A deep look into the Indian online gambling industry

3 April 2020
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Gambling has become one of the fastest-growing entertainment industries in today’s world. Technological advancements and rising internet penetration have caused significant growth in the gaming business. The rising use of smartphones has resulted in players always looking out for new forms of entertainment impacting the industry. Presently, the hottest topic within the global online gambling industry is “India” and how to conquer this giant casino and betting market in the east.

Indian online gambling

The Indian online gambling industry is huge, with millions of people betting on sports, playing casino games and participating in the state lotteries. Indian online gaming has made it possible to enjoy casino games anywhere, anytime. It has debunked the rules of only the well-off going to casinos and allowed everyone to enjoy casino games at fair prices. However, as the Indian gambling laws do not cover online gambling, most of the European betting and online casinos are now targeting the country, even though the market is a grey zone when it comes to real money games of chance.

Still, it is not easy to assess the current status of the Indian online gambling market. In this article, we will look into the Indian online gambling market and the future expansion of the gambling industry in the years to come.

Is online gambling legal in India?

Individual state governments regulate skill games and casino games such as casino table games and slots. However, the recent legal landscape for online gambling is still complex. There is no clear definition of the terms online sports betting and gambling. The term gambling is further subdivided into several categories of games of skill, games of chance, and games of both skill and chance.

  1. Games of pure chance – These are the types of games that are mainly prohibited under most of the state laws.
  2. Games of skill – These sorts of games are considered with higher leniency in terms of state laws.
  3. Games of chance and skill – These are the casino games that involve the use of proven skills and power of chance at some level. These types of games enjoy only the status of little leniency.

Different games are treated differently

online gambling

Concerning the gambling laws in India, it can be noted that sports betting, casinos and Poker are all treated differently. As betting and casino games are considered games of luck, Poker is considered a game of skill, there are no local online casinos but many local Poker companies operating in India.

So the answer to the question on the legality of online casinos and sports betting in India is both yes and no. Due to the lack of regulation for online gambling, no law says that casino and sports betting on the internet are legal. However, no law says the opposite too. In reality, this means that online gambling operators can offer their services to Indian players on the internet legally, without risking any penalties or such from the Indian government. It is still unclear to completely define the legal nature of online gambling in India.

Gambling advertising in India

online casinos

The main thing to notice is that online casinos only do banner advertising on websites and primarily on websites not based in India. This is due to the lack of regulation, and webmasters in India are usually not keen to potentially risk, breaking any regulations. However, for Poker, it is a different story. Poker sites can be advertised on TV, billboards, on social media platforms, in newspapers and other types of media. The Poker sites are pretty much everywhere due to the legal status of the game, and the popularity among players.

The advantages of online gambling

A recent estimate reveals that the Indian gaming industry is expected to grow by billion Indian rupees by 2023. Online gaming has opened up a world of opportunities. It has enabled people to earn money, develop talents, and a chance to meet and compete with other players.

Choose from the best casino games

Indian online casinos give access to several latest and fascinating online casino games. Some of the advantages include:

Easy access to free games

You can play dozens of games online as long as you have an internet connection. Most online casinos also offer free versions of some of their games, which act as a good start for newcomers. The free games allow you to grip the basics before you start placing real money bets.


You can play casino games anywhere, anytime without any hassles. It can be your couch, in traffic, or when bored at work, with a smartphone, computer, or tablet. Online gambling allows for freedom, flexibility, and comfort.

Privacy and anonymity

Online gambling sites are subject to privacy policies they cannot breach. They are equipped with state of the art encryption systems and work to protect your privacy.

Online casino bonuses

Almost all Indian casinos offer their players welcome bonuses and promotions which act as an enticement to keep them playing at a particular website. Apart from that, you’re also likely to enjoy other generous offers like the deposit match, no deposit, and reload bonuses due to reduced overhead costs.

Enhanced security

Indian online casinos are bound by security-related regulations. Their procedures and policies are centralized and streamlined, making it easier to monitor and audit. But, not all casinos are licensed, which can put you at risk of being duped. So, you have to make sure the site you choose is adequately licensed to enjoy the best gaming experience.

What does the future hold for the Indian online gambling industry?

table games

Players in India love to play card games and so it makes sense why they enjoy table games like Blackjack, Poker, and other games too like slots and Roulette. Cricket is like the soul sport that Indians love to watch, play, and wager on. The fact that local operations of casinos and sportsbooks are still illegal in India does not affect the industry. With online gambling not being prohibited, the option of offshore casinos is always there for the players.

Though being a young gambling industry compared to other markets in countries like the UK, US, Canada, and Europe, India is considered as a significant contributor to the global gambling market. This is because this country is the second most populated place in the world. It is really a big market for gambling operators.

Another factor that contributes to the growth of this industry is the growing population of mobile and internet users in India. With the availability of better internet as well as smartphones to the locals, India is also becoming a bigger market for the gambling industry.

With all these and also key players in the global gambling industry showing their interest in expanding the market in India, mobile gambling is surely the future of the gambling industry in India. This is where the global gambling industry appears to be heading anyway.

For now, India is already doing good despite the restrictions that the country has regarding gambling activities. It is not far when India will be one of the biggest markets in the gambling industry in the future.

Moving forward

Indian gambling market

Well, if your question is what does the future hold for the Indian gambling market? Let us tell you that our best guess, taking the current scenario, the  Indian gambling market is going to rise at an exponential rate. It is still hard to tell whether the Indian government is going to legalize gambling operations in the country, but it may be likely.

Also, there is no denying the fact that there are illegal operators offering their services in the country and this should be something that the government observes. With how much the Indians are already playing and spending on online casino games and sports betting, India will surely gain a lot if it legalizes these activities explicitly.

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