What is more popular in India: Online Lottery Or Online Casino?

30 June 2020
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Indian gambling

The Indian gaming audience has a lot of options nowadays. With the advent of technology and penetration of the internet, the Indian gambling players are getting access to all sorts of games and activities. Online lotteries and online casinos constitute a major part of these available options. Both of these have been quite accepted and appreciated by the Indian gambling audience. While lotteries in the form of paper ones have been a part of the society since ages, online lotteries are the newest development and addition to this scenario. Online casinos are also fairly new. Nevertheless, both the online lotteries and online casinos are quite popular among the Indian players. In this article, we will explore the various features and avenues of both of them and compare their popularity among the players.

Online lotteries

Online Lottery

For a long time, lottery gaming in India has been a reserve of physical ticket purchase. People had to walk up to vendors and buy lottery tickets, then go home and wait for announcements to be made over the media. Recently, however, there has been a change in trend. Ticket booths are disappearing, but the lottery is still being played. The internet is replacing the booths and players appear to be embracing this change with happiness. So, what is the cause of this surge in the popularity of online lottery gaming in India?

  1. Relaxed laws

The lottery has always been a tightly regulated gaming type in India. Most lotteries are state-run, and the laws in most states barred online gaming. However, in recent times, this has changed. States like Sikkim have allowed online gaming and are even selling their tickets online. The new legal environment has encouraged many players to join.

  1. Convenience

Once players can buy lottery tickets online, they get the convenience of playing from anywhere at any time. Removing the process of getting a ticket from the vendor saves both time and money. It allows even players who would shy off from visiting the kiosk to play. In the same vein, buying online is much faster as one is not required to stand in a queue. Also, there is no need to wait for announcements to be made on TV or newspapers. The winners are notified online through their playing devices.

  1. Online International Lottery Laws in India

With the coming of the internet, there are so many lottery sites that sell international lotteries to play. There is no existing law in India regarding playing international lotteries online. Hence there is a world of options available right at your fingertips! 

Indians can play and win at these offshore lottery sites as they are not subject to the usual Indian gambling laws, allowing residents of all Indian states to play regardless of the gambling laws in any particular state. Since the draw for these lotteries does not take place within India, the international lotteries are not regulated by the Indian laws. The entrance of lotteries like Powerball and MegaMillions into the Indian market has drawn numerous bettors to play online.

  1. The next steps in playing online international lotteries

Playing international lotteries is quite easy and simple nowadays. This simplicity in the procedure is what has attracted many players to the world of online lottery.

  • You have to register on the website and create an account.
  • Then you have to add funds in your account so that you can play.
  • Once your account is set up, you have to choose a credit package and start playing the lottery of your choice.
  • Then you have to choose a ticket and select the numbers. The numbers to be selected vary from game to game.
  • Now you just have to wait for the draw.
  1. A variety of games

You can choose to play lotteries from different countries. You will be able to view the results of the draw as and when they happen. In case of a positive outcome, the results will be sent to you on the registered email. You can also check the results of the numbers drawn online.

  1. Transfer of your earnings to your registered account

If you gain, the earnings will be credited to the account that you have created with the gaming website. You can further use this money to play more lotteries. You can read the terms and conditions section to learn how to play and the policy with regards to payment.

  1. Booming popularity

Online lottery in India gives players the freedom to overcome local bans and limitations. International lottery ticket sales are not a new thing and many have already explored and played this way. Players have the option of testing a bit in the shallow waters, and when they are happy with the outcome, they explore many additional options.

Online casinos

Online Casinos

Indians seem to be quite into online gaming, with the market expanding at a highly unexpected pace. Among the various iGaming activities, online casinos have been among those with the largest numbers of players and the biggest revenue. The growing youth population and their increasing access to modern technology have made online casino games extremely popular. Indian citizens who want to play casino games have witnessed their dreams come true with the advent of online casinos and online gambling. The advent of the internet allowed Indians to play whatever game they want at online casinos. Surprisingly, online casinos are legal as long as they are operated by non-Indian companies outside of India and the monetary exchange used is the Rupee. There are several reasons why online casinos have become highly popular in India, many of which are discussed below.

