Top 3 slots with best bonus in 2021

8 March 2021
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Online CasinosThere are several extensive benefits of online casinos. It is also essential to bear in mind that one of the most appealing aspects of online gambling, which makes a player feel as though they have hit it big is when they get some prominent bonus features while playing the game. The bonus system exemplifies an industry that is still looking for new ways to express its gratitude and respect for all players, major and minor, and how it needs to keep everyone returning for more. 

If you are about to play until you have made your first deposit, then online casinos deliver discounts for doing so. You can get bonuses for loyalty, extra loyalty, and bonuses for referrals. It is a win-win situation for the player as well as the online casino gaming platforms. The incentive structure has historically distinguished internet gaming from conventional on-site rivals. With that consideration, let us examine one of the most popular online casino game slots and the top slots which offer great bonuses to the players.


SlotsSlots are generally considered the most common online casino games due to their flexibility in terms of playing requirements and payouts. From three-reel slot play to 5-reel video slot games, and now they’ve gone on to making movie clips and interactive incentive rounds. These days, there are many great slot games that you can enjoy on your mobile device.

There are a number of tech developers who create these slot games and give an opportunity to the players to win something and boost their winnings by claiming some fantastic bonuses as well.

What are online slots?

Online Slots

Physical slot machines, which used to be operated by turning a lever, inspired online slot machines. Back then, those physical slot machines used to have only three reels and one pay row, different types of bells, fruit and 7s were used as icons. However, for online slots, you can only get a larger payoff if you land on a combination of symbols that exceeds the original investment. When slot machines entered the internet age, a host of new prizes and features began to appear!

Some online slots are created, designed, and tested in-house by developers and designers. Usually, slots are distributed around online casinos as soon as they are released. You can play the same online slot game at various casinos, and game creators have licencing deals in place with several operators. However, specific online slots are created and/built by the casino itself or have developers who work with them.

What is the concept of a payout percentage?

The payoff percentage or return to the player indicates how much of your gamble will be returned to you if you are successful. You should figure out what you will get in the long-run average. To clarify, in a 95.50% game, the casino will pay $95.5 for every $100 wagered.

The different types of slot machines

There are four different types of slots you need to understand: they vary from those that have three reels to those that have fixed pay lines to those that have random bonuses. Any category of a slot machine is jam-packed with bonus features these days. Check out the four of the variations of slots here.

  • Three Reel slots

Classic slot machines have aces, winning coins, and still more so-so-called “lucky horseshoes,” including all the standard symbols. Use three different symbols in the proper sequence on a single payline. All you have to do is make a choice about which one you want to play, how much you want to wager and then proceed.

  • Multi-Reel and Multi-Payline

It gives you a wide range of pay lines to wager around multiple reels. Multi-reels are normally equipped with up to 50 paylines.

  • Video Slots

Video slot machines have both theming (the general theme of the game) and gameplay features that are unique, including themed icons and bonus games.

  • Progressive Slots

There are slots that are wired through a network of sites that fed into a massive jackpot.

Is it true that online slots are completely random?

When you play slots online, the machine operates using a Random Number Generator (RNG) to determine the winner. This computer software generates a random number each time the slots are spun. It is true that all the outcomes will be random, with fair results.

How much do you expect to gain from online slots?

Slots run the gamut. The various online slots have different payouts, different icons have different values, and the betting range varies greatly. As such, how much you win will depend on how much you bet and how many combinations you hit. Profitability ranges from a few Rupees to much more depending upon the game and your luck!

Why spend time online slots?

Along with the presence of the thrill factor, slots are fun and easy to play; they are suitable for players of all abilities. Consequently, what keeps them enthralling is the many payoff options. Some online slots payouts are significant if Lady Luck is on your side, and others will give you the chance to play for life-changing jackpots.

Providers of online slots

Every single online slot is driven by the minds and power of online slot providers. Game developers can do everything to have special and stimulating games for each individual player. Most of the game developers have the classic slot machines as their starting point in their career. After the introduction of online casinos, they saw a dramatic increase in their online revenues. There are hundreds of different types of online slots created by the most successful casino developers that have been regularly used by people all the world around the world.

The best online slots with bonuses to play in 2021

With so many choices, it may be challenging to choose a decent slot machine. Slot machines that have both bonuses and generous payouts are always good. Too many bonuses are available on slots on the internet that they’re at land-based games. Once you’ve triggered a bonus game, you will see something special. You will enjoy various bonus rounds, such as free spins, guaranteed prize rounds, random prize and wilds. Despite the fact that there are several slots with bonus features, there are a few that stand out. We’ve gathered a rundown of the top three bonuses to save you time. You can play all these slot games for real money.

Rocky – RTP: 95.02%, Playtech

Rocky, a Playtech-branded slot, kicks off our list of best slot games with bonus rounds. Due to the storyline of the iconic boxing film, the game gets very real in addition to the real-time theme features. There are at least three distinct bonus features on this 5-reel slot. 

  • You get fifteen, twenty, or twenty-five free games along with an X2 multiplier if you get three, four, or five scatter symbols. 
  • When you spell out the name through the reels with the letter symbols, the ROCKY component pays out 5x your overall bet. 
  • However, it is the Knockout Bonus that has the most charm. The knockout round is triggered if you have boxing glove symbols on both the first and fifth reel. 

Choose from Clubber Lang, Apollo Creed, or Ivan Drago to face in the ring as Rocky’s rival. Following that, you will see actual film footage of a ten-round fight, with cash prizes won for each round Rocky wins. Due to its massive success in the 1980s, fans of the Rocky movies would be disappointed if they play this game.

Mega Moolah – RTP: 88.12%, Microgaming

Online gamblers all over the world revere Mega Moolah as a game-changer. The progressive slot machine has made many millionaires and still holds the record for the greatest online payout. The bright and eye-catching animal-themed slot has a cute, cartoon-style design. 

  • According to the player, the main reason to play is the game is the jackpot, which is triggered randomly on any spin.
  • You get to turn the jackpot wheel for a chance to win one of four jackpots: mini, minor, big, or mega.
  • Along with the bonus feature of a progressive jackpot, it also has the prospect of extra free spins. If you get three monkey scatters, you’ll get 15 free spins, and your winnings will be multiplied by three.

Mega Moolah is a must-try slot if you want to play a slot with the most lucrative bonus features!

Guns ‘N Roses – RTP: 96.98%, NetEnt

The bonus features in this game are awesomely inspired by the famous rock band, namely Guns’N Roses by Net Ent. When three bonus LP symbols appear on reels one, three and five, the bonus wheel spins to display which one of the bonus features are triggered. This game has three exclusive bonuses, the Encore Free Spins, the Crowd-Pleaser, and coins. 

  • The Crowd-Pleaser bonus is a three-level pick-and-win game with coin wins and the opportunity to win free spins. 
  • Encore free spins award you ten plays for free with a member of the band turned into stacked wilds. 
  • Random bonuses include the ‘appetite for destruction’ during which the reels are shown in the form of a cross. 
  • Legendary Spins and Coin multipliers round out the entire prize pool. 

In the event you love fantastic and memorable songs and bonus games, you must try the Guns N’ Roses slot.


You can try your luck by playing any of these slots with exciting bonuses and gameplay. These slots will definitely make your online casino gaming time fun and exciting.

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