Why is India seeing a major increase in gambling?

13 April 2020
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Gambling has been a huge part of the Indian industry for a while now. The country is emerging as one of the hottest topics in the online gambling industry as well. It has been getting bigger and bigger specifically in India. Valued at nearly $50 billion globally in the last few years, based on the significant and continuous growth of the gambling market, it is expected to increase even more. These numbers come by no surprise, taking into consideration the immense growth of internet use over the past decade, with services being consumed virtually more and more. Together with the fast progress in technology making the customer experience better by the minute, the online casino industry is a major contributor towards the growth of gambling in India. Both the casino operators and developers are setting their sights towards this hugely lucrative market. With the increase in the number of people playing casino games and betting on sports, the potential behind the growth of gambling is almost unfathomable. During the past decade, the Indian market has experienced exponential growth in online gambling activity with websites registering an increase in traffic from desktop and mobile users from India. The Indian gambling scene is stepping into the limelight. As more people are spending time inside online casinos have found a whole new group of users. Multiple casinos have reported higher visitors rates and increased the amount of average time spent on the website.

The growth curve of gambling in India

growth of gambling in India
gambling in India growth

There are many factors that contribute in this sudden increase in demand for gambling. The main reason is that Indians are finally exploring the various sides of gambling. Gambling is no longer synonymous with just a few rich countries, it has become a worldwide phenomenon, thanks to the rise of the internet. Gambling (both land-based and online) is now a popular activity in all continents across the globe, no matter whether they are rich or poor. From table games to slots and Roulette, every country has their favorites. And online casinos have opened up their virtual doors to nearly everyone on the planet if and when the laws are permitting. In this article, we will explore how and why there has been a recent boom in gambling in India.


India has the second-largest population in the world. Standing at nearly 1.4 billion population, India has the power to make a significant mark on any industry if they are that way inclined. Hence, the more the people, the more the demand and access to gambling and increasing gambling.

Cheaper internet availability

Gone are those days when internet usage came with a huge price tag in India. With the recent developments in the IT and internet sectors, people are now able to access the internet from the nook and corner of the country at a very minimal rate. Hence, it is becoming easier for people to play casino games on their mobile devices as per their choice and interest.



Every country has their favorite casino games they like to play. In the US, it is the slots, in Australia, it is pokies, and in India, it is the traditional Indian games. Teen Patti and Rummy are the two most popularly sought after games in India. Since the last few years, casino game providers have had a realization of this trend and begun to create their versions of these Indian classics. These are now accessible and playable in many online casinos across the world. India is truly stamping its identity in the casino world. India no longer is just a consumer, but also a trend-setter in this genre.

Technology development resulting in easier access and convenience

The digital landscape is constantly evolving, so it comes as a little surprise in seeing the Indian gambling scene making a growth too. The introduction of online casinos has made gambling easier and more accessible. Nowadays, Indian players can access the online casino platforms on the go and play their favorite games even during their travel time.

one are the days where you need a desktop setup, get tied down to one place to play casino games. Smartphones have truly revolutionized the gambling industry, and India is one of the leaders in smartphone usage across the globe. In fact, with the growth in the number of smartphone users, the number of people having access to gambling is also growing. That means online casino companies have a great opportunity to market their websites and apps to a huge potential customer base that already have access. With new technology and convenience, the costing has also gone through a significant dip, allowing more people to enjoy online gambling. All the latest inventions in the online casino world such as 3D slots, Video Poker and revamped classics like Blackjack and Roulette are now at the players’ fingertips and for a good price too.

Engaging atmosphere

brick and mortar casino

Technological advancement has made it possible to enjoy the superb environment of brick and mortar casinos directly on the smaller screen of mobile devices. Development of 3D games, engaging graphics, attractive animations, and fascinating themes allow players experience the land-based casino world without coming out of their homes which is a big deal for a section of players who shy away from going to land-based casinos considering the social stigma attached to it. But now with access to the same features from the confines of their own home this category of players can enjoy gambling without being subjected to any sort of stigma. This too has contributed to the increase in gambling in India.

Legal frameworks

The Indian government has yet to put a set of legal regulations in place. When it comes to real money casino games, India is still very much a grey zone. Sports betting, Poker, and casinos are separate entities in the eyes of the Indian authorities. Betting and casino games are considered games of luck whereas Poker is a game of skill. With no regulations to cover the technological advances and the introduction of Internet gambling, the Indian casino scene is widely unregulated. No laws say that online gambling is legal but no laws state it is not either. Therefore, offshore online gambling operators are free to offer their services to Indian players legally with no risk of receiving penalties. Hence, this is allowing the players to enjoy a huge variety of gambling establishments currently available on the international gambling scenario thereby increasing the scope of the market.

Customer support

Indians are very sensitive when it comes to money. Hence, when it comes to wagering or investing in online casinos they want to make sure that when there is any difficulty they will be able to talk to the service provider team and seek help. And reaching the customer support team is just a matter of a couple of minutes at online casinos nowadays. Customer support features are available right on the casino site in different ways to provide speedy answers and solutions to all queries the gamers are facing, in regards to bonuses, security, games, withdrawal, deposit, etc. Most of the reliable casino sites provide support through phone, email address, and very special live chat facility. Players can thoroughly discuss their concerns with the dealer in real-time via a live chat function. The FAQ page is also offered on the casino site to allow users to get the essential information.

Availability of payment options in Indian currency

Many gamblers in India were facing the difficulty of making deposits and withdrawals due to currency differences and other payment methods. But nowadays that is not an issue anymore. A wide range of payment methods is now available for the bettors from India like virtual wallets, credit or debit card payments, bank and wire transfers, etc. This is making it easy for the players to play their favorite games at the online casinos of their choice.


As mentioned, the population size in India is a huge factor in their potential growth in gambling. Peoples’ love for cricket is also a major factor. Online gambling sites can take advantage of this (if laws change) through the sponsorship of some of the country’s biggest cricket teams. As cricket continues to grow, competitions like the IPL could have the same reach and influence.

Coronavirus resulting in quarantine

coronavirus and online gaming

Another most recent factor attributing to the sudden increase in gambling is the self-quarantine practices that are geared towards reducing the effects and the spread of the deadly coronavirus. What might seem natural to those who have always played online, it may be weird that it would take a self-isolation to get people to play. But this proved to be true in many ways and now India’s online gambling industry is finally getting the attention and traffic it always wanted. While India is practicing lockdown, the measures taken are also playing a major role in people getting more tilted towards online gambling options.

Positive predictions

online gaming

The predictions for gambling in India are positive for the future, at least when it comes to the overall perception of online gambling. As far as the legal aspect is concerned, not much is expected to change during the first half of the new decade. The digital India initiatives continue to prosper as different branches of the entertainment industry continue to invest more and more money into resources, technology, better customer support, and safer digital environments. And online gambling is no exception. At this moment in time, India only has the potential to make an impact in the world of online gambling and all the factors discussed point to the fact that India has a real opportunity to become a bigger market for gambling in the future.

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