How to choose the best online Poker sites in India?

10 April 2020
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Online Poker

Online Poker’s popularity is growing in India day by day. We have seen numerous online Poker sites launched in the last few years. It is good for the Poker industry of the country as more the websites, more are the options for the players to choose and play. However, a Poker enthusiast should be careful while choosing an online site to play Poker. You should not fall for the lucrative offers which the websites put on. You have to judge the website on a few parameters before signing up and depositing their hard-earned money. As an upcoming and rising industry, playing online Poker in India for money is fairly new. This is one of the major reasons why Poker players hesitate to get started on this platform. While choosing a Poker site to play in India several factors have to be considered like:

  • Certified software for a safe and seamless Poker experience
  • Big bonuses on sign up and multiple promotional offers
  • Verified users and the widest range of Poker games
  • Ample deposit options and instant cashouts/withdrawals
  • Diverse tournaments and freerolls with a big prize pool
  • 24/7 customer support services

By reading the above points described, you should naturally come to the realization which Poker site suits you. Sounds good already? We are just getting started!

Safety and security

You should always aim for sites that are SSL-certified. That will result in your data staying strictly confidential. The Poker laws in India do not provide crystal-clear guidelines as to what measures must be taken for an operator to be compliant. That is why you should stick with the brands that everyone knows and trusts.

The types of Poker available


Most of the Indian Poker players are crazy about one particular Poker variety, which is Texas Hold’em. It may be due to the hype created by the James Bond franchise but the fact of the matter is that Hold’em is becoming the most loved and sought-after Poker variation, especially when online gambling is concerned. According to the classic rules of Texas Hold’em, all players are dealt two cards face-down and then four rounds of betting take place as the dealer reveals the flop, turn, and river. Players start betting even before the flop is dealt (pre-flop). Apart from Texas Hold’em there are several other options also for an Indian Poker player. There are some conventional Poker games undisputed in popularity that are easy to learn and can be very beneficial depending on your skill level and the stakes you play. Those are listed below

  • Omaha
  • Seven-Card Stud
  • Five-Card Draw

You have to remember that no matter what the game is, tables with different blinds and ante will be available. You can even customize your search by the number of players. Last but not least you will have to decide on whether you prefer the no-limit action over pot-limit betting. The good news is that pretty much all games are hosted in both modes although the number of tables will vary.

Poker tournaments

The most trusted online Poker sites in India are actively looking for methods to respond to players’ needs no matter how big or small the demand is. That means you can join one of the turbo tournaments at the drop of a hat should you decide to. Alternatives are progressive knockouts, freezeouts, Mix-Max, satellites. Many players make a living by playing Poker in India precisely because of this fast, tournament-like format. Qualifier tournaments (satellites) are bound to attract the most attention due to the potential profit margin in return for a small investment. Hence, you should look into the tournaments offered by the Poker sites before deciding to join it.

Software and security

The most important thing you must check on an online Poker site is its software and security measures. The software must be user friendly on one hand and the RNG for the card dealing must be certified by a proper certification body or agency like i-tech labs, Gaming Laboratories International Accreditation (GLI), etc on the other hand. Moreover, the website must be using a secured SSL certificate and anti-virus protection which will ensure the security of your data as well as money on the website.


Poker is a game played with friends or fellow players be it online or live. So, another factor to consider is whether the Poker site has enough traffic to make games available round the clock. You should check in the game lobby if games and tournaments are running as per your play timings. On a low traffic website, your funds may get stuck due to legality. You should also verify from the website that it follows the Indian laws of gaming and taxation. A Poker website in India not following the defined laws will be shut down by the authorities sooner or later and it will impact your gameplay heavily. One of the most decisive parameters can be TDS certificates which the Poker sites must provide to its players in compliance with the IT act. Non-taxation of Poker winnings above the defined threshold may drag you in black money cases.

Safe deposits and withdrawals

You should try to go for those websites which have a variety of payment options like credit/debit cards, net banking, Skrill, Neteller, etc. All the aforementioned have their pros and cons, but one thing for sure is that they all go to great lengths to guarantee the safety of your money. Regardless of what payment method is used, transfers are processed without a tax. The question of depositing and withdrawing money arises in the mind of every Poker player as money handling by the company must be a smooth and transparent process. Credit card, debit card, net banking, online wallets are the popular channels of deposit while bank transfer and cheque are mostly used for redemptions. You should check the time duration which the website takes for redemption requests to be processed.

Customer support

A good Poker website will always have multiple interaction windows for its users. So you should look out if the Poker site has options of query resolution on email, live chat or others.

Bonus offers

The welcome offer is the very first thing you will have going for you. This type of bonus is usually paid out in tournament tickets, but some operators break away from the lot and simply match your deposit with cash of equal value. And then there are the welcome packages which could be a combination of both the methods. You may also check for bonus offers on subsequent deposits. Despite that being so, it is generally a good practice to read the terms and conditions of an offer carefully before deciding to take part. You should always be on the lookout for bonuses with a rather short validity period.

VIP program and rewards

A good Poker site will always have a reward program for its regular players. You should look into the details of the reward program like the benefits of higher loyalty levels, conversion ratios offered and freebies offered by the company for certain milestones.

Available betting limits

The betting limits concern the buy-in, blinds, and ante. Sadly, the operator’s rake will stay the same, irrespective of what stakes you choose to play. Even if you are not a big-time gambler, you can get a good chance at gaining something by playing micro stakes. This will also help you to get accustomed to the game-flow and polishing your strategy. If you want to bet big, again, you can find a table with limits in the medium to the high-stakes range with no hassle whatsoever.

Mobile Poker apps

Mobile Poker Apps

You should choose sites that offer mobile apps for Poker games too. The specifics of such apps is that they are light, downloadable, install quickly and benefit from regular updates. The icing on the cake is that most of the company sites have the option for an instant play that complies perfectly with the contemporary mobile operating systems. The differences between playing on mobile and playing on a desktop are minimal but not immaterial. For most Indian Poker players, playing on-the-go is a very big benefit. Being equipped with the best Poker application for the country essentially means anytime is Poker time. With a stable connection to the internet, you will keep getting dealt cards until you decide to sit out or call it a day. Whereas using a desktop makes it close to impossible to play on an urge for obvious reasons.

Enjoy excellent online Poker in India

Indian Poker

The online Poker market in the country is expanding so rapidly, it is getting quite hard to keep up. Due to the sharp increase in demand, more and more online gambling providers are rising to the challenge, offering their services to players domiciled in India. No wonder they have started accepting rupee payments and adjusted their mobile apps so that they can be installed on virtually any type of device. So get going!

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