The difference between Baccarat and Mini-baccarat

23 March 2020
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Baccarat is a game derived from the European games “chemin de fer” and “punto banco”. Although it might seem mysterious to many people, for me, personally, I find Baccarat to be quite an interesting game. And I do play it quite often. It is possibly the easiest table game that I have learnt to play efficiently.

The game of Baccarat resumes with placing a bet either on the section labeled “player” or the section labeled “banker” (dealer) or you could simply bet on a tie, but the odds are always quite slim in favour of a tie. Once you have placed your bet, your part of decision-making is complete. All then you have to do is wait and watch. Simple isn’t it? Let’s dive into the game to know more!

Variations of Baccarat that are sure to fascinate you!

Mini Baccarat

Baccarat features numerous game variations. But for me, what works is Mini-baccarat. Mini-Baccarat uses the same rules as Baccarat, but with alternative methods of dealing that make the game faster and easier for me. In the standard variation of Baccarat, I have to be the banker taking turns with other players whereas I do not have to do anything in Mini-Baccarat. All that I or anyone playing the mini version has to do is just apply your logical and reasoning skills and place the bet.

Besides this basic difference, there are certainly other differences as well between both the versions. Allow me to differentiate Baccarat and Mini-baccarat for you so that you can decide what works for you. Let’s go!

The contrasting features between Baccarat and Mini-baccarat

  1. The main difference which I already explained earlier between Baccarat and Mini-baccarat is that with the former, the players alternate between themselves to be the banker by passing the shoe (the container holding the cards) and with the latter, the dealer is always the banker and the players never have to touch the cards.
  2. Mini-baccarat is usually given out from a shoe that uses six decks of cards while the normal Baccarat game is dealt out of the shoe that uses eight decks of cards.
  3. Usage of a minimal amount of decks of cards in Mini-baccarat changes the odds in favor of the casino (regarding tie wagers).
  4. In the Mini-baccarat version, the actual dealing of the cards is a lot faster and easier. You easily get through rounds of dealing within a short amount of time. Dealers handle the cards and put them in the right side position and you do not have to even touch the cards. But in the normal Baccarat variation, you have to get cards from the shoe. Then put them down in an upside position on the gaming table before turning them over.
  5. In the Mini-baccarat game, the dealer manages the entire gameplay, including giving the cards to the players whereas in the standard Baccarat game, there are several dealers running the game.
  6. While the standard variation of Baccarat is known for its big wagers, the minimum and maximum wagers are usually smaller in Mini-baccarat.
  7. In standard Baccarat, there is a large table and there are several other participants besides me whereas the Mini-baccarat version is like a Blackjack game with just seven to nine players. Hence, it feels a little less overwhelming to me.
  8. Mini-baccarat is less formal whereas the standard version of Baccarat has a more formal playing environment, with large stakes, formally dressed players and gaming dealers wearing their tuxedos. The setting of the latter one might seem a bit over the top to some players.
  9. The standard Baccarat is also played in a separate area of the casino (maybe the high roller area or so) while Mini-baccarat is played in the usual gaming floor of a casino.
Online Baccarat

Whatever the variation may be, you should keep in mind that the game of Baccarat requires an even mix of luck and knowledge. For me, it was an instantaneous attraction. Once I grasped the basics, I immediately started and jumped right into the game. I strongly believe that the more I play, the more experience I gather and the more confident I become. You do not have to worry too much about understanding all the rules since in practice, the gameplay is quite straightforward. Explore this fun-filling classic table game today! Happy gaming there!

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