Top 5 Most Popular Card Games in India Revealed

5 March 2020
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Most popular card games

In India, people find amazing ways to entertain themselves by taking out time from their tiring life. Bollywood movies and watching cricket is among the most used ways of entertainment for Indians. I was also a cricket addict but owing to my busy work life, I could not set aside any time for playing or watching a 6-hour long cricket match. And this was the reason why I started finding new ways of fun and entertainment for myself.

Then I came across a world which at the best of my convenience, allowed me to bring some thrill in my life and also win some money. Yes, I am talking about the card games you could play on an online site.

Card games have a prominent presence in the history of India and therefore, there are several unique games that one would find in India only. As I became more familiar with the card games in India, I gradually started realizing why the games became so popular in India. I invested my free time in trying and learning new card games inside out. And this is where my efforts have brought me. Here is me revealing the Top 5 most popular card games in India and why they became popular.

Teen Patti

Teen Patti

Teen Patti is one of the first games that I learned after developing a keen interest in card games. It is one of the most popular card games of all time which is played across all states of the country. You would find a group of men playing the game in front of a Chaul in the villages. You would also find people playing this game in a family gathering in the cities. You can be in any part of the country and you are likely to find someone bluffing the other person with his Teen Patti skills.

Teen Patti is famous for basically two reasons. One, it can be played with as many as 8 players on the board and two, it requires the player to learn a very few sets of rules. The rest is all dependent on the player and his skills. The gameplay of the game goes like this:

  • Learn the rank of the hands.
  • Place the minimum stake and then you are dealt with the cards.
  • Choose to play Blind(without increasing the stake since you have not seen the card yet and still want to bet further) or Seen (pay double the stake and see your cards).
  • In both cases, you can choose to surrender and back out of the game or keep placing bets to continue in the game.
  • The winner of the game is the one who has a higher ranking hand at the end of the round.



Rummy is another card game that has been a household name in Indian homes. It is easy to play, largely based on your own skills and is very entertaining. Today with the establishment online medium, the game has become even more accessible to all. Even I started playing the game in an online casino. The game starts with the dealer giving 13 cards each to the players on the board. The number of decks used for the game is 2. The player then has to pick the top card of the leftover cards and see if it can help him achieve the main objective of the game. The aim is to form a winning hand that has a Pure sequence, Impure sequence, and two sets. Make sure you do that before anyone else or you lose. Simple, isn’t it?

Now you might be wondering why am I asking you if it is simple or not without telling you what those sequences mean. Here is how a sequence should be.

  • Pure sequenceA set of 3 consecutive value cards that belong to the same suit.
  • Impure sequence – A set of 4 cards, where three of them have to be in consecutive value and of the same suit while the forth one can be a joker.
  • Sets – Here you have to form two sets of similar value cards. However, the last set can have a joker card in place of the third non-similar card,

Joker is a card that has the power to replace any other card to help you form a sequence. A game of Rummy has two Jokers.



While the above two games have had their names in India for a long time, Poker has gained popularity in recent times. However, that is not true for the rest of the world where Poker is the most played card game of all time. I first played Poker in an online betting platform and didn’t know how a real game of Poker felt like. But as I interacted with more and more people on the go, I was told that online Poker is very similar to how a real-life Poker feels like. The excitement of the cards, the twist and turns of the game are all same. The only difference here is that you will be playing it on your mobile/computer and the cards will be dealt with by the computer. Nevertheless, it was not late until I came to know about Live Poker. Live Poker is a version of the same Poker game that is played in real-time. The cards in a Live Poker are dealt by a real dealer who is given the responsibility to conduct the game in a live studio.

I think this is one of the major reasons why this game started becoming popular in India as well. Earlier people had no or very little idea about the game but as the online casinos started becoming popular, people started to know about the fun of this game.

Did you know? 
Teen Patti is also considered as one of the several variants of Poker. It is also known as Indian Poker.

Andar Bahar

Andar Bahar

I, being an avid card game player, was unaware of this game till I got to know its second name ‘Katti’. Andar Bahar is the modern-day version of the traditional game of cards that originated in India itself. It is the easiest card game listed on this blog. This game is so easy that you literally have to do nothing but watch the game unfold itself. Yes, that is true. It is the game’s ease that makes it the perfect game to relax your mind and take some time off of serious casino gambling sessions.

The game begins with the placing of your bet in any one of the two boxes — Andar – Bahar. After you have placed the bets the dealer then asks one of the board players to cut a card for selecting it as the trump. Now the game begins with face-up cards being thrown in the Andar and the Bahar boxes, one by one. If a similar value card lands on your chosen box, you win.

Now it is your time to answer! Do you have to do anything in this game? Did it require you to develop some professional skills? An Andar Bahar game is really that simple. It delivers fun from the suspense the players hold before the card is thrown in one of the two boxes.



You may have not played this game, but it is unlikely that you don’t know the name. Blackjack is the most played casino game of all time. The game is such an integral part of the casino that there has not been a single casino without the likes of this game. Blackjack has been there ever since the first land casino to the modern-day live casinos. Therefore, it is no surprise that the game is also one of the top 5 popular card games in India.

We Indians have always been deprived of getting our hands on casino games due to the gambling laws that exist in the country. Online casinos came as an opportunity to try those casino games without going to a casino in Goa. Hence, I grabbed the opportunity with both hands and learned this classic game with the utmost precision.

The aim of the game is to reach a total card value of 21 or have a higher card value than the dealer. You first place your bet and then ask the dealer to serve your cards. The dealer gives you two up-faced cards and keeps one up-one down face cards for himself. The down-faced card is the one that brings excitement to the table. You can choose from a number of moves that let you get new cards from the dealer and try to build a card value higher than the dealer to win the game. You win instantly if you reach 21 but make sure you don’t cross this line as it is called a bust. A bust means that you are automatically out of that round.

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