determined by two components – call (match the current highest bet) and raise (increase the previous highest bet). So, each player needs to wager an amount equal to or more than the bet of the previous player. If the bet is raised, it becomes the new current bet in the game. The raise is usually limited to 2x and has to be in even numbers – 2x, 4x, 6x and so on.


In Teen Patti, players have the option to look at their three-card hand before betting or to play without looking at it. The latter process is known as ‘playing blind’ where players leave their cards face down on the table. Players who choose to play blind need to place bets that are at least half of the current level of the bet by a seen player. Keep in mind that playing blind comes with its own set of limitations. For instance, some Teen Patti variations have a limitation on how many times a player can bet blind.


A player who places a wager after seeing his cards is known as a seen player. A seen player always has to bet 2x the amount of a blind player to stay in the game.

Ante (Boot)

In Teen Patti, each player has to put in an equal amount of money into the pot before the cards are dealt in the game. This bet is known as ante (boot) bet. The ante is the base bet for a Teen Patti game, and every wager following the ante should be equal or more than it.

Fold (Pack)

The game of Teen Patti allows players to leave the game without having to lose a huge amount of money. If a player feels that his cards are not good enough to compete with other players on the table, he can opt to fold or pack his card.

Loose and tight play

Loose and tight in Teen Patti refers to a player’s general tendency to play hands beyond the first round or fold them quickly. A “tight” player often chooses to fold weaker hands, while a loose player will bet on more of these hands and thus play more hands to the show/showdown.

Side Pot (Compromise)

If a player has seen his cards in Teen Patti, then he has the option to ask for a sideshow after placing the bet. He can ask for a sideshow with the player who has placed a bet before him (previous player).

The sideshow request is viable only if the other player accepts it. If the sideshow request is declined, the player requesting the sideshow must bet to stay in the game or fold. If the request is accepted, the two players involved privately compare their hands and the one with the lower hand is forced to fold. If the two hands happen to be equal, then the player who asked for a sideshow is forced to fold.


In Teen Patti, show happens when the game is about to culminate and there are two players left. Here, both the players need to show their cards so that the winner can be decided. Before showing his hands, the opponent needs to pay a sum equal to the previous bet. If not, he can fold his hand.

Spread Limits

In the game of Teen Patti, there are limits to the highest bets that can be placed. The spread limits are pre-determined in the game and a player can increase his bets only to those preset limits.

Pot Limit

Some Teen Patti variations don’t come with a pot-limit. The limit in such games usually tends to be to place a bet which is equal to the whole pot.

Fixed Limit

Fixed limits are different from spread limits. A fixed limit Teen Patti game follows a fixed structure of doubling or quadrupling the previous stake.

No Limits

Not all Teen Patti games have structural or functional limits, there are some Teen Patti variations that have no limit. The players can increase the stake as much as they want.

The betting process in Teen Patti

The game of Teen Patti begins by placing a bet. Usually, there is a fixed boot amount which is automatically deducted from each player and added to the pot at the start of the game. After a player has placed the bet and the boot amount is collected from everyone, each player is dealt three cards face down.

In Teen Patti, players have the option to look at their hand before betting (playing seen) or to leave cards face down on the table (playing blind). Players who are playing blind can click ‘see’ to see their cards at any time during the game. The amount that you have to put in the pot depends on the current stake, and whether you’re playing seen or blind. At the start of the game, the current stake is the boot amount. During the game, the current stake is the wager placed by the player before you. Your current stake depends on whether you’re playing blind or seen.

If you’re playing blind, the rules are:

  • If the player that bet before you have seen the cards, then you must bet at least half of the current stake or bet the current stake.
  • If the player that bet before you are playing blind, you must wager at least the current stake or twice the current stake.

If you’re a seen player, the rules for the current stake are as follows:

  • If the player that bet before you have seen the cards, you must bet at least the current stake or twice the current stake.
  • If the player before you is playing blind, you have to bet at least twice the current stake or wager four times the current stake.

The betting process continues in this way until one of the things happen:

  • All players except one-fold their cards. Here, the last surviving player wins the pot, irrespective of what cards make his hand.
  • All except two players fold. In this case, one of the final two players pays for a show. The cards of both players are exposed and compared and the higher-ranking hand wins the pot. If both players have the same hand, the player who asked for the show folds.

What are the rules for ‘Show’ in Teen Patti?

  • A show cannot happen until all but two players have folded.
  • For blind players, a show would cost an amount that equals the current stake. This is irrespective of whether the other player is playing blind or has seen the cards. Also, if a blind player opts for a show, he needs to pay the aforementioned amount to see his own cards.
  • A seen player cannot ask for a show is the other player is blind. He only has the option to stay in the game or fold.
  • If it happens that both the remaining players are seen, then either player pays 2x the current stake for a show.

What are the rules for limited stakes Teen Patti?

Players playing Teen Patti for the first time get to play on a limited stake table first. This table comes with the following set of limitations:

  • The boot amount or ante is 2x
  • The max blind a player can play is 4
  • The max chaal permitted to play is 256
  • The pot size is limited to 2048

Once the pot limit is reached, all the remaining players at the table are obliged to show their cards. The player with the highest-ranked Teen Patti hand wins the pot. Players then move to the next limited stake table. Here the limitations are :

  • The boot amount is 4x
  • The max blind a player can play is 4
  • The max chaal permitted to play is 256
  • The pot size is limited to 4096

Players who have played multiple hands and have different chips can then proceed to play on higher stake tables.

Win Potential in Teen Patti


Some quick Teen Patti tips for you

Featuring easy to understand rules, the game of Teen Patti is quite easy to play. However, the twists in the betting process can be intimidating for some novice players. This is where learning Teen Patti strategies can help you in increasing your chances of winning in the game.

Here are some quick Teen Patti tips that can help you in the game.

  • When playing Teen Patti online, take advantage of the free chips you receive and play with them at the start of the game.
  • Start by betting a small amount of money so that you can stake multiple hands.
  • If you have a good hand, do not go for big bet instantly. This is because betting big could cause other players to fold quickly, resulting in a smaller pot.
  • If possible, play blind for the first few hands. Players who have seen their cards are restless and give their cards soon. Bluff when you have weak cards.
  • Control your emotions so that they don’t control you.
  • Know that losing is a part of the game, so don’t let a few losing rounds dishearten you.

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