How to deposit money in Net Banking from India

21 May 2020
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depositing funds on online casino

Depositing funds on any online casino or betting site may seem like a complicated thing to do, but actually, it has never been easier to deposit money on any site in India than it is today. There are dozens of deposit methods available to you, and it is just about finding the one that works best for you. These days, there are some of the easiest and cheapest ways available to deposit in an online casino in India. One of them is the Net Banking method of deposit. 

Depending on where you are situated in the world, being able to create an account at online betting sites is not the only problem that arises for potential players, but finding banking options that you can utilize to fund your account. New laws are continuously passed when it comes to gambling, and some even prohibit financial institutions from processing transactions to online gambling operators. You also have the problem of high fees when using most services and trying to figure out which payment processor you actually can even make use of. Let us dive deep into all the details about how the Net Banking option works.

Net Banking is an electronic fund transfer process that is offered in most of the reputed and licensed banks all over the globe. By using this option, you get to send and receive money from one person to the other without any exchange of physical cash. Everything is done digitally online. Once you initiate a bank transfer, the money from your account will automatically be transferred to the other bank account or business account that you would like to move the money into. The transfer of funds electronically will be completed within 3 to 5 business days. These bank transfers are highly secure.

Net Banking in India

Netbanking in India

One of the simplest ways to fund your betting or online casino account in India is using Net Banking. Using Net Banking to fund your betting account is completely safe and is instant. To use this option, you need to have access to the online banking credentials of your bank. This is just like shopping online. On selecting Net Banking as a deposit option, you are asked to select your bank through which the deposit can be made. All popular banks are offered. Once you choose your bank, you are redirected to a payment gateway. You can enter your banking credentials allowing you to log in and make payment. You would receive secure OTP confirming the amount for which the deposit is being asked for. On confirming this on the website the payment is made. The payment gateways are secured and Net Banking always requires additional credentials like OTP, hence, there are zero or little chances of any fraud.

Deposit with Net Banking or online bank transfer

online bank transfer

There is an increasing number of betting and online casino sites in India that accept online bank deposits. This is great news because more and more Indian players these days have access to a bank account with online banking features. If you are one of these Indians, you should consider making your next deposit via online banking. Depositing with online banking is not that difficult or expensive as some might expect. It is both cheap, convenient and fast. Typically, the money will be credited to your betting account instantly after the transfer has been made.

Some of the benefits of Net Banking include:

  • Processing time: Instant
  • Transfer fee: No fees
  • Minimum deposit: No minimum
  • Maximum deposit: No limit

Where can I deposit with Net Banking?

Online banking is still a relatively rare thing to find, but there is an increasing number of betting sites that accept it.

How do Net Banking casinos work?

It is very easy to deposit to a casino from your local Indian bank. The technology used is fast. There is no lower or upper limit on the amount that you can send. However, you have to keep in mind that all online casinos have minimum deposit levels. So, you have to make sure to check this before you make your transfer to an online casino or sports betting site.

Verifying your bank transfer account

You should first verify if the online casino that you are opening an account with do have the option of bank transfer or not. As this is a very popular payment option, most of the online casino websites offer bank transfer as a payment option. Once you open the casino account and choose ‘bank transfer’ as the preferred money transfer option, you should then enter all the required bank account information for quick and hassle-free money transfers. The casino would take some time to verify this process and it would be anywhere between 3 and 5 working days.

5 step-list of making a deposit

Here is a step-by-step list of how to deposit to a casino with Net Banking:

  1. First, go to the casino site & open an account.
  2. Then go to the contact customer support and get the banking details. They might change from time to time, so do not take for granted that the details are always the same.
  3. Then go to your online bank website where you have activated Net Banking for your bank account and type in the information and make the transfer.
  4. Within some time you will receive an email or notification from the casino support saying the money has been deposited in your player account.
  5. Now you can start playing!

Privacy & confidentiality

There is no doubt that the safety and security of your personal and financial information are of utmost importance to you. The banks are bound to offer 100% safety and security for all electronic transactions that take place. They are bound to protect and safeguard the information given and shared by their customers legally. They also have the highest online security procedures in place to make sure that hackers do not get access to your private and confidential information when you transact money online. Likewise, you need to make sure that you sign up in online casinos that have stringent security measures in place so that your details are always safe and secure. Most of the casinos will make use of the attest and the state of the art encryption methods when online transfers take place. This way the data sent and received is completely encrypted from the prying eyes of the internet fraudsters.

Important tips before you deposit at casinos with Net Banking

There are a plethora of online casinos accepting wire transfer in India. But there are some fishy sites as well. Hence, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind before you start shovelling your well-earned money around. Below are some of the highlights:

License – The betting site must be licensed. This means your personal information is stored safely, your payments are encrypted and the outcome of the game cannot be adjusted by the site itself.

INR as currency – You should only play at casinos which have Rupees as gaming currency. Otherwise, the site will use their currency conversion which usually makes you lose around 10-15% of the value.

Fair terms & conditions – Once you sign up, you may be presented with a lucrative welcome offer. Some online casinos with bank transfers have extortionate terms & conditions following the bonus offer. You should go through them thoroughly and if they do not seem genuine or are twisted, you should steer clear of such sites.

Customer support – You should only go for sites with 24/7 support. You should play with sites which provide necessary and fast customer care support as well as prompt reply to your queries.

Points to remember before depositing

making a deposit

An important thing to note for all players looking to use Net Banking to deposit money is that you would be forced to use the same option for withdrawing money from the casino account as well. The following are important things to note when making deposits to casinos that accept bank transfer.

  1. The bank may or may not collect some processing fees when you transfer funds. It varies from bank to bank and from one country to the other.
  2. The time taken to carry out bank transfer deposits is anywhere between some minutes to some banking days. This depends on the process of transfer used.
  3. There may also be a minimum limit for making a deposit and this varies from one bank to the other.

Points to remember before withdrawing

making a withdrawal

The following are certain things you need to know when you make online casino withdrawals using bank transfer.

  1. There is a minimum withdrawal limit that the casino will set. You would need to meet the wagering requirements when you make use of promotions and free spins bonuses round to get permission for withdrawals.
  2. The account must be verified with your Aadhar card or similar.
  3. If you are withdrawing huge money or a jackpot prize, the winnings might arrive in monthly instalments.
  4. The withdrawal from the casino account to your bank account will take at least 3 to 5 working days.

To conclude

Net Banking transfers are one of the safest and the easiest option that newbie players can try when they are looking to deposit money at an internet casino. This is a very good option for anyone who is not tech-savvy and is worried about making online payments through third-party payment options. Now it’s time to deposit some funds and start playing! Good luck!

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