Top 10 Largest Casinos in India

17 March 2020
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India is a country that restricts casino gaming on its boundaries. Most states have strict laws to restrict the establishment of any gambling industry. In fact, the huge state of Maharashtra has a law to ban even online casino usage in its boundaries. Even after all this, people in India are well aware of the casinos and their lavishness. This is why they are attracted to the limited existence of brick-and-mortar casinos in states like Goa, Daman, and Sikkim. These states allow real casino establishment legally and hence, the casino firms do their best to bring it all for the Indian casino lovers from all around the country and elsewhere.

The country has large casinos established on and off the land. Here is the list of the top 10 largest casinos in India, if you want to see how astonishing and astounding a casino can be.

Winners Casino and Hacienda de Oro

Winners Casino and Hacienda de Oro This Spanish theme casino-hotel is situated 42kms from the Dabolim Goa Airport. The casino is known for its huge size and a completely different take on casino gaming, unlike the others in Goa. However, the enormous size of the casino can well be understood by the fact that the casino has over 150 slot machines in its premise, apart from the common Roulette and Blackjack tables. Yes, 150!

Deltin Royale Casino

Deltin Royale Casino Deltin is one of the biggest groups of casinos in India, and out of which is the Deltin Royal Casino. The casino is situated in the small state of Daman, but the usage of the word ‘small’ ends here. The casino is spread on an area of 10 acres with a 60,000 sq.ft. gaming area. With as many tables and slot machines as you would want, this casino holds the position of India’s second-largest casino.

Mahjong Casino

Mahjong CasinoIt has not been long since when you could legally go to a casino in the North-Eastern state of Sikkim. However, even in comparatively less time than any other casino in Goa, Mahjong Casino has been able to create its name and fame in the country. The casino is spread on a wide area of 52,000 sq.ft. and has a luxurious Nepali design to its out-and-in walls. The casino offers around 10 table games and 60+ machine games to try your luck.

Deltin Jaqk

Deltin JaqkLocated on the eccentric Mandovi River in the state of Goa, Deltin Jaqk is a floating casino on a huge cruise. The casino possesses almost 350 small and big casino games, including drinks and food as complimentary. You can play a game of 3-card Poker and take the view of the serene-most sunset on the far end of the river.

Casino Carnival

Casino CarnivalUnder the banner of The Marriott Resort of Goa, floats an elegant casino with the name Casino Carnival. This casino is located in four decks and has live music sessions from local and international artists. The casino is so large that it has a dedicated kids zone, and also a rooftop area to throw a private party.

Casino Pride

Casino PrideCasino Pride group has created marvels in Goa, and this one is the flag bearer of its excellent casino gaming resort. The offshore casino floats on the River Mandovi in Panaji, the heart of Goa. The combination of these two makes the casino a crowd favorite and a must-go destination when in Goa. In just a couple of thousands, you get access to a huge bucket of casino games like Roulette, Blackjack, 3-Card Poker, Wheels of Fortune and everyone’s favorite Mini Flush.

Casino Paradise

Casino ParadiseCasino Paradise is often called the most luxurious hotel in Goa. But many times people forget how large it is too. The casino is spread in an area of 5000sq.ft and is run by the lavish Neo Majestic Hotel. Its game section is full of table and machines, but what really grabs the attention is the Robotic Arm Roulette. This game is a rare scene to find. If you could somehow leave the large gaming area of the casino, the hotel stay will never let you want to leave the vibes it has.

Casino Pearl

Casino PearlPearl Casino might not have managed to make it to the top of this list, but it is certainly the largest casino in South Goa. This is a big achievement as almost 80% of casinos that exist in India are in Goa. The casino spread in a total area of 4000sq.ft. and offers a great range of unique and entertaining games. Since the casino is situated on Bogmalo Beach, a walk to the serenity is just a few minutes away. Moreover, you can reach the casino in a few minutes since the airport is pretty close to the Southern part of Goa.

Casino Palms

Casino PalmsThis casino is just the perfect place for family holidays and entertainment. Familie can be big and to serve such a large audience, the casino too is spread in a large area. You could relax in the Spa or simply play a poolside game for relaxation. But as you enter the casino, the only things you will find in your environment are casino games and casino lovers, making the most of it.

Strike Casino

Strike Casino This striking casino is one of the largest casinos of the country, not just in size but also in the number of games it offers. Of course, it offers classic casino games like Blackjack, Roulette, and Baccarat at several tables. What really is the attraction is the presence of India’s favorite card game Teen Patti and Mini Flush. In addition to that, you can have DJ nights and International artists on the board while you enjoy and try your luck on a game or two.

All these casinos are the largest in the country and the best part of visiting a large casino is the variety of casino games. So, gear up!  Enjoy and play in casinos in India today!

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