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23 April 2020
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Gambling in India

It is no secret that India is a nation that loves to gamble. Gambling activities in India can be traced since ancient times and it never really ceased in the country. There are many possible reasons why the Indians enjoy gambling and more and more people are venturing into the world of online casinos and gambling. Most are doing this for fun and to get a chance to win some prizes. For betting, on the other hand, is to show support to their favorite teams and athletes in different sports like cricket and field hockey. India loves to play card games and so it makes sense why they enjoy many table games like Poker, Blackjack, and other games too like slots and the Roulette. When it comes to sports betting the majority of Indian punters would place bets on cricket games. Cricket is simply a sport that the Indian locals are in love with. They watch it, they play it, and they wager on it.

The predictions for gambling in India for 2020 are positive, at least when it comes to the overall perception of online gambling. Different branches of the entertainment industry continue to invest more and more money into resources, technology, better customer support, and safer digital environments making it easier for the players to venture more and more into this ever-growing industry. And online gambling is no exception. At this moment in time, India not only has the potential to make an impact in the world of online gambling but also has all the factors to become a bigger market for gambling in the future. These factors make India a suitable destination for the next revolution of gambling to take place. Let us have a closer look at how the gambling industry seems to fare in India in the upcoming years and the factors which will play part in this trend.

What 2020 looks like for the gambling industry in India?

Global gambling market

India is a significant contributor to the global gambling market. Though it is still considered as a young industry compared to how other markets are doing in countries, it is in a booming phase. What contributes to the growth of this industry is the growing population of mobile and internet users. The majority of the revenues that the global gambling market gains each year is coming from the online or mobile sector. It just makes sense that as India gets more mobile and internet users, it also becomes a bigger market for the gambling industry. Smartphones are becoming cheaper and with today’s technology, even cheap handsets can be used on mobile gaming. With all these, mobile gambling is surely the future of the gambling industry in India. This is where the global gambling industry appears to be heading anyway. It is just really important that key players in the industry show their interest in India. This is because this country is the second most populated place in the world. It just really is a big market for gambling operators. The country may be one of the biggest markets in the gambling industry in the future. With how much the Indians are already spending on online casino games and sports betting, India will surely gain a lot from legalizing these activities.

Playing at online casinos

Online casinos

One of the biggest trends that have been building in India recently has been playing casino games online. This is particularly true among the millennials, who do not have traditional hang-ups around gambling. The younger generation of Indians who do not have that sort of time in hand resort to more online gambling options where they can play on the go. There are online casinos in India now that you could play card games or slots without any hassle. Figures from 2019 showed that the entire online gambling market in India was worth 62 billion rupees, with this figure due to rise dramatically in the next few years. Online casino play is and will be a huge trend in that rise within the country if everything continues as it is now.

Mobile gaming to grow even more

mobile gaming

We all know that playing games on a tablet or smartphone are something most younger Indians love. 2020 is set to see this trend get even bigger, thanks to the reduced prices of smartphones as well as improved mobile network technology. This convenience allows them to play their favorite games without compromising with their regular life. It is expected that 5G will be rolled out across India within a year, which will give people faster connections for gambling online. When you also factor in that many more free wifi spots are expected to pop up in several locations, it is easy to see why more people than ever may use their mobile devices for online gaming in the coming year.

VR gambling to take off

VR Gambling

VR has taken off as a tool for education, businesses and healthcare professionals, and it is even utilized by individuals who want to improve their health. However, many people involved with online gambling in the country believe that VR could finally be a big deal around India in the next few months. The reason behind this is that the hardware you need to play VR games online has come down in price, which means the average Indian can now afford it. Besides, VR tech is now more advanced and suitable for providing a superb online gambling experience. Indian gamers always like to be on the cutting edge of tech advancements.

Desi games on the hook

Audiences around the world have begun to prefer localized online gambling content in recent years, with India being no exception to this. It is not hard to see that being in familiar surroundings with language and cultural references one understands how one can make for a much more enjoyable experience. The inclusion of Indian games like Teen Patti or Jhandi-Munda in online casino games or popular ones like Poker and Blackjack are drawing more Indian players to online casinos. 2020 could well see more online casino sites pitch specific Indian content to the Indian market. Trends in this niche could prompt more online games or slots based on movies or TV shows that are popular here to be produced just for the Indian market.

