Sagar Patil

Sagar Patil is an Online Casino Enthusiast who has excelled in playing a plethora of casino games. Although he began his journey as a simple online casino player, his efficiency to get the grip of things was spectacular. His rigorous practise and never giving up attitude made him an avid casino player, well-known for his sharp gaming skills and vigour. 

He further initiated his interest towards Cricket and wrote in-depth articles about the game of Cricket in general, Cricket betting and odds. Many casino beginners did write to him mentioning how valuable and informative those articles were as they were systematically written after a thorough research and analysis. 

Other than playing and writing, Sagar enjoys playing Cricket with his buddies till date. He is also into adventure sports and never lets a day pass without discovering a new casino game and winning at it!

Game providers are turning traditional games to online games for Indian market


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Playing Powerball LOTTERY From India


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Kabaddi players

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How to Play Rummy Ultimate Guide

Rummy Ultimate Guide

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Gambling on Diwali

Gambling on diwali

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Teen Patti Gold Chip Hacks 2021

Teen patti hacks

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Complete list of online casinos in India 2021

online casinos in India

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How much do online casinos earn during Covid-19?

online casinos earn during covid 19

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How to verify Skrill account in India?

Verify Skrill account

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Did the online betting sites in India go bankrupt during Covid-19?

online betting sites in India go bankrupt during Covid-19

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5 Beginner-friendly Online Casino Games

5 beginner friendly online casino games

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The growing interest in Poker in India

growing interest of Poker in India

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A deep look into the Indian online gambling industry

deep look into Indian online gambling industry

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Is Teen Patti a Game of Skill or Luck?

Is Teen Patti a Game of Skill or Luck

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The difference between Baccarat and Mini-baccarat

The difference between Baccarat and Mini Baccarat

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Top 10 Largest Casinos in India

top 10 largest casino games

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Is it safe to play Teen Patti online?

Is it safe to play Teen Patti

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