Why Online Poker, Rummy, and Teen Patti are legal in India?

15 April 2020
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India is a land that has a prehistoric mention of gambling games. Even the time of Mahabharata has the mention of a game called Chaucer which was one of the primary reasons the epic took place. Hence, keeping gambling games away from the likes of Indians was never a possibility.

Card games

Today, India is home to more than 10 card games that are popular not just in India but internationally. The most popular of them all are Poker, Rummy, and Teen Patti. You will find people trying to find entertainment through these games on various occasions, festivals being the most noticeable one. In India, Diwali and Holi are two festivals during which playing a betting game is considered more of a ritual than just a game. It is played with sincerity to grab the attention of the goddess of wealth ‘Laxmi’.

However, the downside to playing these games is that cops conduct raids on various probable venues to catch the ones involved in betting, thanks to the ancient laws that still govern the country. The law that was established 150 years ago states that betting on games that involve luck and are played on the land is a punishable practice. However, it doesn’t say anything about online gambling. The laws against online gambling in India are in the grey area.

Gambling laws in India

Gambling laws

The law as in India says that no person is allowed to place bets or gamble within the premise of India. Since it does not say anything about online gambling, betting in foreign-based online gambling sites is not punishable. Under no norms can any legal action be taken against the player. The only state that has strict laws against online gambling is Maharashtra, which happens to be one of the biggest and the most populated states in India. All other state citizens can freely bet on online games from foreign providers. Online gambling cannot be governed!

The exception of gambling laws in India

The gambling laws that exist in the country exclude a certain category of games from being called as gambling games. This category is one that involves more of the skill and less of the luck. The law says betting or playing a game that is more skill-based can be played with freedom. Such games do not depend on sheer luck and therefore, whatever happens with the player, win or loss, is the complete responsibility of the player.

The games that fall in this ‘skill-based’ category

As you might know, it is not illegal to bet in any game that is mostly based on the skill of the player. You certainly are confused about the games that can be played online and are skill-based. Well to enlighten you, there are several of them. Some of which are also the most popular games in India. Yes, we are talking about online games like Rummy, Poker, and Teen Patti. These games are available to be played online via various platforms like online casinos and sites. The online casinos provide these games in their card games section as well as live games section. Whereas, there are many dedicated sites that are specialized in providing a certain game only.

The above-mentioned games are the few online games that involve more skill than luck. Here is how!

How are Rummy, Poker, and Teen Patti skill-based?

To understand how the games are played online, you will first need to know the gameplay of each of the games. So let’s get started with everyone’s favorite.

Popularity and gameplay of Rummy


Rummy is one of the most popular card games in India. The game is played on various occasions and between all ages. The young like its excitement while the elders like its simplicity. Hence, the game is played at family gatherings, festivals, and holidays. Basically, it is played at any place that involves family or friends.

The gameplay of this game is such that anyone can learn the rules of playing it. At the same time, it is not so easy that anyone can win. Hence, one needs to learn the rules properly if he wants to win. The lady luck is not really the dominating power here. The game begins with cards being distributed to all the players on the board. This is the only point where the luck factor is involved. If you get a good set of initial cards, you have a better chance of winning in fewer rounds. In any case, you according to your understanding of the game will have to arrange the cards to make winning sets from your cards. If you are not active enough you might miss the opportunity of making winning sets.

Popularity and gameplay of Poker


The popularity of this game listens to no one. Poker is one of the most famous card games across the globe, and also the most versatile. Various versions of this game are played around the world, each with their own uniqueness. However, all these variants have similar gameplay. The aim of the game is to hold a set of cards that is of higher rank from your opponent.

Although the cards you get on dealing depends on your luck, the way you play with them lies completely into your hands. You can easily lose with a great hand or win with a not so powerful hand if you pay/don’t pay attention to the other players’ games.

Popularity and gameplay of Teen Patti

Teen Patti

The rules of Teen Patti don’t need to be explained to the majority of Indians. The game is famous across the country and is one of the most played card games. It is the game that is played on Diwali and is considered lucky for the people who play it. Hence, the rules of this game are a household thing. However, if you are still unaware of its rules and gameplay, here it is.

The player needs to have the highest-ranking cards at the end of the game. The cards that he gets are dedicated right at the beginning of the game and the player can then either leave or continue with his cards. However, the game is more on how you can bluff the other players and make way for your cards rather than having the strongest cards. If you are good at observing and know how to fool others, this is the game for you.

As you can see, all these games start with the involvement of luck but what happens later depends completely on the logical thinking, understanding and observation skills of the player. Thankfully, the skill-centric features of these games make these games legal to play in India.

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