Riding the internet boom

One key factor that can be credited for India’s growth in the online gambling industry is the rise in the number of internet users. Over the past decade, in particular, there has been an increased number of households registered. By the end of 2020, projections suggest that the number of internet users could soar to around 730 million. Surprisingly, there has been a rise of internet users in rural areas and this will continue to increase as internet coverage continues to improve.

Evergrowing sports craze

Sports craze

India has a rich sporting heritage, particularly when it comes to cricket. Sports betting is an important sub-domain of gambling. Aside from Test cricket, the IPL has become increasingly lucrative and has provided another betting avenue to players interested in this sector of gambling. More recently, this has branched out to other sports, such as tennis and hockey. India is also one of the largest countries in the world and the younger generation is glued to sports too. While it is still at a nascent stage, India has begun to develop relationships with other betting brands. As it takes small steps and embraces new opportunities, India’s online gambling industry will be sure to grow.

The legality of online gambling and betting in India

For the majority of people, online betting in India is not legal. Online gambling is still very much underdeveloped in this state. There is no need to worry though. While it is not legal for online gambling sites to operate in India, it is perfectly legal for gambling fans to place bets at offshore sites. Some of the world’s biggest names offer Indians the chance to bet on sports including online legal cricket betting and play casino games, Poker, Roulette and more. There is a huge market for online gambling in India with plenty of untapped potentials. Nowadays, state governments have lots of sway regarding the betting laws in India. Online casinos, sports betting, and Poker are all regulated on a state level, regardless of whether the gambling pursuit takes place online or offline. Lotteries are legal and are regulated under the Lotteries (Regulation) Act 1988. Land-based casino gambling is legal in Sikkim, Goa, and Daman. It is illegal in all other states. Only Sikkim offers legal online gambling, however, it is not illegal to play at an offshore gambling site. Sports betting is massively popular. However, it is illegal and unregulated throughout the country. Horserace betting, in some circumstances, is legal.

Changes to betting laws in India

In recent times, there has been very little change in the laws and legislation surrounding betting. The most recent piece of legislation that could have affected gambling was the Information Technology Act 2000, however, it failed to mention online gambling in any way. Since this legislation, the issue of online gambling has been consistently ignored by the Courts.

Games based on skill

Online gambling that involves games based on skill and not luck is now approved by the government. This is why we see new and interesting gambling platforms rising to the surface and taking the whole nation by the storm.

Acceptance of Indian currency

Indian Currency

Many online casinos day by day are accepting Indian Rupees directly. Players can lose a lot of money by not using their recommended currency, simply because of exchange rates. However, by being able to play with Indian Rupees to fund their payment methods (of which there are many), players will get the most value for your deposit money at online betting sites. Hence, this trend is starting to catch up with most casinos available in India.



When online casinos were formed, they were facing a huge problem when it came to the security of financial transactions for the players. Furthermore, because the transactions for banking options at online casinos are processed via third parties, it may be rather costly and could take days for players to start enjoying their payout. Thankfully, with the introduction of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology in iGaming, it looks like all that is going to be history. Due to their cryptic and sophisticated nature of these two, casino owners who are already into the cryptocurrency had stopped worrying about hackers. Transaction speeds, on the other hand, are cheaper and they take a matter of seconds with digital currency.

Rewards and bonuses

Indians do love their freebies and are always looking for new means to make money easily. Since online gambling allows them to use their card skills to have a chance at gaining something, it is natural that the number of online gamblers in the country is increasing by the day.

Enhanced security

Indian online casinos are now bound by security-related regulations. Their procedures and policies are centralized and streamlined, making it easier to monitor and audit. This enhanced security is sure to grow and Indians will visit and play at those sites which provide all sorts of mechanisms against duping or loss of privacy.

2020 could be a massive year for Indian online gambling

When we talk about online gaming in India, it is easy to forget that it is a term that covers a wide field. From playing online casino games to enjoying online video games or playing via your mobile phone, using the internet to have fun is not limited to one choice. As the above shows, the next year is set to see this sector in Indian life grow and more people than ever get into playing games online.

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