What online casinos have the best support for players from India?

24 July 2020
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Indians love gambling. Casino players from India are having a tough time finding reliable, safe operators, as there is always the danger of internet scams. There are several things you should know about the bonuses that you will receive and the payment methods you can use. There are certain support factors that a good online casino always provides to its players and these features will help you to recognise if it is a good platform and about their reliability.

Finding a real money online casino is not that hard. But the problem is that most of them cannot provide you with the best gaming environment and support for your efforts. There are a lot of factors that make or break an online casino site, and experienced players usually pay attention to at least a few of them according to their tastes. Generally, the best online casino websites have a variety of game selection, payout percentage, bonuses, mobile-friendliness, customer support 24/7 and security. For Indian players, there are a few more factors to be considered such as rupee payments. The operators providing these support factors are the best operators offering online casino India.

Real money games at legal casino sites

Legally, in India, you are only allowed to play for real money if the games rely on skill rather than on chance. However, it is very hard to determine which games fall into that category, especially when there are both luck and skill involved. Considering that no online casino players from India have ever been persecuted, it is safe to say that you can enjoy all the games that the operator gives you access to. This involves games like poker and blackjack, that require a certain amount of skills and training, and more luck-based titles such as slots and roulette. And you will be amazed by the slot casinos in India. However, some operators might restrict you to their card and table selection.

Real money games with dealers

Entering an online platform from the comfort of your home is much easier than taking a holiday and organising a trip to a casino complex! However, most online players still miss the lively social interactions of the bustling casino tables. That is why in recent years, the importance of live casino platforms has been growing. The best online operators nowadays offer real money to play with live dealers through a video stream to their players. Many players find live gaming very enjoyable, especially considering that unlike RNG games, you can see that you are getting the same game and the same odds as those who play casino games at land-based venues. The best live casinos in India nowadays offer plenty of high-quality live table games that you will certainly enjoy. Meanwhile, if you are a fan of more strategic games such as poker, we advise you to take a look at our page dedicated to online poker in India. On it, you will find the best operators, bonuses and much more.

Live gaming is now considered a must and even if you have not tried it yet, you should make sure that your online casino operator has such games on offer.

Mobile casinos

Mobile Casinos

Playing on the go is part of modern online gambling. All secure online casinos have been taking steps to provide their players with the best experience possible, so each of them has an all-in-one mobile app. Mobile casino games should offer you an interface optimized for touchscreen use while preserving all the main features of the full version. The best casino sites in India offer dedicated Android and iOS apps that you can download for free, but usually, you do not need them as the main online casino websites should be fully mobile-compatible. This means that you can access your casino directly through your mobile browser. When evaluating an online casino, several things have to be considered:

  • The big game selection on all devices
  • Compatible with iOS and Android
  • Seamless usability and intuitiveness

Of course, there are slight differences between playing on the go and playing from your PC. However, functionality is something that you should not compromise on. The best online casinos in India offer quality platforms that automatically adapt to your mobile device and support all the important features of the main website. You should expect that from your provider, so always check the mobile performance.

Online casino security – Fair RTP and safe deposits

There are a lot of scam sites, so being a little sceptical is natural for new players. Online gamblers mostly fear for two things which are the safety of their deposits and the fairness of the RNG games (what the house edge is). Things were different in the early days of online casinos, but the scenario today is very different. The latest updates show many international organisations inspect the casinos and audit their games.

Welcome bonuses and offers for Indian players

Bonuses and Offers

The welcome bonus is one of the best benefits that you get when you join an online casino. Players can also take advantage of those new customer offers and add free cash to their gambling budget after they deposit. It is a good sign if the place you play online casino games is offering you a bonus in rupees since it shows consideration towards the needs of Indian players. This is very convenient and saves you the conversion hassle later on. Of course, most modern online payment tools allow you to go around any currency problems even when the bonus is in dollars or another currency. The modern online casinos also offer its players many different kinds of promotions you could take advantage of, including free slot spins, cashback, extra cash on a weekly deposit, tournaments, and so on. There is also a loyalty programme to consider. Many casinos reward their regular customers with different incentives, which could take the form of loyalty points, gifts or even special access to VIP programmes.

Support regarding payment methods

Making a payment online is one of the biggest impediments threatening to tar an otherwise flawless casino experience. However, popular online casinos offer the Indian players a wide range of payment tools that you can use depending on your preferences. All casinos support direct bank transfers or the use of debit and credit cards, but you also have a wide range of E-wallets available that offer many advantages to Indian players. You could also pick one of the more anonymous options, such as a Paysafecard or a popular cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin. 

Depositing quickly and safely

Some of the best casino sites stand out due to the speed of their transactions. Skrill and Neteller are a few of the names that you should get used to, as they are among your best options out there. The online casinos which draw in Indian players provide them with numerous E-wallet options, which helps to make some of the fastest transaction times completely free of charge, and they have the added advantage of hiding your personal information from the vendor.

Fast withdrawals

One of the most common complaints of online casino players worldwide is the tedious withdrawal of money. However, you should learn more about the process, and how to recognize the correct operators. A good casino provides a very regulated and proper process of withdrawal which helps the players (both old and new) to withdraw their earnings safely. Most licensed online casinos ask their players to send proof of identity and this is a precaution that should prevent hackers from trying to withdraw your funds into their accounts. When you are withdrawing money, you should also expect an internal security check, which should not take more than a few workdays. After your withdrawal has been approved, the speed of the transaction would depend on the payment method you are using, with E-wallets and cryptocurrencies generally being the quickest.

Customer Support

Customer Support

The best online casinos try to be accessible 24/7, which is vitally important because of the time difference. They also try to provide live chat support to the customers. This is the quickest way to get an answer to your query and is readily available on most online casino platforms. Many operators also offer a phone line, but you always have to check whether it is free for international customers and whether it works 24/7. With more reputable online casinos, there are many other ways to contact their customer support and you can even find their profiles on the large social networks. Most online casinos support a 24/7 live chat contact with English-speaking operators. If you need an urgent answer, this is your best bet.

To sum up

With the increasing number of Indian players flocking online casinos every other day, it is imperative on the part of these online casinos to provide their customers with all the best features and support that they can. The reliable and trustworthy online casinos try to resolve all the issues faced by the Indian players so that they keep visiting those sites over and over. A good online casino which provides services to Indian players tries to lure them with innovative and interesting games curated for the Indian players’ taste. So you have to keep an eye on these features and support provided by an online casino before deciding to join it. Happy gaming!

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