Games that cannot be played in land-based casinos can be played online

Many games that require skill and luck, which cannot be played in land-based casinos in India, can be played by Indian citizens in online gambling platforms. Indian players can play online without worrying about violating gambling laws. Roulette, Blackjack, Slots, Poker, and other games can now be enjoyed by anyone that has access to the internet.

The increasing access to technology

One of the prerequisites to online gaming is access to technology. The rapid development of technology in our country has allowed more people to gain access to mobile devices that make it easy to access online casino content. With more people than ever able to access online gaming sites, it is no surprise that there has been significant upward growth in the number of real money players and deposits made with online casinos. As technology access continues to expand and more devices are introduced into the population, further growth in the popularity of online casinos is expected as well.

Growing catalogue

Due to the boom in the online casino industry in the country, we have access to all kinds of casino games today. So, you can play Indian slots, Roulette, Poker, Blackjack, etc. depending on your skills and preferences. The wide range of games allows the industry to attract gamers with different backgrounds and skills, and it leads to the overall growth of the domain. The addition of colourful, animated, and themed graphics make playing more fun and exciting.

Big prizes, bonuses, jackpots, and freebies

Online casinos offer numerous prizes, bonuses and jackpots that can be lucrative to the players. Prizes can be big and the jackpot prize can be as high as several thousand. Many online casinos also offer their newly registered players to play for free using their bonuses. This gives them a chance to have fun for free. Many players also get the chance to play many games for free on a trial mode without wagering any real money. This also helps the newbies as well as the inexperienced players to learn the tricks and trade of the game before playing for real money.

Online casinos can be accessed using mobile devices

As long as a player has access to the internet with his device, he can play mobile online casino games anywhere, anytime. There is no need to dress up and drive to be able to play a few hands of Poker or to try one’s luck at Roulette or a slot machine. One can play while enjoying the comfort of his home as long as he wants. The player does not even have to own a PC as many online casinos now offer their services on mobile compatible websites. Online gambling houses operate 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Access to sports betting

India being a country attracted to sports events, has a major interest in sports betting. People who love betting on the outcome of sports events can easily make a wager using online casinos. Betting on cricket has been around the corner for a long time. Online casinos offering cricket betting have given the bettors a faster and easier way to wage stakes on events in a cricket match, whether it is before the match starts or while the match is in-play. One can place a bet on his favourite player or team, as well as car or horse racing. In India, cricket, tennis, and hockey are highly popular and fans are always making bets as to which team will win.

Safe transactions

The online casino players majorily lookout for safety with respect to making bets, playing games at online casinos and claiming prizes that they offer. The same is true with wagers because they are all placed online. The licensed online casinos are trustworthy and keep the private data as well as personal details of the players safe and secure.

Support from the authorities

Even though the Indian government is not actively endorsing online gambling as such, recent government programs have surely made the internet available for a growing number of potential players. The programs were designed to help Indian youth gain access to the internet and have them competing in various eSports, but online gambling sites have also seen some use from this.

More available casinos

India is a very attractive market for online casinos as a growing number of casino sites launched campaigns aimed at India specifically and increased access to Indian players. These campaigns have made several online casino games very popular among the local players. While it used to be hard for players to get onto online casinos from India in the past, today, players can easily join a growing number of sites and play games in both English and Hindi. All of this is available via mobile devices as well, making it extremely easy for the millennials to enjoy this type of entertainment.

Final words

The comparison between the popularity of online lottery and online casinos cannot come to any definite conclusion. Each sector has its advantages, attractions and lucrative features which attracts its array of an audience who are loyal to that particular mode of entertainment. Online lottery can be a nostalgia for many people who in the previous days were into the paper lottery. But given the kind of success online casinos are enjoying in the country today, it is safe to say that the online casino games are not just a fad anymore. These are here to stay! The future of online gambling looks pretty bright and we can see new trends in the industry. People who are into playing a variety of games using their skill and strategy rather than depending only on luck (which is the primary deciding factor in an online lottery) are tilted more towards online casinos. So, if you are a fan of these games, you should give them a shot whereas if you are more into the game of luck you can dive into an online lottery. Either way, you will have fun and also get opportunities to make some decent money. Good luck, and have fun!

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