Poker Leagues In India – All you need to know!

20 April 2020
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Poker in India

The scenario of Poker gaming in India has seen a sharp shift in the past few years. There was a time when interested players needed to go out of the country to try Poker games. Even when things became more convenient when Poker became available in Goa, it was still not as approachable as it is now. Players had to make dedicated plans to get their hands on their favorite card game.

Thankfully, those times have gone and India is now home to several online Poker game providers that have made Poker gaming a hassle-free task. These online Poker sites are available for both computers and mobiles. Moreover, many of these sites also have their dedicated mobile apps to take convenience a step ahead. Playing Poker at these sites is similar to how you would play in real life, only more convenient. You can play the game by creating an account at the site, depositing your money and choosing the type of game. Oh! And how did we forget to tell you about the diversity of Poker games.

Diversity of Poker games

Poker is a game that is played with different rules and gameplay styles across the globe. The Caribbeans have their own style of playing Poker. The same is true for the people of the UK and India. With the establishment of online Poker sites, all these different variants of the game have been brought together at the one place. Playing Poker was never better than now!

What’s next for Poker?

So what’s next for the game after reaching each and every house of India? The next step is to make the game available in leagues, just like you see sports like Cricket and Football. Players will have to compete in teams. This will make the game even more competitive and give the game a new dimension. The sites have already started to look at this possibility with positive intent. There are a number of leagues that are already being conducted online that follow the same format.

If you too want to join a Poker league to satisfy your Pokering desires, here are the options.

Match Indian Poker League

Indian Poker League

Viaan Industries and the International Federation of Match Poker collaborated to bring up a league that could match up the expectations of avid Poker players. Raj Kundra and Patrick Nally are the two gentlemen behind this enthusiastic initiative. Due to the large scale investment these two gentlemen made in this initiative, today MIPL stands as a 50 member federation. That is a pretty big jump for a league that was started by only 7 members in the lot.

The league invites different teams to play Poker and then gives them points. The team with the highest points at the end of the league wins the winning prize, which is considerably high. This kind of approach is different from what you will find in the forthcoming leagues. However, the journey to the top is not so easy. The teams have to play against IFP Poker bots and accumulate points. A single loss in the league can cost huge point losses and therefore dethrone you from the top position.

The history of this league tells us clearly what the league is all about. The first season featured 8 teams fighting for a grand prize of INR 2.5 crores. Mumbai All-Stars won the league and went on to represent India at the Match Poker World Cup. Thus, playing in the MIPL is not just about winning a huge money prize. It is also about being able to represent the native country at the international level. This responsibility adds a lot of esteem to the rising Poker league.

Poker sports league

Poker Sports League

Poker sports league or PSL is a national level Poker league that was started by big names like Amit Burman(Dabur), Anuj Gupta( and Pranav Bagai(India Poker Legend). The league was started with a total of 11 franchises participating in the league. These franchises were representing different states of the country. The league followed the rather common format of giving money in each match, instead of what we saw with MIPL.

As it is one of those leagues that started in the later half of the 10s decade, it was bound to have whooping prize pools. The second season itself held a huge prize pool of 4.5 crores. And guess who took the winner’s prize? The gambling capital of India, Goa. The league has gained a lot of popularity due to its high prize money and its popularity only seems to be growing at a rapid rate. The proof of which is the telecast rights owned by the reputed Discovery Sports channel. No other leagues have had the privilege of being telecasted on an international sports channel like Discovery.

Global Poker League

The internationally famous Global Premier League recently joined the list of India Poker leagues and therefore, Indian Poker players never had the exposure they have now. GPL in India will be operated by the likes of Mediarex Sports & Entertainment and Kwan Entertainment. This never-before collaboration has given avid Poker players a chance to earn name and fame on the international level. Yes, the money prize is always there.

This world-level Poker league will start with the first phase being competed within the country. It will be played initially between six city-based franchises, namely Ahmedabad Alphas, Bengaluru Hackers, Delhi Diehards, Chennai Sharks, Kolkata Creators, and Mumbai Jetsetters. The players for which will be selected through an online selection process for which the interested players will have to register first. As the different franchises start to compete with each other, the league will come up with a final winner only after a long 4-week span. Well, this is where the real fun will begin.

After winning the league within the country, the winner will be taken to the world capital of Poker, Las Vegas. Here the team will have to fight against the best teams from around the world. The money and fame one can earn by winning such an international league can only be imagined.


The Poker leagues in India are on a rise and are still in its initial phase. However, the opportunity these leagues can produce for the interested Poker players is massive and prominent. The future will see more and more Poker leagues being conducted throughout the country, owing to the legality of everyone’s favorite – Poker.

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